May 20, 2010

22 Candles

Hi everyone, Its been madness since I left to come on the ship tour. Im sorry for the lack of posts. I knew that this was going to happen, but I truly am going to try to keep this thing as up-to-date as possible, so bear with me! I turned the stunning age of 22 today *Australian Date*, and it was a fantastic birthday. I felt incredibly blessed all day, from home made key lime pies, to fashion magazines and cute stationery, I was good to go. I love birthdays, and even more than that, I love celebrating my 22nd birthday onboard a ship! Who does that?! Also - I thought I would make this a little bit more interesting and take my outfit posts in different parts of the vessel. So first things first : The engine room. Greasy, Loud, Chaotic. You catch the drift.

This dress was given to me by my dream boat, Nathan. Unfortunately, Nathan isnt on the trip with me right now. We wont see eachother for another 5 weeks. Sad, I know...but we will survive! :) This dress is amazing though, and the gold buttons have anchor details so I thought it was very perfect for this trip.

So, I have missed reading all of your posts over the last couple of days. How are you guys? I hope you are doing well and that things are good in your worlds. I have some exciting news dun dun we go.

A company from contacted me a couple of days ago asking me if I would like to do some reviews and photographs with their tights. We Love Colors is a Florida based online shop specializing in all sorts of darling hosiery . As all of you know, I am a tight fanatic, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was to be able to wear We Love Colors tights! I was able to pick out a couple of pairs, and I will be getting those sometime in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned, I am excited to share with you guys how I decide to style them!

EVEN MORE EXCITING NEWS (For you Australian readers, especially!) :
We Love Colors is starting a promotion on the 1st of June until the end of August - for free shipping on all purchases over $30.00. I spent about an hour looking through their site. They have such a great variety of tights, ranging from fishnets to checkered patterns, to thigh highs and cute ankle socks, in over 50 colors - they make anyone smitten! Be sure to check out this amazing website and grab a pair! You can never have enough tights, right? Right!

Well, thats all for now but I hope you all have an amazing rest of your weekend. Over and out.



  1. Congrats on the birthday and the endorsement! You lucky duck! And you look so happy and free on your boat -- I love seeing these pictures from the engine room. You and your dreamboat will have so much to catch up on when you finally do see each other. I've been apart from my husband for longish stretches (more than two months, one time), but it's always the sweetest moment when you're reunited!

  2. Happy birthday!!! we're the same age ~.^
    Nathan has a good eye, the dress is to cute and you look so pretty!
    Have fun and a safe voyage!

  3. Seriously you're probably the cutest person on that ship! Or any ship! I love that dress - so cute your bf got it for you. That is such exciting news about We Love Colors! I've never purchased from them, but love their thigh highs!


  4. your dress is so cute, love the pattern

    happy 22!

  5. happy birthday !!! this dress is so great!!!!!!! love buttons.

  6. That dress looks so cute on you!
    Happy birthday!

  7. Your dress is gorgeous and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're one of my favourite bloggers, seriously so I'm glad to hear that you're having a wonderful day!


  8. Happy birthday! So glad you're having fun! :)

  9. happy birthday! sounds like a fantastic time :) loving the whole nautical look.

  10. happy birthday lovely! We both posted with polka dot dresses on :) hehe
    I'm excited to hear about this whole trip, it's going to be amazing I'm sure

    lovelove, m.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Key lime pie? Aw no fair :D
    I LOVE that you took outfit photos on the boat - I would love a whole tour if you have the time/chance :D

    And yay! I'm so happy about We Love Colors contacting you. I've never purchased from them but with free shipping and a looming cold weather trip coming up I might have to give.

    Can't wait to hear more about your trip xoxox

  12. Ooh it's too much! First of all, Happy Happy birthday!!! I hope you are having a wonderful time on the ship! I love the "machine room" photos, what a cool idea, we'll get to see all the aspects of the boat.
    Congrats on the WeLoveColors deal! I love their tights, too :]

    Belated Bon Voyage!

  13. Hope you're having a spectacular time on the boat tour! Cute dress, and yay for We Love Colors!

  14. Oh wow happy birthday, and what a LOVELY dress! It's so great you're doing the ship thing, my parents met in YWAM on a ship called the Anastasis...small world :) Excited to see these tights!

  15. happy belated birthday : )
    Love your blog, i just found it now !
    Will def be back soon

  16. You are such an inspiration. So many people talk about doing something like this but never actually take the leap and do it. And you are doing it at the rip old age of 22???? AMAZING. I'm sure you will come home with some amazing stories and I can't wait to hear them.

  17. Happy birthday! That dress is adorable.

  18. very happy belated birthday! & you look gorgeous in your dress :) glad to hear things are going well on the ship & with the blog...look forward to seeing how you style the tights! :)

  19. Your dress is beautiful and I love it with the red bow in your hair. Mind you, I can't stop looking at the engine room you're in either. :-)

    I am tights mad as well. Those reviews sound like fun.

    Happy belated birthday & smooth seas ;-)


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