October 5, 2010

Raspberry Dreams

Bonjour lovelies, how is your week? Hope you're all having sweet moments. This week has been going by so fast for me! I love it. Last night I layed in bed and felt like I needed to get up and jump up and down on my bed because I was still in fast motion. Do you ever have those nights? It seriously felt impossible to fall asleep! My dream boat is back though, and I am so glad. Nathan has been sick the past few days, but I swear Ive never seen a happier and more lovely sick person. He can even make me laugh my head off when he can barely move any part of his body or speak. I suprised myself with how much I missed him, since he was only gone for 6 days, but I came to the conclusion over the weekend with a cup of tea in my hand, that everything is sweeter when he is around.



I felt like a walking raspberry today when I wore these tights. They are one of my favorite pairs. I think they were something ridiculous like two dollars, and im sure they will fall apart any day now, but I am smitten over them. They have this color that is so cheerful. Everytime I wear them I just feel happy...with my raspberry legs. And ofcourse this morning I couldnt go out the door without my new mirror necklace on. Isnt it the sweetest? I love mixing the idea of fairy tales in my head when I buy my jewelery. I like each peice to be different, but to tell a story - this necklace is obviously inspired by none other than the infamous Snow White!



I cannot believe it is already October. I was thinking about it this morning and just got so excited that I wanted to jump up and down (I was alone though - so this might look like insanity to anyone passing!) because I go home SO soon. Two months! Two months and I get to see my beautiful sister, handsome brother, and amazing mom and dad. And snow! And Tim Hortons! And mountains! I am waiting in anticipation for my package from the lovely Tieka because its going to put me in the exact mood for winter - wait till you see what it is, you will be just as in love as I am! Hope you have an amazing rest of your week! Kisses. x



dress:free people/tights:mombasa/heels:target/necklace:lovisa


  1. Hi!! :) Just found your blog :) Love your sense of stlye!! Check out mine if you have time...its just a baby but I'm getting there :)



  2. your cheeriness always brightens my day! thank you! freaking awesome mirror necklace btw!

  3. Your pictures are always so gorgeous, I'm envious ;)
    Love is so sweet, its so nice to have someone you adore even when they aren't at their best.

  4. I wish I had your necklace. It's SO cute x

  5. I was really waiting for a new post from you and of course you didn't let me down as always a great look...I love the touch of color through all the black and let me just say i fell in love with your necklace..AWESOME...have a wonderful day>:D<

    xoxo sere

  6. I love this outfit! Those tights are amazing! I really need to buck up the courage to wear different coloured tights other than black, and you've so inspired me with this outfit!

    Also, that mirror necklace is so cute!
    x April

  7. I love reading all of the sweet things you have to say about Nathan. I love love :)

    Also, can you just send these tights and that necklace to Michigan? Thanks, that'd be great! Oh, kidding. But you are absolutely adorable as always! That necklace is so pretty! We should all infuse a little disney princess into our daily wardrobes! :)

  8. feeling so inspired to wear colorful tights now. esp this raspberry color. so lovely!

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly
    New Mystery interview today.
    stop by! :)

  9. Those raspberry tights are darling! What a sweet color. And I love the necklace, too! I'm so glad your dreamboat is back for you to swoon over :) I can't wait until I find my own dreamboat..you and Nathan are so cute, you guys inspire me & give me hope! And October did seem to sneak up on us, didn't it?! Time has flown by...in 2 months I will be home for winter break, so I know exactly how you feel (even though I do visit home at least once a month or so, so I know you must be 1,000,000x more excited than I am!!!) :D

  10. oh THAT necklace is simply wonderful! when i first saw it, it reminded me of Snow White also! i've been hearing quite the rave about the new accessory store Lovisa! i must check it out!

    your shade of your tights is yummy!

    come drop by for a visit,


    x Your Only Blackswan

  11. what a cool necklace!!! and your shoes are to die for! and i agree, life is so much sweeter when you get to share it with someone you love :)

  12. Eeek! New header!!!LOOOOOVE it! And i'm coveting any dresses with long sleeves right now so you can imagine how jealous I am of this one.

  13. I have nights like that quite often. That necklace and those tights are divine! I love the new header as well. Gorgeous shoot as always.

  14. That is just so cute what you say about your guy!

  15. Reading what you wrote about Nathan made me smile. He sounds lovely.
    Your tights are so much fun! I love bright splashes of colour.

  16. Your sweet speech about Nathan is making me miss my sweetie! You know you've found love when he's your best friend as well as (in your opinion) the sexiest man to have walked the earth.

    haha!! love the tights! tell us more about home!


  17. This outfit is so sweet! I love the tights. Your photos always look like a fairy tale!

    That's so exciting that you get to go home soon!


  18. Coming to your blog always puts me in a good mood, because you are just so cheerful and positive and cute. Thank you for brightening my day!!

  19. very purdy! like those tights!

  20. Aw, I miss my husband when he's gone for more than a day! Isn't it great to have somone you love so much, that you want to be with them all the time!
    I love that little mirror necklace, what a unique little piece!

    oh, and Josh is from Canada and keeps talking about missing Tim Hortons! :)

  21. What fun tights! Raspberries are my favorite, FYI ;)

    I hope Nathan is feeling better! There is a bug going around here too & I had it but luckily only for a day!

  22. Haha, somebody is a home bird!


  23. Gosh lady you look so damn cute. That necklace is precious and those tights are definitely fun!

  24. Hello, Beauty! I love that color, too. It's just divine. And I also love that you're wearing heels more! Tell your dreamboat that all your bloggy friends want him to be all better!

    Much Love.

  25. I love the shoes and the tights. I feel the same way about my week. It is going by to fast. I love the necklace!

  26. can i be honest? i think you're probably one of the most darling people in the whole wide entire universe. i'm serious. you blog never fails to make me smile. you are the CUTEST!

    (also, i really love your necklace a lot!)

  27. Lovely! I love the necklace. And the tights are totally awesome. :D

    By the way, I love your new header. ;)


  28. So exciting that you get to go home soon. There really is nothing quite like it.
    The raspberry tights really do make that outfit so cheery. I hope they last long enough for another styling!

  29. Cute, cute, cute!
    The mirror def reminds me of snow white.
    You are the sweetest ;)

  30. You are the sweetest raspberry ever Kate! I love this outfit! The tights contrast so well with the black dress!

    Glad that your dreamboat is back, but sorry he's sick. But isn't it amazing when we still think the world of the person we love even when they are sick, and vice versa? Love is such a wonderful thing!

  31. First of all, I need to apologize for not responding to your comments. I feel like an awful blogger and you've been so kind and sweet with your comments. But I'm here and ready to comment you back like a maniac! You are such a sweet person and hearing your story about Nathan just warms my heart. You two are amazing and you give me hope. Seriously. I'm glad that he's much better now!

    Your raspberry legs are so cute and your mirror necklace is so whimsical. Congrats on your blog feature on Selective Potential and thank you so much for mentioning my blog. I am so honored! :) Hope you're well and I'm going to catch up on your posts!!! Love the new changes by the way!

  32. I loooove this outfit! Especially your raspberry legs! And your necklace is too perfect.

    Oo, I'm so excited for you to be going home! :)


  33. I love when you use references to Snow White and Neverland in your blog. It makes it even more whimsical and beautiful to read. please read me sometime


    some of it i think you would like, about finding inspirations every day that are both momentary and lasting

  34. Ok I just only stumbled across your blog & it's so lovely. Your style is amazing girl!

  35. I need to start stocking up on colored tights!


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