April 5, 2010

Splash of Pink

Today was a good day. This weekend has been full on..seriously so much going on all at once. It was nice to sleep in and not really have to worry about anything. I made a trip to the grocery store with Nathan and picked up the weekly essentials : grapefruit, snow peas, and frozen berries.


I miss home so much. I dont know whats wrong with me. Somedays I just get like this. Last night I just layed in bed and wept because I was thinking of every single thing I miss about home. Sometimes its so scary for me to do that to myself because I get myself into this state of sadness and I just dont like it. I dont like being sad. But I wrote everything down, everything down to the very scent of every couch in my house, or my moms freshly washed hair after her shower in the mornings, or my dads coffee as it drips from the machine. Am I being nuts? Canada, I need more of you in my life, its been too long!


What moods have you had in your life lately? Whats something that you miss?

Have a great day. x



  1. Hello sweetheart!

    First of all, you look absolutely gorgeous, but you always do! I love your pretty and cute style and I LOVE pink and I will always do! <3

    About the missing part, I totally understand you. The strange thing is, I am already living on my own for 10(!!) years now and sometimes I still miss my family and just living with other people in one house...even if it's only for the sounds other people make while you're in your own room.

    Missing things and people is just such a hard thing....it can hurt so bad.
    Keep strong dear!


  2. This is gorgeous...I love it! What a wonderful contrast..soft lace vs. bright pink! You inspire me so much, dear :)

    & of course you're not nuts, I used to feel like that when I went away for college...I'm so glad to be back home & rly appreciate everything more now. But just focus on the good things in your life & remember crying isn't always bad -- "The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears." -- John Vance Cheney

    Hope you feel better & hope you get to be in Canada soon! :)

  3. I'm really glad I could help, dear. Seriously, hearing that my words (& John Vance Cheney's...lol) helped you gives me such a rewarding feeling :)

    Remember also, missing something is part of what makes it a good memory. Remembering that is very helpful to me & I hope you find it helpful, too <3

    You can always find me on my blog & thanks for stopping by. I hope your day/night is good. As for me, I'm off to bed...

    Love, Erika

  4. my mum's side of the family live in thailand and i miss them and thailand so much!! we go in summer every other year and i love it, its the most beautiful country i have ever been :D

  5. Love you blog so much, I decided to pass this award on to you :D
    award and rules found here:

    http://starsandshoes.blogspot.com/ (not my blog lol)

    http://fashionpeach17.blogspot.com (mine :P)

  6. really pretty blog and love your outfit :)

  7. Oh man, that little dress is the bomb. I think it's my favorite outfit so far- perfect.

    About missing...I guess I really miss my sister, because she's in Washington state and I'm in South Carolina. I live with my family...and I guess I take that for granted, but I am going to aim to be more thankful for tiny little things.

  8. amazing outfit! love those pink tights.

    i just found your blog some minutes ago... and i love it!


  9. Amazing bike. I'm sorry you are feeling homesick. In college I felt that all the time. Now I miss college... its a very strange thing...

  10. Awesome bike! Sorry I love your outfit too, but i love bikes and yours is sooo cute!

  11. I really like your dress! It is very pretty. I'm sorry you are homesick. I hope you are happy again soon!

  12. I love my college, but it's five hours away from home. I wish it was closer so that I could go home for Sundays or something. Most of the time being away is bearable, but not lately.

  13. That outfit is completely gorgeous!
    And no way, you're not being nuts at all. Missing something or someplace and the people there can be really hard, but you can get through it!

  14. aw I'm sorry you're missing home so much, I think you're lucky to be on your own! I'm jealous I'm sick of being in college and at home :(
    I love your white dress, and how you paired it with colorful tights!!

    lovelove, m.

  15. It's tough being away from home. As much as I love where I live, I too have moments like these, where nothing to come close to the memories I have with my family. It will pass soon girly don't worry about it too much.

    You look so darn pretty in these pictures, I hope you feel better soon!

  16. you look so adorable! and sorry that you're homesick :( I know it's hard, but think of how lucky you are to be in Australia! ^.^

  17. It's not fun being homesick :( Feel better soon, hun :*
    Make cupcakes, listen to some good music and put on comfy clothes <3

    You look adorable with that cute dress, btw!^^

    xx Sophie


  18. Sorry to hear you've been feeling homesick. I know exactly how it feels, I was so bad when I went to university last year it was ridiculous. Time will help I'm sure!

