March 9, 2011






I used to work at a smoothie shop and one of my guilty pleasures was making a daily creamsicle smoothie. Whoever came up with the idea of vanilla and orange together is an absolute genius. There is nothing more refreshing! When scanning my closet this morning this sweater and skirt danced before me and I was left with no choice than to relive my days of a smoothie connoisseur and form a creamsicle outfit right before my very eyes. Why did I never think of this before? I absolutely love these colors together - and with spring on the horizon and my fashion goals (wear more colors!) fully in check, this outfit is all I could of asked for and more. The lovely Adrianna from Le Mode Accessories sent me this lovely necklace and I thought it went perfectly with this outfit. I am such a sucker for anything with a gold chain and floral print. So predictable! Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday so far. Bonjour to all my new readers, thank you for stopping by Postcards From! Actually...let me rephrase that. THANK YOU to every single one of you who reads my blog daily. You guys are amazing - so thankful for all of you.

All this talk of smoothies has me craving one like no tomorrow. I think its time I take 5 dollars and go for a little drive. Shhh ;)

Sweater - Ralph Lauren
Belt - Thrifted
Skirt - Thrifted
Wedges - Asos
Nude Tights - Calvin Klein
Necklace - c/o Le Mode Accessories






  1. This is my favorite outfit of the new year from you! From those amazing wedges to the cable-knit sweater tot he creamsicle color scheme! You look wonderful.

  2. We're twins today. First of all, I have a sweater that looks just like that. Well, the orange and cableknit parts are the same but mine is thrifted and has a v neck. Second, I was totally creamsicle'd today too with orange tights and dress and cream socks and scarf. Great minds, Kate, great minds.

    You look totally fantastic as always! <333

    xo Robyn

  3. Beautiful! As always. I love the sweater over a flowy skirt look. =)

    I especially love your thought process behind choosing thi outfit. A food-inspired outfit-is a wonderful outfit indeed. =)

    And thank you so much for visiting our blog! You always have the sweetest comments! I always get super excited (does that sound weird) when I hear we got a comment from you.

    -Erin (

  4. You are adorable. I love this skirt! What a great outfit combo :) Dreamsicles are so good!

  5. Kate, I love these colours together and such a cute inspiration story behind it! Never had a creamsicle before, orange and vanilla sound strangely like the would work perfectly together though. These photos have given me the courage to wear my midi pleated skirt soon so thank you for being so chic! x

  6. Cute color combos!! And now I want a flippin smoothie like nobody's business. Have you ever had the Flinstone Creamsicle? Those are awesome and their push pops, so they're even cooler! I may need to make a stop at the grocery store;)

  7. love that last shot!
    what a beautiful smile you have!


  8. Hi gorgeous! you're the loveliest. <3

  9. As weird as it may sound, I cannot stand creamsicles! My friends and family think I'm crazy. However, this color combination? Adorable!

  10. you look so delicious! hehe. i love your skirt and the length of it. i mentioned it in my post today... :)

    completely loving the photos too! goshhh, girl.

    P.S i'm doing alright, actually pretty good! <3 too busy to have time to worry. :) i hope your week is going well, also! it's wednesday; we're halfway done!

  11. kate. seriously STOP being so beautiful.
    you are killing me with your looks.
    you kindof look like a girl i know..Zooey is her name i think..:P
    that peach color looks so amazing on you..!!
    love ya girly..

  12. You look so pretty! Orange is such a hard color to pull off but this is lovely <3

    Also, how do you like the ASOS wedges? I've been on the fence aobut buying them for a while and I'd like the opinion of someone who owns them (:

  13. This looks so cozy and perfect! I adore that color on you (your top!) I work at an ice cream place and I understand the need to make something daily. I get different obsessions but I think my favorite is a vanilla egg cream. yum yum!

  14. love your sweater :)
    -Michelle (singer from Korea)

  15. I looooove this look. Such a gorgeous carefree look! I need to find a skirt like this, they look so comfy and perfect for spring!

  16. I just found your blog... and I think I'm going to go back all the way to the beginning and read through it! It seems so lovely! I very much so enjoy your outfit too! :)

  17. lovely lovely outfit! makes me feel inspired to wear orange and white together! they look lovely :) x

  18. This outfit is adorable! I love the colours and the layering, and you look absolutely gorgeous as always.

    I've never had a creamsicle.. but boy oh boy, do I feel like one now...

  19. I used to work at a Coldstone Creamery in high school. I would make some very yummy things. I love smoothies. I have never had a creamsicle one though. Sounds very tasty. I really like the orange, and white together.
    My Heart Blogged

  20. You are beautiful! I want this skirt!! And oh my goodness a creamsicle sounds so delicious!! tweet us if you get one! :)

    and the detail on that necklace is gorgeous! so beautiful and I see you wearing it often!!

    and I love your little wedges - adds such a 'Kate' to the outfit! AHH! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! !! <33

  21. Gorgeous Sweater the way you styled it with belt and pleated skirt.

  22. Drool! It's inhuman how gorgeous you are, and your creamsicle outfit is making me scream for warmer weather! That necklace is also cute as a button, I'll have to check out the shop!


  23. THANK YOU. Your post made me smile, it was lovely after having such a long day at Uni!

    This outfit is pure genius - I want everything you're wearing. Seriously. And you look gorgeous - your photos are absolutely stunning!

  24. This outfit is all sorts of adorable! I love orange, and paired with white (or even cream) it's just perfection.

    I'm new to your blog, and I'm loving it so far!

  25. It's always great when new combination of clothes clicks in your head, right? This one clicked especially well and looks amazing! Also, I love your windy hair :) xx

  26. you're right, this outfit looks soo yummy!
    i love how the belt accentuated the semi-chunky sweater...and how the sweater contrasted with the soft skirt. <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  27. You look beautiful. I think this is my favorite outfit of yours ever. seriously. it's amazing. I love these colors together. These photos are spectacular.

  28. Beautiful ! Your style is so great !

  29. I've never heard of them before but I'm craving a creamsicle smoothie now! I love your sweater, it looks just perfect with the skirt and necklace! xxx

  30. Creamsicles are my favorite!! Please get me one too!! ;)

    You look SO beautiful Kate. My word, what an amazing color combo. I love that shot where your skirt and hair is blowing to the left. It's awesome!! Such a model. xoxo

  31. I want a smoothie,make me a smoothie !!!<3

    Love the sweater with the tiny belt over the long skirt !

    alexandra @

  32. Ooh your outfit is absolutely stunning, I love it!


  33. You made an outfit inspired by food! I'm so amazed at how creative you are! I think Erin and I should take a stab at coming up with food-inspired outfits because this is just awesome. :D

    Also, I love the locations you shoot at. Your photos are always so, so pretty. :)

    - Caroline (

  34. mmm. a smoothie sounds amazing and i love the color combination.

  35. The belt is really refreshing with what would normally be such a simple sweater. I love this look.

  36. UHM can I just say that my mouth is watering and i am now craving a creamsicle smoothie! What are you trying to do to me!?

    In other news, you look so refreshing with that burst of color, gorgeous with your dark locks :)

  37. love your shoes! i own a very similar pair too ;)

  38. Smoothies mmm! I might have to get one this week too. I love that color. Peachy colors look great and make me excited for spring and summer.


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