November 12, 2010

benedict dates




Friends, I hope that you are having a great week and an awesome kick start to your weekend. Its Saturday where I am and I started the day out with something spectacular. Breakfast.
Now if anyone knows me at all you would know that I dont like breakfast. I had a bad experience one time on a girl scouts trip (yes, like 10 years ago!) and havent been able to get it out of my head. Breakfast is just a meal I dont mind skipping! But my friend Joanna suggested that we go out for breakfast today, and for some crazy reason I accepted her offer...and guess what? I loved it. I love breakfast! We went to this restaurant in the city that sells 'the best' eggs benedict. I wouldnt know if it was the best, since it was my first time trying it! (I can hear you gasping now...!) "What?! You've never tried eggs benedict?!" but seriously - I avoid these breakfast meals like the plague. I really enjoyed it though - whats not to like? So breakfast..I think I'll stick by you from now on. And girl scouts bus trip that made me barf up my entire breakfast in 1999? I forgive you, and im over you!

This week has been a week of html learning, falling asleep near the computer, and trying my absolute hardest to get some inspiration. I decided to go back to my original template, the three column. What do you guys think? There is still so much that needs to be done, its about 25% complete..but I like it alot more I think. I have a question for you readers though, do you like my writing being in one big chunk in the center like this or did you like it when it was spaced between pictures? I see this big chunk on a lot of blogs and I like the 'clean' look of it, but I dont know what its like for a reader! So I need your input! <3 I hope you all have an amazing weekend, kisses from down under! x

dress: mombasa
skirt: cotton on
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  1. I'm not big on breakfast either. I usually only eat pancakes or waffles. Basically, all the carbs!

    I'm loving the polka dots! And I love the three column layout. I think I prefer the writing between pictures. It sort of breaks things up a little, I like it. I don't know, that's just me though. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

  2. The layout is looking awesome!! It's so crisp & clean and just all together lovely. I know it's a small thing to love but I really like the comment button. hehe (: Oh and as far as the text goes, I think I prefer it spread out between the photos, but it's not so big a deal to me either way.

    Anyway, on to the post. You look SO cute and that first picture is my favorite! How do you get your photos to look so dreamy!? *sigh* so inspiring. xx


  3. PS That first photo has the essence of this one. Take that as a compliment cuz it's my favorite photo of one of my favorite people. (:

  4. Polka dots polka dots! It's awesome. Your breakfast looks mighty good too.

  5. oh my, you are so cute.
    your hair look fabulous in this outfit post too.
    personally, i like reading in one big chunk..but i dont really mind either way..i will ready whatever you write ..:)

    the layout looks lovely.. i really need to take a class or something to figure out how to do/change layouts... me and computers dont go well together.
    have a wonderful weekend love.

  6. oh my goodness! that benedict looks incredible.

    my bf gets eggs benedict every single time we go out for breakfast. hahaha

    i wander, i wonder

  7. Oh I just love breakfast, but don't think I've ever had eggs benedict before. think I'm going to have to take your word Kate and get some one of these chilly mornings. Glad you enjoyed it!

    I also really love your dress! The polka dots are so you :]

  8. breakfast is the best meal ever! i could eat breakfast food any time :) you look lovely in your polka dot dress!

  9. i love breakfast most!! it's good to eat breakfastt!! :)

    and i love ur polkadot blouse!


  10. I cannot believe you've never had eggs benedict! Oh my goodness me! (:

    Breakfast is amazing, I wouldn't be able to function without it, even if I only have my little bowl of cornflakes.

    I'm terrible to ask for advice on how to space your writing 'cause I find when I'm in a different mood I like it all spaced differently. I suppose if it's a story, like what you had today it works better all in one place.

  11. I love the new layout! I'm not sure about the big block of text/spread out issue.. I never know what to do either!

    Your outfit is so adorable. And going out for breakfast is so fun :) hope you're having a happy rest of your weekend!!


  12. Mmmm yum yum eggs benedict!! I love making that, although sometimes finding the energy to make the sauce is hard - but it's so worth it!! :)

  13. I wasn't a fan of breakfast until recently..This school year I started to have breakfast before going to school and I can say that I really like it...Now about your posts...hmm.I love your posts and the layout so I guess for me doesn't matter if the writing is between pictures or not..I will still read and watch your blog no matter what because it's your style that attracts me:X...Finally I have to say that I'm crazy about your polka-dots dress..I want to buy a polka-dots dress or at least a skirt:X..wonderful indeed..have a wonderful weekend Kate!
    xoxo sere

  14. I'm glad you love breakfast! It's the most important meal of the day.....or so they say. haha. I too was in girl scouts but I hated it. You look so cute! I really like how the layering of the skirt and dress look together ^.^

  15. the new look is beautiful! i like the one chunk, though i tend to break mine up just by habit as well sometimes. that breakfast looks yuuuuummmy! i need to have mike make us a big breakfast one day! (i've never had eggs benedict either!) xo

  16. I'm a huge breakfast lover so I'm happy you've been converted. Those eggs benedict look especially lovely.

  17. Cute outfit ;)
    I practically live from breakfast foods. Cereal dinner is my fav :D

    I don't have a preference re the big chunks vs writing between pics. I break mine up because I sneakily think that picture browsers might read the odd sentence and get sucked in when they'd just TL/DR a big chunk of wordage. No idea if that really works though :D

  18. Darn, that was meant to be <swoon> Cute outfit </swoon> (better have that code right, otherwise I am not trying a third time..

  19. urmm, breakfast food is my favorite, though I don't like being awake at breakfast time ;)


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