April 1, 2011

four eyes




I will share a little Katy secret. In grade 2 I had a friend named Alysha ,who on top of having the coolest two peice matching cotton sweat pant suits, velcro shoes and school binders filled to the brim with neon stickers....she also wore glasses. Coke bottled glasses, oh yeah, she had it bad. I admired from afar..wondering how on earth I could convince my parents to let me get some. It all started one day when I so wisely (foolishly) asked Alysha if I could wear her glasses for an ENTIRE day. After feeling like the coolest kid on the block, and having headaches that made me want to cry all day long, my eyes started to change. Slowly over the months I noticed little changes and subtle hints that I needed glasses. I was over the glasses phase by then and on to something better like furbys, tamagotchis, or better yet - boys. Grade 3 I noticed I was squinting my eyes to see the black board, and then it happened..the eye exam. I wanted to so badly pass the eye exam so I wouldnt have to wear goofy glasses to school everyday, but on the other hand I so badly wanted to fail it so I could have four eyes. I made up in my mind and ever growing imagination that once you have glasses on you can see things that people without glasses could not. The world became new, and that day I purchased my very first pair of eye glasses. Through the years my eyes have gotten worse. I wear contacts daily with a -4 prescription. Talk about bad ass. Or just blindness. Here I am at 22 years old, still wearing glasses....but I thought "if i have to wear them, they better be cool!" so two years ago I chose these Raybans. I remember taking my mom and Dad to the glasses store right before I left for Australia and showing them these glasses. My Dad said to me "You will look even more like Ugly Betty now!" "Umm no Dad..mine arent as bad as hers" "Yeah I know Katy..they are worse" but whatever Dad, I can totally see out the back of my head. Xray vision, night vision, you name it. These glasses are magical.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! And a big THANK YOU to Amanda for letting me borrow this dream dress of mine. I have admired it ever since I saw it come out in the Rodarte collection last year. You're a doll Amanda! xo

Dress : Swap with Upside of Wonder
Jacket - Suzy Shier
Booties - Forever 21
Lipstick - MAC 'Diva'





  1. yes i am in love with this dress too.
    i am so sad i missed on it when it was at target. boo.
    but man oh man..does it look gorgeous on you.
    my post yesterday was called 4eyes too..hahaha..
    plus, i am blind and wear RayBans!
    we are more alike than different. :P
    oh how i wish they had cool glasses like they do now when i was in 4th grade..i would have been a lot cooler.
    have a wonderful weekend love.

  2. beautifull pics and wonderfull look love it ;)

  3. aww the glasses suit you, i like em :) funny how when we were kids we wanted things that others had, i always wanted glasses as well as an asthma puffer lol. i got the puffer but not the glasses (yet), ANYWHO, i love the colour of the dress, so very pretty. xo

  4. If I was like Charmalade and had terrible vision, I'd sympathize with having a great pair of glasses. Because after all, if you have to wear them every day, might as well make them work!

    But I'm not. Because I'm a piece of toast. I love that dreamy dress on you!

    Toast with TOAST

  5. I had a few friends who wore glasses and I always wanted to have to wear a pair, still do Lol
    That dress is really cute too!

  6. Soo cool! again! You have been amazing lately.
    This dress has been haunting my dreams ever since I realized that I missed out on it.

  7. Because of insurance, I can get new glasses every two years. There's something about a new pair that makes you feel like a new person. Like a new haircut does :) an that dress is just so dreamy and pretty.

    <3 Lea

  8. omg omg omg you look absolutely stunning.

  9. I wore this dress to my boyfriend's prom last year! It's perfect. I need to find a way to style it and re wear it for spring.

  10. Great frames! I am also pretty blind (-4.25 in both eyes! yikes!) I've been wearing them since the 5th grade, and I really love my current frames a lot. They can add a lot to an outfit, as we see here :o)

  11. I really like your glasses. I used to want glasses in elementary school. I woudl wear my brother's to school, and then get into trouble. Now I might actually need them, and I don't know how I feel about it. I will probably get contacts.
    My Heart Blogged

  12. This is perfection. That is all. I love everything about it! The color is wonderful on you :)

  13. Wow, that dress is seriously amazing! And your hair is perfect. That's how I'd like my hair everyday without doing anything.

  14. Lets hear it for specticaled ladies!!! I've been eyeing up the ones on warbley parker and I soooooo need a cooler (nerdier?) pair then my current two!

    When is target coming to canada!?!