    Your bike is absolutely lovely, I'm very jealous!

  19. It's okay to miss home. For some reason, I've never really been homesick. I went to boarding school when I was 11 and now I'm studying in San Francisco. I like being away from home, because then when I go back, it's nice. I couldn't live at home permanently... I'd go nuts. But it's sweet to know you're so close and dear with your family :) Where do you live and where's home?

    Love the tights :) Woo! The bike is too die for!

  20. I'm so sorry to hear that you're homesick. The little bits of imagery you've shared with us sound simple yet touching. Unfortunately, the only lame thing I'm missing right now is sleep and my sanity. But that seems minisule compared to you.

    And you know what? I feel like you haven't been around in the blogosphere that long (correct me if I'm wrong!), yet already you have so many people loving what you have to say (me included). I think it's because you write like we're down at a coffee shop catching up on each other. It's personable like that.

    Anywho, last thing I have to say, I promise: those tights are sooo cute. It's very unexpected and I have a penchant for bright tights. :)

    Toast with Charmalade

  21. great dress, love your style!

  22. Oh my! I am in love with your dress and blog(:

  23. What a beautiful little dress! Perfect for this hot, muggy whether, I say! You look adorable, I love your hair like this :)

    Aya ♥ StrawberryKoi.blogspot.com

  24. This outfit is so romantic, just love it!

  25. I've been feeling the same way lately...only more of a nostalgia for how easy things used to be. I need to buck up and learn to move forward though!

    I love your tights and dress...so cute together :]

  26. You look gorgeous as always, your tights are so bright and pretty :)
    I know exactly how you feel about missing home......I miss home so much, and I'm thankful that I'm only a 4 hour drive away, but it still seems like forever. It's so hard to go back for a weekend and then come back to college because I'm reminded of everything I miss so much.
    You seem very strong and optimistic though so I'm sure you'll get through the homesickness :D

  27. i'm so sorry you miss home, dear... i hope joy finds you in your sadness and lifts you up. writing it all down really does help.

    you looks gorgeous! lovelovelove. xo

  28. Aw, I totally understand the homesickness. I miss my parents so intensely sometimes, and it's hard to get over it.

    On the flipside, this is such a lovely outfit. Springy and sweet.

  29. That dress is oh so lovely! I love that you paired it with bright tights...I never would'be thought of that!

    Home isn't very far away from me, but the thing I miss most about it is the outdoors. We lived in the country and had tons of land, even a little pond. I feel like I never took advantage of it or appreciated it enough at the time and now I really miss it.

  30. j'adore ta robe et ton vélo!!! Love your dresses and your bike, so lovely pics!!!

  31. Thanks so much, it means a lot cause it came from a girl who has such a great sense of style.
    I've just started blogging and your feed back really gives me the push I need to continue.

    P.s. I love the bicycle too, it's so fairy like.

  32. i love this dress!!! i've been looking for a lacy white dress for a while but haven't come upon the right one. yours is great! and that bike is precious!

  33. aaww you look SO lovely, I love those tights too!
    I'm sorry you're feeling homesick; maybe it's the time of year for strong longings? I'm missing someone so much lately that it's... not good.

    Hopefully the weather will change soon and sweep in some happy thoughts for all of us!

  34. You completely melt my heart! Pink tights and white dresses are so charming!

  35. I get that way sometimes...it can be terrible. I don't really miss my actual home (probably because I'm still in the same country, haha) but I do miss places I've lived. I miss Iowa a lot. I know I'll miss Virginia incredibly hard when we leave. Those are very difficult feelings, but I think you're doing just what your should -- writing down the things that really matter. Your pink tights, by the way, make me smile. How do you do your pictures, anyway? I always love how vintage and hip they look...I wanna copy...


  36. you have the BEST bike in the world. pretty lace dress too. :)

  37. You look so CUTE! That dress is perfect.

    And I know how you feel. I live in Georgia and my family lives in Washington state, which isn't as far as you (good grief!) but sometimes it feels like it! It's a strange feeling

  38. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I LOVE this outfit. The dress is so lacy and gorgeous and the pink tights add some sass. You look fabulous.

  39. That dress is so pretty! I swear, I am never able to find dresses like that!


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