January 10, 2010

benny and the jets

Tonight was lovely. Nate took me to one of his favorite restaurants - Benny's. It was amazing.
I got so excited because as soon as our waiter came to our table I could tell that she wasnt Australian - and sure enough she was from Michigan! How exciting - Michigan happens to me in my top 5 places I would like to go :)


I couldnt believe how expensive our meal was...it was $79.00 for two meals, an appy, and 2 cokes. How RIDICULOUS!
Oh Canada..how I miss you!


After dinner Nate took me to the beach. It was so windy though - and I was in a dress that didnt like being tossed about in the wind. You catch my drift.


What are your plans for tomorrow?
I hope to go find a record at a local thrift shop because I am wanting to make an earring holder out of a old record...Cross your fingers for me that I find one.

Also, how funny is the movie Monty Python?

If you have never seen it..go rent it, right now.


Well..its time for me to go home and get into my pajamas, read a chapter of a good book (pride and prejudice) and then fall to sleep. I hope to have dreams about winning a prize for Urban Outfitters that allows me to go into their store and get every single peice of clothing for free...OR....living in england and teaching at a small school in the heart of the city. With snow. And chai lattes. Ah, brilliant. Goodnight <3


  1. Nice post!!
    Thnx for the comment!!!!!!!

  2. aw, despite the expensive tab it seemed like such a charming night. and oh i have the same dream about urban outfitters haha :)

  3. Very nice shots, you got such a nice blog :)

  4. You look beautiful in the last photo and your man is hot! Also, I love your header. How have I never seen this blog before? Wonderful!


  5. love your outfit!
    That was pretty expensive... hope you enjoy the food at least.

    thanks for visit my blog and for your comment.

  6. Hi! Thanks for the comment! I saw on your profile that you are in Australia doing missionary work. How neat! What do you do there? I have always wanted to go to Australia. It is nice to see your sunny posts! (It is currently 10 degrees F here!)

  7. Lara - Thanks for commenting :) I work with a organization called 'Youth with a Mission' - within this we do many things involved with helping the community, going on outreaches to other nations (we are going to do a missions trip this year on a ship bringing medical help to people! so cool!) I mainly do photography + journalism for the centre that I work at, and work with a youth program aimed at helping kids within the city. Its really neat!

  8. hey sweetie!

    youre a cutie face

    xoxo stina


  9. Pretty, ruffly dress! I would love a UO shopping spree. :)

  10. lovely pictures. i love how you arranged all them with each with captions as a part of a "story". you've done a great job! :)

  11. hi kate!
    i love ur blog too...
    and ur hair...i think it's cuz we have the same bangs..hehe.

    i'm following u..
    hope u could follow back..

  12. Your blog is so cute! :)

    ps: dresses/skirts + wind = terrible! haha

  13. I'm intrigued by the earring holder out of a record. That would be such a cool DIY. Definitely post it when you do it!


  14. aww you and your boy are adorable! i actually used to live in michigan - it'll be a fun trip :D

  15. you and your boy are ridiculously adorable (especially in those pictures in the post before this one). can't wait to see how you make that record earring holder!!! i'm curious :)

  16. lovely photos - i really like his shirt!!

  17. thank you very much, your blog is nice. You look like a happy bean :-D

  18. thanks for the comment, dear! i'm in love with your blog already, you and your boyfriend are SO cute. also, i really want to see how you make a record earring holder!

  19. Gorgeous skirt girl!


  20. love the skirt! so pretty and loverrrrly!

  21. i love your button down shirt very much !
    its looks preppy chic !

    thanks for the comment you wrote on my blog .
    keep posting more inspirations !

    much love from .
    glisters and blisters :D

  22. Awwww! I can't get enough of you two! You should come to Michigan someday! We could totally hang out!! I'd love that!

  23. your dreams sound like my dreams

    also, i am probably one of the two people in the world who haven't seen monty python. gotsta do that sometime..sometime!
    you two are such a lovely couple!

    thanks for the sweet comment (:


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