September 30, 2010

The Under Dog Condiment

There is no real purpose to this blog post, except to tell you a big Kate Morrison secret. Most people who know me, know that I am obsessed with Mcdonalds. I have been going to Mcdonalds since I can remember and I always order the same thing. Large french fries, Coke, two cheeseburgers, and mayo. Yes mayo. I dip my burger in it, and then I use it for my favorite thing of all - my french fries. I remember when I was super young I went to Mcdonalds with my Sister, and thinking she was the coolest person ever (she still is!) I wanted to copy everything that she did..and she always had mayo with her french fries. I tried it, digged it, then decided to do it for the past 17 or something years. This never went over well with my father, who rolls his eyes everytime we go to Mcdonalds together. "Katy - it clogs your arteries!! I cant believe you still like that stuff...I thought you were over that!" No Dad, im sorry - I will never be over it.

So this is an ode to my secret love - Mcchicken sauce. You have made my Mcdonalds experience so much more amazing - and you've probably ruined my intestines but I dont care..I love you anyway.

What is your secret love? (Dont be shy!)





  1. Maybe it's a Canadian thing?!? I do it to!

  2. My brother is a mayo junkie... I'm the sort of person who scrapes it across my bread and he layers on a half an inch... Personally I love mustard. I put it on absolutely everything I eat :) I love McDonald's too... apparently my first word was 'Mickey D's' lol

  3. I do it too now, because of you! Mmm McChicken sauce, soooo good. I feel like you used to get McChickens though, not Cheeseburgers?
    I should know this about you :(

  4. Hahaha, that reminds me of my cousin (who also happens to be Canadian! is there a secret bond between Canadians and their condiments?) who is/was/probably still is obsessed with ketchup to the point where he would lick it off the plate if he had to.

    And ahhh... french fries. They're a weakness of mine. :)

    Toast with Charmalade

  5. aaaaah you are making me so hungry!
    you're just so adorable lady. hehe. and i'm lovin the new header. lovely!
    x anna

  6. i'm not a mcdonald's fan, but i could eat mini marshmallows ALL DAY LONG. :)

    you are gorgeous. i mean, seriously!

  7. I haven't have McDonalds in forever! You're making me want to go, Kate! You look so adorable in these photos I just want to gobble you up. Why are you such a sweet person? It's really kind of astronomically amazing. I adore you xoxo

  8. I never liked mayo at all until i went to France & i had it on my fries there and it was the best thing ever!!

    My secret love? I could marry funny bones. The chocolate & peanut butter drake's cakes. Good Lord. I can eat like 600 as long as I have a gallon of milk.


    PS How does one look so adorable while eating McDonalds? You are the cutest thing. (:

  9. haha i love this!!!! im a sucker for the McChicken sauce too...ohhh so good

  10. Haha! These are a set of really cute photos. You can tell that you are loving the aroma of fries before you put them in your mouth! Delish. Let me see.... secret love.... My secret love is samples.

    My boyfriend hates it when I zip over to the demo section at Trader Joe's... I HAVE to have a sample before I can get ANY shopping done! One track mind, I guess! Haha!

    Oh, and Nutella. duh.


  11. I don't really like McDonald's.. Or most fast food..
    But(!) I love french fries^^ With ketchup.. although I shouldn't eat too much ketchup.. Still.. Ah~ French fries <3<3

    xx Sophie

  12. my guilty pleasure is puppy chow- it is rice chex cereal, chocolate and peanut butter melted over it and then powdered sugar sprinkles on top. Put it in the refrigerator until it hards and then you have a crunchy yummy snack. It is my guilty pleasure and it so incredibly unhealthy so I only fix it maybe 2 or 3 times a year but I show down whenever I fix it because it is irresistible. We all have our secret food loves!

    Thanks for sharing!

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  13. I've never tried mayo with my fries -- actually not a big mayo fan. But I love McDonalds so much. I really am addicted to their chicken nuggets. I also love how amazing their fries taste after drinking a soda. They've remodeled some of the McDonald's places near me so they're more computer cafe-like, like Starbucks. Gah I could just live there!

