April 6, 2010

Grandpa Shirts, Grandma Smiles

I felt like I was literally swimming in this beast of a shirt, but its probably one of my favorites. Huge, comfy, 100%. I just all around diggs.


Tonight as I was walking home I walked past a lady and smiled and said "hello", and she replied with a kind smile and "hello" right back at me, and we kept going our ways. Sometimes I think its so weird that there are billions of people all over the place everyday that we walk by but we never know them. I wanted to know her life story. I wanted to know where she grew up and what her biggest life struggle has been, and how she has over-come it. I wanted to know if she had children or if she was married, but we are limited. It seems wild to just go up to someone and ask these questions, but I always want to. Does anyone ever think like this? Sometimes I just so badly want to shake every single persons hand and ask them what their favorite food is, or how they like their coffee. Its a weird world we live in, folks.


What is something like this that you often think about? I would love to hear!


I hope you all had a precious weekend. x



  1. Great story - I appreciate clothes & jewelery so much more when it comes from a family member.

  2. i love this outfit, the tights are cool !

  3. I often ponder that too! You see so many interesting people as you go through your day, you can't help but wonder what the heck they do with themselves! ...Sometimes I just make it up in my head.
    PS: loving the baggy tee +tights combo.


  4. this reminds me of wearing my boyfriends shirts (I am today) they are so comfy and feel so simple!

    lovelove, M.

  5. Oversized shirts are win! We can be very self-involved (even me, admittedly), it's great to remember that there are billions of other people out there. But this blog enables you to do just that, doesn't it? A giant figurative hand out to shake everyone else's. Hello, I really like apples and gyros (not together), and I don't really drink coffee. I like coffee-flavored ice cream, though. :) How about you?

    Toast with Charmalade

  6. Love that top it's so cute and comfy.

    I added you to my link list.

    Lulu Letty

  7. I am just like that. When Gavin and I go to the city and sit on benches and watch people walk by...I always wonder what their story is, and I'm genuinely interested if they ever do share. It's a good thing to be curious :]

  8. cute shirt! i was just wondering what camera are you using, is it holga or diana? :-)

  9. Man Kate, I thought I was the only one wishing I could just know everyone. I'm never bold enough to just ask people about themselves, but I want to. It's crazy that there are so many of us. Doesn't it always feel so strange when you walk by someone and don't really talk? Only "hello" feels odd. I wonder if they need a friend. Or if they'd be a good friend for me. Sometimes people are dying to have someone to talk to, and I could listen. You know? I just want to be real with people, and let them be real with me, and not worry. "All you need is love".....know what I mean?

  10. I think the same as you, sometimes I'm really curious and I want to know everything about a stranger .. it's interesting to know how other people live their lives :)

  11. I do the exact same thing, and I wonder how different my life would be if I had stopped to talk to people, like if we were to end up being best friends or getting married! You never know! I love your tights.

  12. The photos are lovely!


  13. As I read this I couldn't help but smile. I experience the exact same thoughts every day! It always happens when I'm on the bus going across campus or around town. I always wonder about the people sitting next to me, around me...I want to make conversation and really talk to them, but they would think I was crazy! It's amazing how different everyone's life stories are; I wish occasionally a random person would share theirs with me. I love that you think about these simple things, I seriously look forward to reading your blog every time you write a new post <3

  14. I was just thinking about this today when I passed a bunch of people on the walking path, only half of them even looked up. I agree, it's an odd world! But I love your photos..so cute! Also, I have been invited to do an art swap and i get the opportunity to pass it on too..if your interested give me an email so i can give you more info..xx louise

    Aghhh....you kill me with your amazing tight selection! (:


  16. oh i LOVE this! it looks so so so comfy... and you can totally pull it off! and oh goodness, yes... i think about this all the time - in fact, i was just discussing this with a friend not too long ago. i always wonder about people i pass on the street, in the grocery store, at disneyland... where do they come from? who are they? what are their families like? what type of personality do they have? i wish i could get to know them, even if only for a few moments.

  17. yes, i often wonder the same thing about people, thats why i love reading auto/biographies & when i studied history i always found the story of an individual person fascinating (as opposed to a nation, say).

    i loooove your tights, i might have to try something similar with my new boots!



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