October 7, 2010

Flower Child

Dear friends, can I just start off by saying that I love you all? Somedays I get seriously overwhelmed by the kindness of all of you! Your comments make my day, everyday, and emails of encouragement, asking for advice, or just little messages of 'hi kate!' seriously bless my socks off. So thankyou for reading Postcards From and for being so kind to me! Love you all heaps and heaps!


Oh my goodness, I have been so excited to do this post ever since I got a hold of this little number! This amazing dress was sent to me by the darlings over at The Hanging Space - and I have been dying to share it with you! As soon as I saw this dress on the website I thought "Its such a Kate dress! I need to have it!" and a few days later a lovely package arrived with this very dress inside, needless to say I was smitten and still am! The Hanging Space is such an amazing online shop because it promotes Australian designers and gets their name out there and it has everything you would ever want (no joke!) With patterns of floral, neutral, frills, animal print, lace, stripes, you name it! And not only do they sell modern clothing, they have an incredible vintage section full of sweet goodies also! This shop has become a favorite of mine and I know you will love it too, head over to their website and sift through the lovely peices.




Alright, I havent done a book review in a while on here but I thought its about time since I am reading this incredible book right now. Its called "Gods Callgirl" - and its an amazing real story of one womans journey through becoming a catholic and nun at the age of 17, her journey through working at the convent and thinking its a cult, leaving the convent and becoming a prostitute. It seriously has taken up hours of my time the last few nights, where I get to the point of it being after midnight but I just cannot put this book down. So if you are looking for an interesting and heart gripping story, check out this book at your local book store - honestly, you will digg it!

Hope you're all having a fantastic week! Im off now to make key lime pie for my sweet boyfriend - have a great night buttercups! x

dress: c/o the hanging space/clogs:jimi loves mimi




  1. that dress is definitely you!!! it looks so beautiful on you and fits you like a glove! good thing you're in aus where you can pull off that dress this time of the year. i don't think i could handle wearing that over here in this rainy weather! you look beautiful as always, kate :)

  2. Ooo that book sounds really interesting! :) I need one to read for summer. Cute dress!! Its been warm her too, loving it!



  3. What a stunning dress, I agree that it's definitely you. All the cute little detailing and the lovely colour, sigh it's a dream dress! It works wonderfully with your clogs too!

  4. hy kate! this dress is really cute..I absolutely adore it and of course as the other girls said it suits you very well...thanks for the recommendation..I haven't read a book in ages and I am really looking for something interesting to read now...enjoy your sunny weather and have a very good day!!

    xoxo sere

  5. the floral/denim combo is too cute! you look so relaxed and happy, loving the tones and lighting!

    browsing through the store right now, already spotted some items! thank you for sharing.

    oh yes, i remember seeing that book in the airport bookshop last year, i read the back blurb and was quite intrigued! oooo i think i must go get it now!

    thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment!

    weekend is just around the corner!


    x Your Only Blackswan

  6. I absolutely love how your dress matches so beautifully with the flowers. This dress is very Kate and very beautiful. I need to come to Australia amd shop!

    Don't you just love this community? Everyone is so kind and encouraging (you included)! I'm in love with the blogging world. :)

  7. That sounds like such an interesting book. I'll definitely put it on the (ever-growing) long list of things to read. :D

    You're right dear - that really is a Kate dress! You look adorable.

  8. I adore your dress. The bow in the center is adorable. I'll have to check out that book...sounds really good:)

  9. This dress is so you!! You look beautiful- that first picture is just too adorable.

    That book sounds really interesting! I'm almost done with the one I'm reading now so maybe I'll try that next. :D


    PS Key lime pie is the best.

  10. thank you for posting! ;)

    that dress and those photographs are stunning

  11. you look beautiful. that dress is amazing.
    thank you for the book review..i am putting it on my reading list..
    it sounds like a good read..
    i have always had a secret obsession with nuns. they are fascinating.

  12. and I love reading your blog Kate!! ^.^
    The dress is so pretty and I love the photos!

  13. That is definitely a Kate dress - it looks great on you!

    Pretty, pretty photos. Makes me want to skip around in a field too!

  14. Your hair! That dress! It's so perfect on you and you look like a vision of summer time. What an interesting book -- I'll have to check it out!

  15. KATE.... I loooooooooove the new layout <3

    and super cute dress!

  16. Oh man that dress looks incredible on you! I adore it. And I'm totally gonna check out The Hanging Space, AND that book! It sounds really interested, thanks for the rec! <3

  17. You're right, that is such a Kate dress! I think it was made just for you! I absolutely love it - I'm going to have a look at their site now!

    Love these pictures, too. You are the cutest.


  18. Kate, I just got your comment and I actually checked online and they still have the shoes I'm wearing in the photo. I can check in store and pick a pair up for you if you'd like? What shoe size are you and I'll check for you :)
    Send me an email at chloetrayner@hotmail.com

  19. I love that last picture! :) it's so sweet! I'm so jealous that you guys are getting summer soon! i love hot weather/tanning!

  20. HOW did you get your photos looking so awesome?

  21. That dress is so lovely! I'm a big fan of bows and florals, so this dress is perfect in my opinion. It looks delightful on you :)

  22. Hi Kate! You're a sweet lady, you only deserve the sweetest words ;) It's a darling dress indeed! And I have to say, I LOVE your hair, it's gorgeous and seems to suit your personality, I love love love it!
    <3, Jo.

  23. beautiful dress and clogs!


  24. you are gorgeous!! the dress looks beautiful on you!!! following you!

    xx Diana http://blaksterio.blogspot.com

  25. You're absolutely, positively adorable! ...and that's all there is to it!

  26. I LOVE these pictures! You are beautiful! I adore the dress, also.

  27. yey for yellow dresses! my weakness!!! we all love you too!

  28. that's just about the most adorable dress ever.
    the cut, print, everything! <3
    looks perfect on you :)

  29. oh golly. Kate this dress is so pretty on you. i havent heard of this shop but will have to go take a look now wont I.

  30. that dress looks so perfect on you, sweetie! i love it. you look beautiful.

    this book sounds fascinating, i must read it asap!

  31. You look sooooo lovely! Seriously in loveeee with your dress :) Adorable.
    And I'm excited you did a book review, I'm currently reading a series but I'm almost done with it...so I will need a new book soon to keep me occupied! 'God's Callgirl' sounds amazing!!!


  32. I've never been a fan of big bows but this dress is so pretty!


  33. Love the dress and the photos. Gorgeous.

    Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

  34. your dress is stunning! and it's so sunny over there! :)

  35. Sounds like a VERY interesting book. And I love that dress on you :)

  36. This dress is to die for, it's so lovely & so are you :-)

  37. Hello Kate,
    Just wanted to say thankyou for posting the beautiful pictures!!

  38. The dress is precious! You have the most darling outfits!



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