February 23, 2011

50mm of love




A year and a half ago my parents got me a 50 mm lens for my 'coming home from australia' present. I remember being so excited because I always wanted a 50 mm...but I didnt know how to use it at all. Needless to say, its been sitting in my bedroom for that entire year and a half & today I finally got sick of seeing it sit there so I decided to take it out with me and Nathan and see if he knew how to use it. Oh, how I love my boyfriend. I knew there was a reason I liked him so much! ;) He knew exactly how to use the lens and how to make these photos look amazing! No more photoshop for me. Couldnt be more blessed. I seriously recommend all of you to look into getting a digital SLR. It was the best investment I ever made and will never go back!

If there is one thing I like almost as much as I like Nathan..its this cardigan. I know, you are probably getting sick of seeing it on my blog all of the time, but I cant stop wearing it. And for good reason. Its the comfiest thing ever! I have been stalking the Urban Outfitter website since boxing day to see if this puppy was going to go on sale and just a couple weeks ago it did, in every color! Eeeep. Guess what cardigan you will be seeing a lot more on Postcards From in the future? ;) And these tights were a lovely gift from my favorite gals over at We Love Colors. I cant rave enough about WLC. They make the best tights - and that says alot coming from a girl who wears tights every single day of her life. I LOVE their tights..and thought white would be a nice addition to my rainbow of colors. Thankyou Cara!! xo

Have a wonderful week buttercups! x

Cardigan - Urban Outfitters
Dress - Ally X
Tights - c/o We Love Colors
Socks - c/o We Love Colors
Heels - Urban Outfitters




  1. That's such a pretty dress, I love your shoes. I wore socks & tights today too :)


  2. I would love to get a DSLR - someday. But until then I am conten with my little DSLR-wanna be camer. :D

    Great outfit! I so want to get some tights from WLC, but I just spend the money I had for that on ModCloth's sale. Oops!! O.O Oh well, hehe. :D

    ~ Katie

  3. Oh I just love this outfit!!
    I got my DSLR at Christmas as an early 21st present and have been dreaming about getting a 1.8/50mm ever since!!
    I'm going to buy one with my birthday money :]]

    Charlotte xxx

  4. Oh, you are an absolute doll. This is seriously one of my top favorite blogs! I love having a boy who knows how to use cameras - aren't they handy? And yes, DSLRs are SO AMAZING. I think I would literally mourn for weeks if something happened to ours.

  5. wow, i love the effect of this lens. i'm currently using an 85mm and it's been so neat playing around with it. you look lovely!

  6. Kate, you are seriously just too adorable for words. That color is absolutely gorgeous on you! And I don't mind seeing this cardigan at all, if you love it tons and it's comfy, you should wear it on your blog a lot. So I adore you and your style. Oh and I'm so happy Nate was able to figure out that lens, these pictures are amazing! Have a great night! xo

  7. i love the white with the gray socks!!!
    you are to cute for words.
    i would love a SLR camera..ahhh i need more money! :P
    but these pictures are very beautiful.
    i have never tried WLC tights..i love tights and wear them everyday 2..so i need to look into getting some.

    ps. hopefully you will love your tights i just sent you. :P :P

  8. that's a really cute outfit! I love how your wore those socks.

  9. Ah! I love the 50mm! I was perplexed how to use it at first too, but it has turned out to be one of my favorite lenses that I own! I love my 35mm now though hehe. I don't have to be as far away from my tripod/Robert :) I absolutely ADORE this outit Kate! I have that cardigan in maroon but for some reason I haven't worn it yet on my blog all Winter long. I should get to it before Spring gets here. I love that dress too! Eep! This outfit is just too perfect!

  10. that dress is adorable and the sweater looks so cozy!

  11. Oh boy.. I could tell ya all about this cardigan! Haha. I've been wanting it in every colour since I first saw it on the website. Mostly mustard and red, though! Sigh..

    This outfit is amazing - all these items work together so perfectly!

