January 25, 2010

a bit about me.


I kind of disappeared from the internet world for a little bit there. My boyfriend and I were spontaneous (that is saying it lightly) one morning and decided to fly to another city, in another state, within Australia to meet up with his family that had left to go there a week prior.
Picture this : you wake up at 7:30, get a phone call at 7:45 saying "Can you please go convince Nathan to get on a plane to come meet us"..going to wake your boyfriend up, him saying "Im not going unless you come"...phoning back and saying "Alright, were both coming..when is the flight" and getting the answer "in 50 minutes".....I literally had 3 minutes to pack my bags.

After tears, sweat, and endless madness, Nathan and I got on the 9:00 flight to Canberra, Australias capital city! It was an amazing week...but maybe would of been a bit more enjoyable with a little bit more planning time.

I thought I would do something fun for this post so you can get to know me a little bit better.


I spent a year and a half skateboarding with young boys/girls every Saturday. I enjoy skateboarding - and still have a few scars from this ridiculous sport!


This is my best friend in the entire world, Danielle Simkus. She is going to be an astronaut. We used to sit in hot tubs and talk about constellations and stars for hours.


I have one brother and one sister - who mean the absolute world to me.


My whole family loves golf! I try to look like I know what I am doing!


I have worn glasses/contacts since grade 3. Without them - I am pretty much blind. These are my newest pair of glasses. I got them last year - and my parents thought I was crazy...but now they love them just as much as I do!


I am dating the love of my life


A year ago I spent two months in China - on a missions trip!


Im a huge nerd. This one is obvious


I love to write.


I dont take life too seriously - and I love to laugh.


  1. This was a funny post!
    I must say, I really enjoyed it.

    How did you manage to pack for a week in 3 minutes?? :O
    I'm impressed!

    (I have worn glasses/contacts since 1st grade. I am almost blind on my left eye. - on one and + on the other.. So I can't focus with both at the same time.. xP)

    xx Sophie


  2. Oh wow! Sounds like you had such a fun trip! Spontaneous moments are always the best ones :)

    And your 10 things about me thing was so adorable! You seem like such an incredibly sweet person.. I wish I could get all of my blogging friends together and just hang out for a couple of days.. if you are EVER in the States, let me know!

  3. i love this post! and i want your glasses so badly! i wear contacts, but would wear my glasses so much more often if they were as cool as yours. your life sounds so fascinating and you seem so sweet.

  4. This such a neat post. i love your glasses. i'm thinking of getting a pair like those, but i never see them in stores...only online and i really want to try them on before i buy.
    i don't take life too seriously either. laughing has to be one of my favorite things to do. :D

  5. I love/want your glasses. Your boyfriend is adorable. And these are all great photos!

  6. Your glasses rock. I adore your spontaneous attitude!

    Glad you're back, though!


  7. These photos are amazing and it's so wonderful for you to share all of it with us! I love your glasses and your bf is so cute ;)

  8. Now I know a little bit more about you! I love the glasses, you made a good choice :) and how did you ever decide what to pack in a few minutes?!! It usually takes me hours! hahaa

  9. thanks for your comment.
    I loved this post and you look so cute in your glasses.
    nice blog :)

  10. Cuteee post! I love your glasses! And wow that is a spontaneous trip!! Haha! That's crazy!

  11. I enjoyed reading your post, you have charisma and we have somethings in common (the same thing happen to me with the glasses and my parents, we love to write, to laugh...)

    :) i'm gonna follow you

  12. hello, i'm jess....glad to know a little bit about'cha....thanks for commenting on Hippie Frou Frou, i like meeting new folks :>) especially ones with such great taste!!! loving those glasses and your beautiful hair,

    totally going to follow your lovely blog,

    jess s//


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