April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! Man, I love Easter. Not only am I in love with the meaning of this day - but I love the joy of chocolate and suprises.


The great things of today :

1. Breakfast with over 20 friends, and a big ole easter egg hunt in the backyard!
2. I went to my friend Kate's shooting of her music video today and was a back up funny dancer/clapper. Yes, that is me with the big lion head on in the picture below!
3. I went out with one of my favorites for coffee, and met a fellow canadian while sipping on my favorite all time drink : a coke float!
4. I wanted a boy-inspired look today so I borrowed one of my good friends bowies tshirt, blazer and hat. Perfect!
5. I just love life.




How is your easter weekend going? Bless you guys!




  1. The things I love about this buh log.
    I seem to have a growing friendship with the author and rocking boy,
    Kate Martin's music video,
    Carla's fashionable little vest
    The boyish feel to the clothes your wearing K.
    The chic little black number in the second last shot.

    And anything else I didn't mention.

  2. Happy easter to you 2! Really nice to see your pictures

  3. Great, great photos. Your blog is uber cool with great photos on it. I think I'm gonna visit you every single week

  4. Happy Easter!

    Love the photos, I love all the balloons.


  5. Hey if you get the chance please post the finished music video! I love hearing about new artists and this video looks like it was a good one : )

  6. great post! it all looks so fun. i love the pic of all the balloons on the floor and of course the band pics. i do hope you post the finished video! happy easter to you, mine has just started and so far it is glorious, just like the real reason we celebrate this day.

  7. oo video shoot looks like great fun

  8. haha love the pic of you with the lion head!! great t-shirt & hat too! :)


  9. such a funny pics!
    lovely outfit too :)
    happy easter! xxx

  10. That looks so fun! You and all your friends are so darn fashionable.

  11. that breakfast and easter egg hunt sounds like so much fun! and I love the boy inspired look, that hat is perfect!

    lovelove, M.

  12. Happy easter! I love love love that skirt!

  13. i love these photos! so adorable. the music video looks soso cute, send me a link when it is finished?

  14. Looks like you had a super fun Easter. Whoa never seen any one celebrate Easter like that. Yay! Happy times. Love the balloons. Btw, they don't sell the cape on the site anymore?! Sad face :(

  15. Looks like an amazing fun time!!
    Happy easter!

    Chic on the Cheap

  16. So in love with your second photo.
    Also, your tee? FANTASTIC.

    Happy Easter!

  17. What fun! Looks like you've had a fantastic Easter weekend :)

    You're Canadian? That's awesome - where are you from? I lived in Canada for 7 years growing up, I still miss it sometimes!

    - Laura, owleyesblog.blogspot.com

  18. I adore these pictures !
    xoxo :)

  19. Happy Easter! Sounds like you had a bunch of fun!

  20. I adore this look. I think you must have a perfect life. Seriously. An egg hunt with your friends sounds so wonderful! I adore your little hat, too!


  21. I wish you could send me all your outfits, and I could just keep them forever :) You are precious!

  22. oooh
    i can just feel the LOVE here!

    you are an amazing person...


  23. this outfit is just plain GOOD. and aahh, i want to see this music video, from the photos it looks great! :)

  24. It looks like you had so much fun! My Easter consisted of wayyyyyyyy too much food...which is not a problem with me ;]

  25. WIll you pretty please post the video when it's all finished? It looks AMAZING! And I completely love your dirt bike shirt- it crakcs me up!!!!!!

    love, rudi


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