November 13, 2010

the jungle's flower girl




There is a select few items that I have worn in my lifetime that I wouldnt mind wearing everyday for the rest of my life - and this dress is one of them. A good friend of mine, Carla, designed and created this dress with absolute perfection. She was kind enough to let me borrow this dress & try it out for a shoot today - along with this head peice that she made aswell! I love the color's, fabric and all around dreamy-ness of it all. I took Nathan to my new favorite photo place and got him to take these shots, and I felt like a little forest fairy in this outfit - not a very happy fairy though, I look so angry in all these pictures (but im not, I promise!)

Can you believe Christmas is coming up so soon? I am getting so excited about going home to Canada. I remember when it was February and Nathan and I were talking about the plans for the end of the year and how we both wanted to go to Canada - and now its becoming a reality! I cant wait to see my family and the snow. I havent spent Christmas at home in two years so this is very exciting for me! Speaking of Christmas..what is on your wishlist? I would love to hear!

Have a great rest of your weekend peaches. <3

Dress : Handmade by Carla Mulligan (thanks Carla for letting me use it today!)
Floral Head-peice : Handmade by Carla Mulligan
Boots : Dotti





  1. Wow, this dress is amazing Kate! Your friend did such a great job! I also really love your flower headband. You look so great :]

  2. I'm loving this forest fairy look, and you look beautiful...not angry! I'm so happy you get to go home for Christmas with Nathan! How exciting :)

    On my WISHlist would be a new camera, but seeing as how I'm planning a wedding, this will remain a wish for a long time! Sigh. I wouldn't mind some new UO dresses though, I think that could happen!

  3. Oh my god, your friend's name is so similar to Cary Mulligan. Oh I've been meaning to respond to your email and I'll just do that here if you don't mind... So yeah, I don't mind. I love what you've done. But I think you should put your blogroll on the left sidebar, unless you're going to put more stuff there, because it looks a little bare at the moment.

    These photos are wonderful, please tell Nathan that. I love nature backgrounds and I fully utilized today's opportunity to get as many nature photos as possible. Great dress and headpiece! Adorable!!! You are an adorable fairy princess!

  4. these pictures are so gorgeous! LOVE the dress, LOVE the boots, LOVE the yellow flowers


  5. you are too cute!
    the floral headpiece looks amazing on you :D
    i'm really excited for the holidays too - mostly because i'll finally have a break from school. haha. it's been driving me crazy!

  6. This is an absolutely beautiful outfit!

    I haven't really thought of my wishlist yet, this year I think I'm much more into homemade things.

  7. Love the dress and the headband:X...your friend is really talented! It's nice to be home for Christmas:)

    xoxo sere

  8. You are beautiful!
    Your friend has talent and you look gorgeous in this!
    Hope you have a nice week =)


  9. well you make a cute angry fairy. that dress is stunning. I havent thought about christmas wishlists at all! what I have done however is gather twigs to make a DIY christmas tree! Cant wait to put it up x

  10. Oh my goodness, what an amazing post! The dress, the location, the pretty headband... Too perfect. The dress is really stunning on you, Kate!

    Isn't it funny? Sometimes I'm in the happiest mood when we take pictures and I end up looking sad/grumpy/uncomfortable!


  11. I love your boots so, so much x

  12. that first photo is awesome! and this place looks so cool. :)

    xx elanor

  13. oh such a beautiful outfit! I'm in love with that headband its stunning x

  14. This outfit is very well put-together. Well done! Tres chic.

  15. That dress is gorgeous! I love the photos too, so atmospheric in the woods! xx

  16. That dress is stunning! Tell Carla niiiiiice work!

  17. what a beautiful dress..that color is perfect on you.
    i loooove that flower so so wonderful.

    i havent spent christmas at home in 2 years either..the husband works retail so he has to always work the day before and after christmas and we can not drive 6hrs to my parents home and 6hrs back in one day..
    but i am soo happy that you get to spend xmas this year with wonderful. <3

    on my wishlist: a new ipod. mine broke and my exercise life is horrible without it. :)

  18. Oh my goodness Kate, you are GORGEOUS! It looks like you're in Never Land- I honestly can't believe that forest is real, it's so beautiful! That dress is precious.

    I am really excited for Christmas too! My brother is going to make it home from LA with his new wife & I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone. As far as my wish list goes, I'm dreaming of snow! I really want it to be a white Christmas this year. (:

  19. Cute! It looks comfy, too. :)

    Oh, I would love to go to Canada for Christmas! haha It's not my home but I've always wanted to visit P.E.I. Well, ever since I read Anne of Green Gables, anyway. But I'll be in Panama for Christmas this year. Which is cool. But I would like to be some place cold next Christmas. :)


  20. I love these pictures! My favorites!

  21. The dress drapes so beautifully, you have a very talented friend! Also, I love the flowers in your hair--it sort of reminds me of Frida Kahlo :)


  22. Your blog is lovely. I'm so happy I stumbled on it. You take beautiful pictures, and I love your style :) Paris in Pink

  23. you look absolutely stunning, my love! pretty, pretty girl... love the flowers in your hair. xo.


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