  15. You look very cute with glasses. I found out I needed glasses when I was 17. I've only ever worn them sporadically, and actually haven't wore them in over 2 years!! lol. I'm in denial. Maybe if I had a cool pair like yours I would finally give in. :)

    Love Amanda's dress on you. It's so lovely. :)

  16. *raises hand*
    I'm a glasses wearer too!!
    I'm -4.5 (fail) and wear contacts every day and my glasses are nowhere near as cool as yours!!
    they're pink and miu miu but arrrgh i just don't suit glasses.
    you, on the other hand, look super cute :]]

    Charlotte xxx

  17. You seriously are such a gorgeous being. Love you in that dark lippy so so much!



  18. I have a -4 prescription too! I hadn't had to change my dorky glasses from freshman year in high school that my mom picked out for years and years, but I'd always had the option to do so. I finally got brand spankin' new glasses a couple weeks ago that I'm actually not embarrassed to wear out. You look adorable in yours :)

  19. ooh, is that dress from the target/rodarte collection? i wish i snapped one up!

    my sister did the same thing when she was little; i just got glasses and she so desperately wanted them that my mom had to get her a pair with non-prescription lenses.

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  21. I am in love with the dress! The colour and fabric is amazing! I have glasses similar to that - mine are ray bans too! Have a good weekend love!

  22. i am loving you with glasses. you really look amazing.

  23. Amazing pictures!
    You really suit the glasses :)
    Teenage Daydreams

  24. oh girl let's swithc sights. mine is even worse then yours hah. and i love that you've always been so brave about wearing them! (: i was a bit shy when i got my first pair

  25. This dress is an absolute dream. It's such a beautiful shade of blue. You also look adorable in your glasses, I just bought a fake pair a few weeks ago but I'm still unsure about them on me. Have a great weekend pretty girl! xo

  26. This dress is so gorgeous- so fairy-like. I was so sad I missed it when it was in Target. Anyways, you look absolutely gorgeous, and I love how you toughened up the look with that amazing jacket & great boots. Your glasses are awesome!! I must admit I'm a little jealous. For as long as I can remember I've wanted glasses, but apparently I have really good vision. Last summer when I first started getting headaches all the time I was like "maybe it's my eyes! maybe i can finally have glasses!!" haha Alas, still only two eyes for me. :P

  27. Your hair looks amazing in these shots. Also, I really like how you mix things up, like floaty-fairy-princess dress meets biker jacket meets nerdy glasses.

  28. So pretty Kate! I'm actually wearing the same pair of glasses as I type this comment this morning. I wear contacts everyday too. My parents reacted the same way when I got them lol. I should do a post with them soon hehe. Love this outfit: the contrast of edgy and feminine that you do oh so well! That dress is so lovely on you and so does your lipstick!

  29. I adore these glasses lady! They look amazing on you! They are so perfect with the delicate dress and tough leather jacket. Definitely not as geeky as Ugly Betty! How long were you in Aus for? I've seen you mention it before so I'm curious:)
    Hope your weekend is going wonderfully!

  30. You look SO cute. I'm totally a glasses wearer too. Now I'm pretty sure I need new ones that are as cute as yours! :)

  31. looking great doll, I used to wish for glasses too! I guess even as a youngster I was showing my obsession with accessories...

    I love your hair :)

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  33. You are too cute. I love the glasses and that you stay true to your own style no matter what certain disapproving parents might say.

    Also I've fallen off the blogging-face-of-the-earth lately so I'm not sure when you made the banner change but I love it!

    Jessica @EllePresidente

  34. those are the cutest shoes ever! And I love your hair, you have gorgeous curls :)


  35. I love how you styled the dress up!! I love the pretty/edgy contrast. I knew you would look gorgeous in it!

    Oh, eyewear. I've worn glasses since I was 10, but luckily my eyesight hasn't gotten worse lately. And I'm finally getting new contact lenses...I haven't worn my contacts in almost two years since I got an infection in my corneas way back when. Random fact haha

  36. Oh I love your glasses! If I even need them, I would definitely get ray bans! You look wonderful as always and I love your lipstick!

  37. this is lush. love your lipstick colour and your blog header.

    Helen, X

  38. You are so cute! And so is your little story of how you came to need glasses! I remember thinking braces made girls look mature... I didn't think so when I had to get them, mind you. So funny.

  39. aww that is so sad about how you started to have to wear glasses. you poor thing. You are beautiful no matter how your eyes are and I love that dress.


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