October 5, 2010

Sponsor Love

I wanted to share with you all a little something something about a new sponsor on my blog! SGC NY is an online clothing store with men and womens clothing (that are so cute!) and they also do features on local artists! I really love this store and know that you will too! SGC NY is offering you lovely readers 20% off on purchases - and you can use the code "Kate" at the checkout! Some of my favorite items are...


Im such a sucker for stripes! I think this top is so cute.


There is truly nothing better than an old school throw over sweater! These puppies never get old...and this color is amaazing!


Short sleeve? Sweater? I couldnt think of anything better!

Head over to their shop and have a look!


  1. Super-cool pieces here. I like your style SO much, Kate Maggie.
    Also, I guess I missed out on like seventeen of your last posts so I was just now checking them alllll out. Awesome, awesome stuff, girl. You are seriously the bomb, and seriously getting cooler and cooler every day. Go you!

  2. and so the obsession begins! and to top it all off-it's addorable

  3. Very cool. This model also modeled for my friend's company, Spanish Moss Vintage!

  4. I'm definitely checking the shop !

  5. love all you're pictures!!
    love u


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