October 18, 2010

Katetober Challenge!

Hi lovelies, I did this post over at Lifesize Paperdoll this morning, but I loved it too much to not share it with you too. How has your week been going? I hope you're having fun! What are you being for Halloween? I will admit that I am a bit sad that Australian's dont really celebrate halloween..I miss north america where you can go into any shop and their is aisles upon aisles of candy and costumes. If I were dressing up I think my costumes would be :

Doc Brown from Back to the future (classic!)
or a Care Bear (Ive just always wanted to be one for halloween!)




This month is always so exciting because the leaves are changing colors, pumpkin patches are exploding with amazing pumpkins and kids are lining up to buy their favorite costumes. But I thought of some other neat things that we could do this month - so I made a bit of a challenge. The Katetober Challenge! I wrote a list of 10 things that I thought were easy enough to pull off by the end of the month and invite you to join in! Choose one and let me know how it went at the end of October! I would love to hear.

1. Bake a cupcake/pie/cake for your neighbor.
2. Take photo's in a pumpkin patch and send it to a friend that is not with you right now. Tell them you wish they were with you, frollicking through fields of pumpkins!
3. Setting up your candy bowls beside your door for the 31st? Put some loose change in another bowl and give it to kids that are collecting for charitys on the night.
4. Rake your parents yard, then jump into the pile (make them do it with you!!)
5. Go to the thrift store and get some oldschool canning jars, make some homemade jam and give it to someone as a gift.
6. Find a homeless person and buy them a jacket (and throw in some halloween candy, too!)
7. Try being thankful for everything for one day, instead of asking for things or complaining (its difficult, but amazing!)
8. Go to your favorite coffee shop and buy the person behind you a coffee too.
9.Go find your old school box full of all your kindergarten art. Pick your favorite one, and frame it and give it to your parents.
10. Love more.

I have some new things to show you all so there will be some blog posts happening this week. Sorry that I havent been the best this week, I am off the charts busy! Big hugs. x




velvet leotard:forever 21/skirt:cotton on/Knee high socks:We Love Colors/Buckle Wedges:Asos/leopard scarf:Urban Outfitters/Brown Belt:Urban Outfitters


  1. LOVE your outfit! We Love Colors is my favorite!

    Also, your list is so inspiring! I will have to try and do a few of those myself! :]

  2. This outfit is adorable! You look as wonderful as ever, Kate.
    I wish New Zealand was more into halloween! Every year my Mum and I decorate the house and buy heaps of candy - and we only get about 5 trick or treaters, hah!


  3. This is such a cute challenge:-) I'm hoping to bake cupcakes this week. I love your outfit - beautiful shoes and scarf.

  4. hey! Halloween is so exciting! I know what you mean, aussies don't really give a damn about halloween but now i'm in canada i'm so stoked! I've got two costumes this year: for a party i'm attending I'm going (with 3 other friends) as burlesque dancers (haw haw haw) and then for my school parade/dance/actual halloween, my friend and i are going to be 'amazon/jungle girls' :)

  5. That up close photo of your face is just too cute not to fall in love with. I love the scarf and knee highs! Gorgeous photos as always.

  6. Cute scarf, missy!
    I love the tights, makes you look extra sexy!

  7. Great outfit! :) Looks comfy and cute! I kinda wish Halloween was bigger over here too, I love dress up party's - your care bear idea is awesome! :)

  8. Your Katetober challenge is so amazing! You came up with some fabulous challenges. I want to do all of them :D Tomorrow, I am definitely doing #7. Today wasn't a very good day for me, but I have a feeling that acknowledging everything I'm thankful for will make me a much more cheery person tomorrow :) Also, you look adorable in your pictures as always. You are too cute.

    For halloween I am being a cat! It's a bit cliche but I am broke right now so I had to be wise with my money....and cat ears and face paint didn't cost much :D

  9. Hello lovely! I love the Katetober Challenge :)
    I am a huge fan of #10!
    And I used to do something similar to #8, but instead of coffee shops, I would pay for the person behind me at the tollbooths... I loved doing it, because it's such a small act of kindness, but one that has the potential to brighten someone's day! I was most upset when they got rid of the tollbooths on the Gateway Bridge in Brisbane and replaced it with the E-toll things :(
    Also, I write one sentence in my journal every day, about the best part of my day... even on the not-so-great days. I've started up a blog based on a similar concept - every single day, I find something to be grateful for. It's nice to take a minute every day to stop and be grateful for the beautiful things that life has to offer! Feel free to check it out if you like :) http://dearuniversethankyou.blogspot.com/
    Thank you for being so beautiful!

  10. I adore the socks, the color is so great !

    See U !

  11. I love you to bits! number nine, wonderful.

  12. You are seriously the biggest sweetheart ever! This whole list made me smile hehe, and that outfit looks so darling on you, you pretty girl :)

  13. They don't celebrate Halloween in Australia ?!:O
    To think if I do end up living there, I'll have to come back to England every October just to dress up!

  14. kate my dear I've missed you, my life is pretty hectic right now:(.

    I love this outfits, always so fairy like:***


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