October 4, 2010

New Love

There is certain items that I look at and go "Wow - thats amazing, I would love to wear it!" and then there are items that I look at and go "I could never be 100% happy without you!" (Okay, Im being dramatic! But you catch my drift.)

Last night Nathan and I watched the Sex in the City movie. I remember watching it when it first came out and was blown away by so many of the amaaazing outfits that Carrie wore, but something that always made my heart melt was the mesh floral bomber jacket she wears when she goes to see Charlotte in the hospital. I swoon everytime I see it. I told Nathan that I was so in love, and he looked at me like I was crazy. He hates it...but I do remember seeing this lovely jacket in an Urban Outfitters catalog and falling deeply in love all over again - and then it happened again today. Its safe to say I need this jacket! Good thing Christmas is almost here :)

What is the number one item on your dream list?

Hope you're having a great rest of your weekend/starting to your week lovelies! xx


  1. omg that jacket is amazing! I wouldn't mind it myself, but in a different colour! and what a coincidence - I too watched Sex and the City movie last night! They were playing it on TV here in Ontario! Another awesome coincidence :-) x

  2. I can see where you're coming from with that bomber jacket :)

    I recently found the true life counterpart of a pair of red boots I've been wanting for ages but

    there is a blue winter coat I never knew I NEEDED until I saw it on the Tulle website.. only it doesn't ship to the UK and no place that does stocks it in blue (but it MUST be blue!! Major wardrobe-love breakdown): http://www.tulle4us.com/tulle/jackets%20and%20coats/J7603/

  3. That jacket is pretty fantastic! As for my number one item on my dream list... oh I'm so fickle I can never make up my mind haha. It'd have to be something classic though.

  4. I love Sex and the City, but haven't seen the films. I'll no doubt fall in love with everything when I do see it. It's like that with the TV series x

  5. I love that! It's a really similar texture to an American Apparel jumper I have, love the feel. I could see it looking really great on you.

    My number one item would be a vintage Moschino belt. They keep coming up on eBay but only seem to be getting more expensive, darn it!

  6. That jacket is so cute! Would look amazing on you Kate and I reckon it would be a super way to wear something florally more subtley, kwim? :)

  7. I don't remember that jacket from the movie but it is GORGEOUS! and it would look lovely on you!

  8. H&M had a red jacket like that in their "garden collection." It was so beautimous but also expensive (for my budget at least - $60). Gorgeous...


  9. Oh I LOVED that jacket. So glamorous and yet laid back in a way...perfection!

  10. there are too many dream items to pick one. Anything Burberry or Chanel...

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  11. First time on your blog! I really love it!

    Ellie Rose xxx

  12. There are so many things! I'm determined to find a good pair of ankle boots though.


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