  12. This is an AMAZING outfit! This is the kinda outfit I wish I could put together. I'm gonna have to copy it sometime, if ya dont mind ;) The pictures are beautiful too. Amazing what some blurred background can do!


  13. Ah, I love my 50mm lens - it's perfection! I don't blame you for wearing that cardigan all the time, it looks seriously comfy! I like that you paired it with a floral dress and white tights... it feels more like spring, but still warm enough for winter.


  14. awesome pictures! that is such a cute dress! and i love your shoes!!!!


  15. My 50mm is my favorite lens to use. the depth of field is just amazing. unfortunately i left it in the states when i came to study in israel. but my parents are coming over for a visit so i hope they'll bring it along for me : )

    ps- love this cardigan!

  16. The cardigan is gorgeous, I really love it!!


  17. that cardi looks super comfy, love :)
    oh man, i have no idea how to use a 50mm either - how convenient that you don't have to learn how to use one! haha, the pictures definitely turned out great.


  18. Such a lovely outfit! I love the photo effects too. Very nice post :)


  19. Gorgeous! 50mm is where it's at, I think :) Especially combined with a fast aperture. Such a nice and bright look. I love how you've layered.

  20. Amazing photos! I have a 50mm lens too but we don't really use it for outfitphotos that often because we usually take them in quite crowded places and then you have to stand so far away to get a head-to-toe shot! But I really want to teach my boyfriend how to use it so we can use it on more outfit-shots.

    Also, I don't mind the cardigan, I think it's wonderful!

  21. I love the new lense! I wish my camera had changeable lenses haha! I envy these photos right now hehe! I love that cardigan, so glad you got it in the sale! :)

  22. I love those shoes.
    And nice parents for getting you a lense.

  23. These pictures are so beautiful! Breathtaking. Love love your knitwear.

    en la moda

  24. Adorable dress, gorgeous cardi/sock colour combo and sweet blur/shallow depth of field. Darn it, I just felt like using the snazzy word for it :D

  25. So so cute!!! I love how you doubled up on the tights and socks.

    And the 50mm lens if definitley on my wishlist this year too.

  26. my 50mm really made me fall in love with blogging all over again because my photos looked so much better, I hate using my normal lens now. You look stunning! I don't blame you for wearing this cardigan lots, it looks so cosy. Love the socks too. x

  27. goodness you look so CUTE. I hope that doesn't bother you though that you look so adorable like a cute doll that would be on one's mantle piece. haha.

  28. EEK that dress is SO cute!! & when did that cardi go on sale?! seriously, why do i always miss these things. Anyways, these photos are so awesome. Nathan's a pro.

  29. The pretty pink dress with the white tights is perfect.

  30. amazing outfit and great photos :) 50 mm lens is great!

  31. You look so cute and cozy! And now I'm on my way to Urban Outfitters' website to browse their sales... :)

  32. These pictures are amazing!!! The lens makes beautiful pictures. I can't wait to upgrade from my old hand me down Nikon... Oh can't wait for the new Canons coming out next month...

    Love the outfit, and the location is so dreamy looking!

    Sparrow & Urchin

  33. Lovely outfit! That dress is so cute! :)

  34. boyfriend are so useful sometimes. haha glad it workedo ut for you sugar!!


    wolves and sparklers

  35. the outfit is sooo cute, and the photos are lovely! yay for lenses :)

  36. What size is that cardigan? I'm never show how to properly wear things that are naturally oversized.

  37. so very sweet. love the t-straps :]

  38. Anonymous : Its a size small! I would go for an size smaller than you..I find that this one is almost too big for me, and wish I had gone for the xs!!

  39. This has to be one of my fave color combinations!
    Geez, i thought i had weird neighbors, but now i feel kinda (?) lucky haha.


  40. Oh my goodness, the cardigan looks so comfy!! And you already know how much I adore the dress hehe. I love the socks and tights you paired with it, so sweet! You are so gorgeous Kate!

  41. Stunning photos, and amazing ensemble lady. I adore every color in this, it's so light and feminine and perfect!


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