May 29, 2010

Week Two

Dear freinds, I hope that life is good for all of you. I will admit - uploading and doing blog posts is basically near impossible while sailing the ocean blue - but I am doing my best. We are coming to the end of our 2nd week - I cant believe how fast the time has gone by. Whats life like on the ship? Small, tight spaced, not alot of water, no internet, and a bit rocky. My first sail wasnt the best. I felt probably the most sick than I have in the last few years. You know that feeling where you just feel so horrible you want to get sick but your body just wont let you? I have this fear of throwing up and it bit me in the butt a week ago. I felt terrible. I wanted nothing more than to throw myself overboard...but I made it! Alive and well, smile on my face. I guess this whole sailing this really is possible. Tomorrow we embark on our next sailing adventure. We are sailing from the Gold coast to Brisbane - which in a car takes about an hour, but its going to be a 12 hour sail ride. Isnt that madness?! I can hardly believe it. Its a day sail though so im hoping the sun will cheer up my spirits a bit!

What have I learnt so far?

Dolphins are magnificent fish
Anchors are very hard to put into the water without the correct tools
Ship bedbunks are the most comfortable thing...ever!



The port that we are docked at at the moment is the nicest place ever. I feel like im in some 5 star vacation zone. I actually feel like im on the TV show the OC - waiting for Jimmy Cooper to just roll up on his boat and say hello. Its so lovely here. I thought of all of you out in the blogging world actually, because as I sit here and write this, I am sitting in a mall with stores that even if I saved my piggy bank for three years wouldnt be able to buy anything at. Im actually writing this at Mcdonalds....thats about all I can afford here - but you guys would love it!



Well, I must get going. Its our last day of tours this afternoon and I still need to eat some lunch. Big mac, anyone? Till next time....x





  1. i just read what this is all about, and i think its a wonderful cause!
    you are a really beautiful person, inside and out.
    know this :)

  2. ah! so cute! I love that blouse, makes for a great diy!! ^.^

  3. what an awesome time! completely jealous. ps: i heart that sweater...can't have enough bows!

  4. so happy to hear from you! :) i love that bow top, SO DARLING!

    i have this weird thing for clotheslines. isn't that odd? haha, i love that there is one behind you... so cute. :)

  5. Ah your top is adorable! I have never been on a ship, it sounds so exciting. I'll live vicariously through your journey!

  6. stunning photos.
    you have such a cute style.

  7. I know what you mean about being sick on board a ship. When I went on a mother/daughter cruise with my mom I got so sick! And then the medicine only made me sleepy!

  8. arg seasickness is horrible, i're so brave to overcome your fear though & go on this voyage! :) looking lovely as usual, absolutely love your top, the bows are just lovely (haha too many lovelies there!)

  9. I admire your tenacity in blogging whilst from the blue seas! I also give you major kudos for doing this when you were seasick-- I'm glad to hear that you're better!

    It's so weird to not see the usual brick wall behind you in these photos! The change of scenery is refreshing. :D

    Toast with Charmalade

  10. Wow, this looks like such an adventure! (minus the seasickness, lol)
    Your photos are gorgeous as is your beautiful white bow studded blouse!

    -Juliette WhereForArtThouRomeo

  11. Dolphins are adorable. Fab photos! :)

    PS - LOVE the florals tights in the previous post!

  12. I've missed your posts dearly! (But certainly understand your lack of them :] ) Wow, your trip looks SO amazing!!! I'm sorry about your initial seasickness :( But I'm so glad you're doing better now. What an adventure/experience you're having....I can only hope I do something as cool someday! Have a great journey to Brisbane....can't wait to see your next post & hear how you're doing : )

    P.S LOOOVE the blouse! You're gorgeous!

  13. That top is so freakin adorable. You look so cute. Have fun and take care!
    Dolphins :)

  14. You are my favorite :)


  15. you look amazing, despite sea sickness and all. :)

  16. It looks amazing! Glad you're having fun!!

  17. Thanks for always being such a supportive and kind friend, I really appreciate your words. It looks like you're having an amazing trip and adventure. I love these photos, they make me want to go on a sailing trip. One day, one day! I love this outfit of yours, the bows are so cute, you're such a doll. I think you're doing a pretty good job keeping up with the blogging considering you're busy on the trip! Enjoy the rest of your adventure!

  18. Aw! You're doing such a wonderful thing!! I had no idea what this ship tour was!!! Glad I got all caught up. By the way, you must be the most stylish lady on the ship, no? I mean, you're outfits have been fabulous at sea! Looking forward to more updates but take your time and enjoy this while it lasts. It's definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  19. ahh what an adventure. but you're looking fabulous like usual - i'm attracted to all things with bows on it :)

  20. You look amazing! This blouse is so adorable & so you! I hope you have such a lovely trip & I can't wait to hear all about it!

  21. Sorry so sick, but at least you are optimistic now! And I have to ask: are you the cutest lady ever on that boat or what? Seriously, I would be looking grimy and like a little boy, but you still look so gorgeous :]

  22. what a grand adventure! how about i meet you here instead, hunny? you have such an adorable sense of style. i envy you that blouse you have one. how perfect for sailing the high seas! i hope you enjoy the rest of your journey!
    ps. thank you for all the kind words you leave me. you are a lovely, lovely soul!

  23. Kate what a beautiful blouse, I love it:)

    You look so great and I'm so happy that you are having lost of fun there:)

    Have a wonderful Sunday

  24. Ah, such an amazing sea-faring outfit! I'm loving your updates from the trip! xo


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