  14. Mayo is awesome, so I don't blame you hehe. I'm a wendys person myself though.
    I love the header you have now!

  15. hahaha..this is sooo funny. :D i love my mcdonald's too..and ever since college, with a tight budget and the need to enjoy food, i've eaten my cheeseburgers stuffed with fries and with lots of ketchup. i hate mayo in my burger though..hehe.

    my secret love: cornflakes on my ice cream..yum!

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  16. Aww, this is so adorable!! Haha, you are too cute for words! You're probably the best dressed at McDonalds too! I'm actually a sucker for their cones.. in the summer I get one multiple times a week!

  17. Enjoy your mayo! God bless!

    I can't think of any secret loves, except perhaps mint icecream with danish "guf" on top (a kind of soft marshmellow'ish cream). Yummi!

  18. I love that you are wearing such a stylish outfit in mcdonalds. greatest pic ever. im going to go get some fries tonight!

  19. Adorable top. You're making me want McDonald's too too much.

    I'm your newest follower! Also on BlogLovin. :)

  20. Oh man, the only thing I like about Mcdonals is their yummy fries.
    They should so sponsor you hehe!

  21. I LOVE McDonalds, I like getting a Happy Meal hamburger :) and their fries are to die for, holy moly...

    And today my mom and I went out to lunch and actually last night is when I first saw this post and I asked for mayo with my fries! Haha, love it girl, thanks for the Canadian immersion :)

    You're so beautiful, adorable and approachable....I dunno what word combines all those things...beadoroachble? Whew. I need to go get some sleep...hehe

  22. aw your new header is so good, and I love the same stuff from Mickey D's!! Haha all my friends make fun of me for liking mayo & ketchup on my fries :)
    PS love your hair

  23. McChickens. All the way. I adore them.

  24. ahah my sister dips fries in mayo - i think it's ewww!
    my "secret" love is definitely well known - i have the craziest sweet tooth ever. actually, all my teeth are sweet. any time i'm offered dessert i can easily put aside my dinner to keep room. and usually even if i'm already full i'll take it anyways ;)

  25. Oh man, I havent eaten mcdonalds in while and am now craving a happy meal haha! My guilty pleasure is getting the chicken nuggets from wendys and dipping it in cheese sauce and a little ranch, it sounds so gross but I love it!

  26. Oh my goodness, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I read this! I've corrupted you, your arteries don't stand a chance now. haha
    Love the bad influence

  27. haha i loled reading this! my secret would be that i love the drink with a straw.idk why, it just seems better to me haha, sound kinda weird, ,, but you asked for it! awsome blog ,xx

  28. Katy this is hilarious! my secret love is crisp sandwiches - with mayo! I cant get enough of it. carb on carb hurrah!

  29. hahaha are u my long lost twin , i love MC DONALDS too esp the fries and cheese burgers ! ppl say its unhealthy that i am stuffing in so much junk but i cant help it

  30. omg, mcdonalds is the bomb.
    i don't care if it's going to clog my arteries!
    haha okay maybe i do,
    but it's just really good :(
    man, i really eat like a ... whale. or something. hahaha.

  31. uuuh that fries, nobody do fries like McDonalds! I'm a jumkie too, can't help it!

  32. i love mcdonalds fries i dont eat red meat so i never go to mcdonalds.
    they do have some amazing breakfast though.
    oh my..i truly dislike mayo.
    but the weird thing that i eat is ketchup sandwiches.
    i am weird. i hate mayo but i eat bread and ketchup together alone.

  33. Oh god you've made me crave McDonald's! That's quite the feat, as lately fast food makes me ill in countless ways. But french fries are one of my faves ever. I remember being so weirded out when I visited Germany and their fries were served with mayo. So gross! You're a weirdo. ;) But I still love you.

  34. What a sweet story? I love McDonalds! I love fast food once in a while. I don't usually eat mayo though! I do love their fries with their sweet and sour sauce for the McNuggets. Damn, now I want fries!

  35. i actually have dedicated blog posts to mayo. i blame it on the fact that i am part french canadian. i put mayo on everything and whilst others sneer, i relish in the deliciousness of one of the most holy of emulsions ever created.


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