October 13, 2010

October 13th

My friends, this day is a special day to me because this day marks the day that a person very close to my heart was born - my beautiful sister, Reyann. I know that she reads this daily so I wanted this to be a bit of a suprise to her! There are many things that I love about my sister, but most of all I love her determination and passion that she has for absolutely everything that she does. My sister is the type of person that I could give a backpack, 5 dollars, bike, and one pair of clothes - and she would be okay and figure it out. She is the most adventerous and fun person I know, and she doesnt even TRY - shes just like that naturally. She can do anything from fishing, to sewing, to hiking into the snowy mountains with no fear of avalanches (because shes had the training!) shes just an all around super star.



This year, for her 30th birthday, I wanted to bless my sisters socks off and tell her how much I love her. So Rey..this is for you. 30 things that I love about you.


your laugh
your honesty
your compassion
your forgiveness
your burps
your shanaynay voice (I think Kent would agree you put us both to shame with your impersonation)
the jokes you played on me as a kid. ketchup blood? good one!
your wisdom
your influence to everyone that you meet. you are so inspiring!
your singing voice!
the way that you put others before yourself
your humbleness
your confidence!
the way that you and me could laugh for hours about jokes involving Dad that noone else would find funny
your answering machine and how chipper you always sound.
the way that you trust me with your stories of your childhood when I ask about
your love for smoothies, soup, and kelly obryans chicken lips and pachos!
you are the perfect shopping partner. honest and logical..i diggs!
your golfing abilities that are as good as mine (aka not very good)
your strength despite circumstances
your love for everything in life
your zeal that rubs off on everyone/everything
your monkey face you make in photographs
how grateful you are even with the smallest things.
your faith that you arent afraid to share with people
your patience - and understanding
how you make being a coast gaurd look cool!
your nose (its my favorite!)
how you always care how I am doing even though I am thousands of miles away
the fact that you are my sister




Happy Birthday Beautiful Sister. <3

cardigan: gift from marissa/skirt:nathans grandmother/heels:urban outfitters/tights:forever new


  1. What a lovely post!

    Your sister sounds amazing.


  2. Your sister sounds like an awesome chick. Must run in the family ;)

  3. I loved reading this!! She sounds like a wonderful woman. Happy birthday, Reyann!

    On another note - your outfit here is perfection, Kate! I adore the mustard and that flowy skirt (dress??) is too amazing.


  4. Aw this is so cute! Your outfit is so perfectly dreamy as well and the balloons are so cute. Your sister sounds amazing and you're both very lucky to have each other!

  5. happiest of birthdays to you sister! she sounds pretty fantastic. :)

  6. I'm not even related to you and I definitely smiled at this sweet post! Also, I don't think I've ever heard "ketchup blood?" be followed by "good one!" before. That's wonderful (and possibly frightening).

    Happy birthday to your sister Reyann (what a cool name)!

    Toast with Charmalade

  7. This is one of your greatest posts up to now...I don't have any siblings but reading this made me think how would have been my life with a better half around? I would have loved to have a sister, to share everything with..but there's nothing I can do for that...Anyway you are a very lucky person...Happy B-day Reyann!!!
    P.S the outfit you were, the balloons the message everything was wonderful:X

    xoxo sere

  8. This is so nice! I wish I had a sister - the sister bond just seems to be something so untouchable. Also, I adore these photos. Your yellow shirt is lovely!

  9. this is the sweetest thing and you two are lucky to have each other! :)

  10. What a sweet tribute to your sister. Happy Birthday to her!!

  11. LOVE IT.

    and i like how you did this.
    some people make it boring to talk about other people we don't know about.
    not you.

    go you!

  12. Aww this is the absolute sweetest! You and your sister seem very lucky to have each other :)

    Happy Birthday Reyann!

  13. That is adorable. I hope one day my sister & I have a relationship like this (:

  14. This is so beautiful. My sister is my best friend and reading this makes me very grateful for her. (:

    Happy birthday Reyann!


    PS These photos are so precious, you look adorable! You're wearing my favorite color. (:

  15. Aww, this is such a sweet post!
    You look lovely! I really adore that yellow sweater and those lacey tights :)

  16. awww happy birthday to your sister!! you are so sweet and you look so cute!! ^.^

  17. You look amazing! Happy birthday to your sister! I hope she has an amazing day :]

  18. i loved this post. i wish i had a brother or sister! the photos are beyond lovely!

  19. this post was wonderful.
    you look beautiful and that yellow top is amazing!
    happy birthday to your sister!!!

  20. Adorable! What a lovely tribute. And these photos....Kate, I'm speechless. They're so whimsical and lovely, and your lace socks/tights are perhaps the most perfect thing I've seen all week. You continue to inspire and delight me!

  21. What a beautiful post, it reminded me how much I love my crazy two older brothers :)
    You look so pretty, that shirt is seriously cute!
    I hope your sister have a lovely birthday.
    <3, Jo

  22. cute shirt and shoes!


  23. your sister sounds like an amazing girl.
    happy birthday to her :)

  24. This was incredibly sweet. It makes me want to call my sister right now. Hope your sister's birthday is awesome!

    I love the quality of your photos -- they have this amazing vintage vibe to them. Just beautiful!

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  25. this is such a sweet post...it makes me miss my own older sister!

  26. aww you are so lovely :)
    happy birthday to youre sister from me :D
    hahaha have a nice weekend <3

  27. hello kate! happy birthday to your sister!! she seems so amazing! I read your comment on my blog about the globe lamp & I am glad you like my lamp! There were two at the sale that day! Now I wish I had gotten the other so I could give it to you!!! If I come across any more globe lamps you'll be the first to know!!

  28. Awww happy birthday to your sister! What a nice thing that you did for her! I love that cardigan on you, mustard yellow is my absolute favorite color right now!

  29. That was so beautiful!!!
    I also love your shirt.

  30. Ah this is beautiful. Soooo sweet. And your cardigan is SOO incredible. I am in love!

  31. This is such a sweet post :) I love the pictures, and the colours in your outfit :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  32. This brought me smiles to my much troubled day.

    Your earthy, and natural, and remind of the beautiful world.

    keep shining

  33. old school love x


  34. Great blog, I like it so much, and this look has a great style!If you Are obsessed with glamour we could be followers each other, what do you think? tell me something!

  35. You are such a sweet heart! She's very blessed to have a great sister like you :)

  36. Beautiful blog! And such a sweet post; I love how the balloons complement your outfit : )

  37. Love the red and yellow! So cute :D

  38. That is reallly sweet! But what I love even more is your shirt and the colors in this post...perfect!!!


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