October 12, 2010

Guest Post - Simply Sunstar

Hi readers of Postcards From...! I'm Heather from Simply Sunstar and I am so excited to be guest blogging for Kate! She is such an adorable person and has such a kind heart, so this is such an honor!

When I asked her what she wanted to write about she told me I could be as random as I wanted but she gave me four words that she was looking for in my post: whimsical, pretty, inspiring and happy. I took this rather literally so I'm going to talk about each word!


WHIMSICAL: I immediately thought of this dress and this flower for my hair. I bought this dress months ago and it hasn't seen the light of day until now. I'm so glad I waited because what a perfect debut for this beauty! This dress makes me feel so fancy and carefree. If whimsical were a dress, this would be it!

guest 5

PRETTY: I have never felt more beautiful or confident than when I started to see myself through my fiance's eyes. Every time I look back at the photos he takes of me, I'm so amazed. I feel like it's a slight glimpse into his heart. There's no better feeling than being in love! (I'm such a sap!)

guest 3

INSPIRING: I wore these colored tights as inspired by Kate herself. I really had to break out of my shell when I started blogging and be more daring. Kate has really helped inspire me to be bold and wear what I love.

guest 2

HAPPY: I really wanted to share this picture of me laughing at something silly my fiance was doing. Kate has the most beautiful about me: "I want my face to be engraved with laugh lines to show the happiness I have lived to know." I feel that this picture captures a pure happiness moment and you can see my laugh lines starting at 22. With every line and wrinkle, there is a story. Blogging helps us all capture these moments that may one day be forgotten.


So I truly enjoyed getting to share some of my pictures and thoughts with all of you! Thanks so much for reading my very first guest post! :)


  1. thats so sweet and true about blogging capturing each day. so sweet about looking at the pics her fiance takes.

  2. Your smile and engagement ring are gorgeous :) Such sweet and positive post, and nice to meet you, Heather!! That dress is adorbs and would be also awesome as a top with another skirt layered!! Love that you're daring with the tights, they are a great color!

  3. Soooo this is the sweetest, most happy and awesome thing ever! Firstly, your dress is incredibly adorable and I want it, where the eff did you get it. Secondly, that thing you said about looking at photos your fiance took of you and seeing into his heart? I DIED. Best, most sweet thing ever. And you look absolutely stunning in all of these photos. I just love everything about this! <3

  4. What a sweet guest post! I LOVE Heather's dress!

  5. lovely shots.. so sweet!
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  6. No, you are not a sap. You are in love and have every right to be cheesy about it hahaha wish I were... *sigh*

    Your babydoll is so pretty. I love the straps, gorgeous lace :)

  7. very touching the way you imagine every word to be...love the dress so much and how it suits you..it makes you look even more adorably:x

    xoxo sere

  8. Wow, so thoughtful and beautiful! Great 1st guest post... I'll have to check out Heather's blog now :)


  9. aww that is really a nice outfit :) totally!
    i love your dress and your shoes and i think you look so nice :)
    well, have a nice day
    and feel free to comment me back :) i'll be so happy if you do...
    kisses, byebye!

  10. This is soo pretty. Truly adore your necklace (I'm a bit of a deer freak!) <3!!

  11. Aww I really loved this. I'll be following your blog now. (:

  12. These are the absolute sweetest, kindest words! I'm so overwhelmed with positivity, what an amazing feeling! Thank you so much Kate for letting me do a guest post! It was so much fun :)

  13. Aww that is sweet! I love the dress too! :)


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