January 7, 2011

Floral Leg Friday


_MG_6592 copy.jpg_effected

This week has gone by so fast. I dont know what happened, since I hardly did anything, but I cant believe its Friday already! I really wanted to go see Black Swan tonight at the theatre, and then realized its not even in my city yet. Whats up with Canada being neglected with these amazing movies?! Have any of you seen it? Please tell me what you thought about it! I have been excited to show you these new tights that my friend Danielle got me for Christmas. They are the perfect blend of colors and flowers - definately makes me and my legs happy! And these shoes? I got them in the mail from Spring and couldnt have been more excited. Dani called them 'elf shoes' and I dont think she could be more accurate. I do feel like a little elf in them - but they are the perfect 'Kate' shoes. Thanks Spring for making my shoe-dreams come true!

What are you all up to this weekend? I have been doing a few sewing projects and have some things to share with you - tomorrow will be sewing saturday since I have to get some collars done! Wish me luck. I feel quite accomplished in this new sewing adventure, since I have only had to ask my mom for help once (yay!) and the pieces are suprisingly turning out. I like you sewing machine, I'll think I'll keep you around for a while.

Have a wonderful weekend, peaches! x

Grandpa Shirt - Cotton on
Tights - Anthropologie
Shoes - Spring
Belt - Thrifted
Pea Coat - Le Chateau





  1. Holy crap -- those tights are AMAZING! And they are the perfect floral pattern, so vintage and English garden-y. I'm really loving your hair in this post as well. And envying your snow.

    I really liked Black Swan. It was super intense, but so great, and the acting I thought was superb. Great music and cinematography as well. Definitely worth a watch! Silly Canada, not gettin' movies on time. :P

    I'm excited to see your sewing projects!

  2. did you get those lovely tights during the big Anthro sale?
    bc if you did i am JEALOUS!
    i almost got them..and then the husband told me i own to many tights already..haha...which is true...boo. :)
    they are beautiful! you are beautiful! <3

    i have not seen black swan yet.
    but i really want too!!!
    have a wonderful weekend full of sewing!

  3. I loveee those tights! They have similar ones in H&M i think? Those shoes are too cute! My friend has some boot ones similar to those and everyone thinks she looks like a pixie/elf in them too!

    Good luck with the sewing!

  4. I am in love with your leggings! These pictures are stunning Kate:)

  5. this outfit is AMAZING! i love ever piece of it. sheesh!

    i want to replicate this, unfortunately i have no floral tights, or adorable pixie shoes. goshdarnit.

    so lovely.

  6. Gorgeous as always! I LOVE this shirt/tights combo. I miss Cotton On from when I was in Australia (assuming that's where the shirt came from?). And Valleygirl, and Dottie. I can't figure out if I can order online, either! At least we have Anthropologie here!

  7. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Your blog is soooo amazingly adorable-- you have great style, lady! I'm obsessing over those tights!
    Following you now ;)



  8. Goodness what adorable tights these are!!

    no I have not seen black swan but plan to when it is out on dvd whenever that is. haha. I just love ballet but haven't danced ballet in a long time because my parents' couldn't afford to keep me in it.

    hope your sewing project goes well. I love the second shot of you so much.

    I have no plans this weekend at all. . .maybe to dig out my room's clutter and get rid of it all.

  9. This pictures are so pretty with that perfect sunlight filtering through your beautiful hair! You are looking so amazing this winter, I'm so inspired to try some more wintery looks!

    I can't wait to see what you have sewn 'sew' far! hehe. I really want to learn, is it easier than you thought? I have noone to help me if things take a turn for the worse!

  10. Ohh Black Swan!! It's not out here yet either :( Can't wait to go see it...that and Burlesque :)

    Hope the sewing goes well! One day I'll buy myself a sewing machine :)



  11. Lovely tights, I just got those for Christmas! beautiful snowy background too.


    PS Your blog is fantastic, I've been scrolling through it for awhile, so I'm following you! :)

  12. I could never quite get the floral tights right... but you look great! I actually did see Black Swan, and one only word to describe it: intense. Be prepare to feel uncomfortable and/or freaked out the entire time. That said, it was done really, really well and despite how dark it was, I truly enjoyed it.


  13. Those tights are amazing! And yayy, you got some little brown buckle brogues like you wanted ;) They look great on you.

    I love this whole outfit and these gorgeous photos. It's so funny to see you all rugged up and in snow, after you were in Australia for so long!


  14. Your tights are awesome Kate! I already told you this on twitter, but I love this outfit shots out in nature. You look especially gorgeous and I'm so in love with your outfit!

    I hope you are planning on sharing some of your sewing projects with us :]

  15. I've seen floral tights before, but never any half as lovely as yours. I want some!


  16. You look sooo pretty Kate! I am in love with your tights, and shoes!

    Oh and Black Swan was intense, but good!

  17. Oh, you sweet little elf! I'm ecouraged by your sewing Saturdays! I got a new machine I have yet to try out, but I'm excited to make my little boy some clothes.

    I have to agree with your last comment, I think we'd be great friends if we knew each other in "real" life! :)

  18. so cute! I love that dress on you, and the curly hair!

    have a happy new year and weekend!!!

  19. These photos are realll pretty. I'm jealous of the snow on the ground, it's still in the 60's here most every day.

    Those tights are definitely magical and unique. What a great gift!

    xoxo mama wolf.

  20. Those tights are ah-mazing! Generally I haven't been the hugest fan of the floral tights/leggings but I think it's because I hadn't seen the right styling and pair yet and now I have. Simply gorgeous and these pictures are wonderful.

    I saw Black Swan and I'm in Canada - but I live in Toronto so that barely counts I guess. I loved it though. There was so many cringe-worthy moments but the technique wasn't over-used. All in all it was a beautifully disturbing movie. Might just have to come to TO to see it - let me know when ya do :p haha!

    xo Robyn

  21. Such a cute outfit! Lovely shoes, and your tights are adorable x

  22. Utterly stunning photos. And after I typed that, I realized someone else said pretty much the same thing. But anyway, seriously. ;)

  23. Oh my word, your tights are ace!! Love them. You look darling. xx

  24. love your pics :)


  25. I know I already tweeted you telling you how much I love these photos but they're just stunning! I'm head over heels for those tights, I've never seen such a solid pattern before and they're great. Your hair really suits you like that too.
    I'm desperate to see Black Swan but it doesn't come to UK until Jan 22 but I'm gonna be there as soon as possible! x

  26. Love the bright colours! Everything looks so springy in the blogosphere...too bad it we both know thats not happening in canada for a loooong while! Oh well, you look lovily as usual!


  27. you are beautiful! haha i love how all of your recent outfit posts are in the snow :) bahaha.

    and heyyyy, black swan has been out in toronto for a while now! i still haven't seen it though.... SADLY.


  28. just have to say that i LOVE THIS SO VERY MUCH!!!!!

  29. Talking to your sewing machine, brilliant. Sounds a lot like me.

  30. I absolutely love this outfit! Your floral leggings are gorgeous!! xo

  31. Black Swan was incredible! Definitely a psychological thriller more than a pretty ballet movie. Some parts gave me the creeps! I want those tights! They're so pretty. All the stores are starting to phase out winter wear here :/


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