April 6, 2010

Longing for Snow

This morning I longed for winter. Being from Canada, I love winter. I love snow and skiing, and being cold in general. I havent seen snow in about 3 years, and everytime I go home to visit its always summer time, so this morning I decided I wanted to dress like it was winter, even though its burning hot in Australia at the moment, and I bundled myself up in my favorite leather jacket of all time. (Thanks mum!)


Last night Nathan and I watched Criminal Minds (I love that show!) and it was about a guy who is overly obsessed with this girl, and stalks her - you know, pictures all over his walls, follows her everywhere, the whole nine yards. It made me so fearful of this blog and how I literally share my entire life on this thing without even really thinking about it. Do any of you ever think about this too? It put a bit of fear in me...I need to stop watching these types of shows!



Well, back to the daily grind. Hope you are all having an amazing week.

Over and out. x



  1. i love this!!! great dress and the leather jacket is so super cool. mad layering skills at work here.

  2. Haha, I watched that show once with my friend -- very scary stuff. My mother is terrified of how exposing my blog is, and I suppose it is quite dangerous, if you think about it. But I have a feeling most of your readers just want to hug you, not kill you :)

    Anyway, I love this outfit, the jacket, especially! I hope you see some snow this year! Isn't there snow is Tasmania? You could visit there, haha...


  3. I have to say that I'm really digging those shades. It rarely snows down here in Houston but it did in December. It was so cold that I didn't even want step outside the house (so lame of me). Yea I thought about the whole stalker scenario but I try not to let it worry me too much :)

  4. I worry about putting too much information online too, but in general the blogging community is pretty safe. I doubt guys really come onto our blogs just to stalk us...I hope. Okay now I'm a bit freaked out. Haha cute scarf and lovely jacket!

  5. I have the SAME fear! So that's why I never put where I am, where I'll be, or anything like that. I only write about the event AFTER it happened.

  6. Love the scarf with this outfit. I'm the total opposite of a winter lover - I love the hot sun beating down on me, and I don't get warm until the temp hits at least 85 - I'm from Jamaica.

  7. love your outfit! it never snows in south texas, but i always wish it did. i love snow. and i totally know what you mean about the fear, criminal minds is my favorite show and i've seen every episode ever, so i live in perpetual fear of the most random violent acts, hah and i still have a blog..

  8. SNOWWW I miss it too, but luckily my parents still live in snow country so I always have the option to experience it (that is if I can get time off of work).

    I saw that exact same criminal minds episode the other night (I watch crime drama's as I go to sleep, it's weird I never have scary dreams). Anyways, I figure it's just as easy for a crazy person to obsess over someone they see on the street as it is to obsess over someone on the internet.

    On the bright side, you look fabulous as always!

  9. You're from Canada? Whoa. So you're just studying in Australia? I dunno. Confused now! Hehe. Love the colors and the layers! Love the leopard scarf too. Well as long as you don't disclose any information about your address, phone number and personal information, it's fine. I wouldn't worry too much. We can live by fear or else we'd get nowhere. You have your boyfriend to protect you too :)

  10. I only love winter cause I love wearing tights and cardigans, but I'd be happy with like 60-70 degree weather all the time hahaha, I love that leather bomber jacket, so cute on you!

    lovelove, M.

  11. Sometimes I get that fear too! But I just make sure not to post anything way too specific...beware of Australian internet predators Kate Maggie! Haha.


  12. i totally understand what you're saying. i've had some pretty frightening stalker situations happen in my life, and it is absolutely terrifying and really hinders me from sharing a lot about myself sometimes. thankfully, none of these experience happened because of my blog - but still, i never share a whole lot about my life on it. i honestly don't think you share too much, you're detailed about things without being TOO detailed, if that makes sense. however, it IS good to be aware... just don't let it worry you too much. :)

    aside from that, you looks amazing! what a great jacket!

  13. supah cute girl. stalkers gonna stalk. the internet just makes it easier sometimes unfortunately.

  14. thats an amazing jacket! i love winter too, all those layers & cosy jumpers! i love your sunglasses, i've been considering splashing out on them myself :)

    i don't think you share enough on your blog to be worried but its good to be aware of such things. i've had abusive emails/texts in the past but this started before my blogging days & i'm pretty sure it's someone i know...best thing to do is totally ignore it.


  15. so cute, that jacket is such a cool color!

    I wonder about internet stalkers sometimes too, but I like to think that fashion bloggers are still too under the radar for weird guys to find haha

  16. lovely pics
    your blog is great!

  17. lovely outfit! great leather jacket :)
    hehe and yay for canada.

  18. I kind of think about getting stalked bc of my blog a lot (that or people think Im some kind of sick narcissist). i love your jacket and i promise not to stalk you in order to steal it ;) criminal minds is also without a doubt one of the creepiest shows ever.

  19. I always think about putting all of my life out on this blog too - it's freaky! But I just try as hard as possible to disguise really personal information, but there is really no way around it :/ Bah! Love your jacket! :)

  20. Trade ya!! I'm in Canada and I can't wait for it to get warmer! i think about putting my life out there too, thats the main reason I'm so hesitant to really post much on mine... Not sure how to get past that.

  21. Love your jacket and sunglasses!

    I guess we all run a risk by putting so much of ourselves online, but I think the reward outweighs the risk. I enjoy blogging too much to worry about things like that most of the time!

  22. love this outfit.. and i love the photography style on your blog! very pretty and romantic!



  23. i lovelovelove the leather jacket.
    and the dress is perfection.
    love the way you put this outfit together.
    oh, and your blog is darling. :)

  24. great glasses and great flowers

  25. That jacket is ballin'!
    (That's the most accurate word I could come up with on such short notice haha)

    I've been looking for one like that.



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