October 22, 2010

Childs Play

I still remember my favorite dress from when I was a little girl. My family took a vacation to Mexico - and we were walking along the streets looking into the shops, and we passed this boutique that had the most gorgeous dresses hanging in the window. I fell absolutely head over heels in love with a little blue one, with a peterpan collar and little dogs all over it. It had a red ribbon that wrapped around the waist to cinch it, and I was hooked. I remember going into the store and begging my parents to let me have it, and even though it was some ridiculous price, they gave in - and I wore that dress day in and out. Sometimes I wonder if a little girl picked it up from a thrift store that my Mom most likely took it to, or where in the world that dress ever got to. I went to the local thrift store this week, and saw this floral dress and it reminded me of how much I used to love my little doggy dress - and how this dress that I picked up was probably another girls all time favorite dress. It barely fits me, but I love the collar and loved it too much to care if it fit or not, so I just made it fit! What was your favorite childhood fashion peice?



I have something to tell all of you North Americans! I went into the grocery store yesterday and took a look at the (very small) section of halloween candy, and noticed a big pile of pumpkins right next to it. I got SO excited..until I saw the price of the pumpkins! $20.00 my friends..for a pumpkin. Oh, Canada, I need you now more than ever. I must say that jealousy is setting in as I read all of your blogs and hear about pumpkin carvings, see autumn colors and leaves, and how you are stocking up on all of your candy. I am tempted to spend a ridiculous 20 dollars on a pumpkin just so I can join in on the fun! Who wants to ship me over a pumpkin? ;)


I spend a uncanny amount of time browsing on online stores, especially Asos!! (help me!) so Im going to head off to do some more peaking and adding things to my lifelong wishlist! I hope that you are all having an incredible weekend, big hugs! x

dress:thrifted/shoes:Urban Outfitters/tights: c/o we love colors




  1. I remember having a super long dress with a similar pattern to the dress you're wearing but in pink that would go down below my ankles. I would wear it all the time to any function.

  2. hey Kate:X this kind of dress I'M BUYING(no matter what) in 2 weeks:X>..love this model:X I've wanted a dress like yours since forever:X...very nice the pictures:X Have a good day Kate!!

    xoxo sere


    #2 $20 pumpkin = I don't believe it.

    #3 My favorite childhood piece was a dress covered in dogs too!! haha It was a red dress with scotties all over it.

    #4 I just got in bed after a long but wonderful Friday and read your sweet comment. It was the cherry on top of my 'beautiful day' sundae. (:

  4. aww how cute! loved this post, it totally made me remember this little red and black wool sweater i would always wear when i was little. it was my favorite and never wanted to let it go even when it started getting holes in it. sadly mom must have donated it..not sure.

  5. Perhaps they are just making it too easy to buy the candies and chocs instead? =)

    I just found your blog and I love it!


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  6. I absolutely love this post! You look so cute in that dress. :) I used to have a yellow dress with dogs on it as well (it must be a common theme in young girl dresses :P) and I just loved it to death! My mom had to throw it away though because I stained it with ketchup. :( I wish it could have been donated or thrifted though!

    menina elegante

  7. Love the Peter Pan collar on this dress, and your socks are so cute x

  8. LOL. We have the same thing with pumpkins here. There are like 5 on a stand in our Coles and there's a sign that says "Carve you own pumpkin". No one it Tom Price carves pumpkins or celebrates Halloween. I didn't even bother looking at the price - sometimes we pay $5 for a lettuce here.

    Gorgeous dress! If you ever feel the need to take this one to a thrift store, please consider me first ;) I'm sure your doggy dress ended up in the hands of a gorgeous little girl, just like you! But littler. Duh. :p

  9. this pictures are soo soo soo cool!! love the colors you gave to them!

  10. This dress is perfection on you, Kate! And I love the little story behind it :) You're adorable.

    That is pretty tragic about the pumpkins. I'm getting pretty jealous of all the US bloggers and their halloween festivities too!! :/


  11. Gorgeous dress! I remember a blue gingham dress that I wore to one of my birthday parties as being my favourite as a kid and now I have a million favourite dresses cause it's too hard to decide.

  12. Sweet dress, nothing beats a good old peter pan collar ;)

    Me and my family used to go to the beach every summer when I was little, and every time my mother would buy me an adorable pair of red glittery jelly shoes to wear along the beach. They're the coolest most comfortable shoes I've ever had! I miss those family summers, and my feet being small enough to wear those awesome jelly shoes, tehe.

    Lovely blog hun!

  13. I like your story about the little blue dress!
    Do you have any old photos of it?

  14. This is darling. I've fallen in love with this outfit.


  15. This dress is too cute! I'm so jealous of everyone that finds amazing things thrifting. The thrift stores around me are not too great!

    Those sunglasses are so cute and go so perfectly with the dress. One thing that sticks out from my childhood is I always tried to dress like Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All. Yeah, tights, shorts and boots. Who would have thought that would be in style again? :)

  16. I love this dress, Kate! You look so pretty!
    Geez, 20 dollars for a pumpkin??? It better be a HUGE one. The cheapest I've seen here is like 2 dollars. Wish I can send one over to you.

    Have a nice weekend lady. xo

  17. Such a sweet dress. Love it.
    I have a red skirt that barely fits but the pattern makes me happy so there! :D

    My kindergarten favourite was a blue jeans dress - round collar, armless with a big pocket on the front. Just felt right. :)

  18. You look so cute! I have several dresses from when I was a kid that I'd love to still have (in my size, of course). Especially the dress I wore to my preschool graduation. It was kelly green with white polka dots and puffed sleeves with ricrac around the hems. SO CUTE.

    Too bad about the pumpkins...maybe you can find some lovely fallish gourds somewhere for a more reasonable price?

    xoxo, Ashley

  19. so CUTE!!! I love this outfit Kate!!! that is crazy that a pumpkin costs that much there! you know I would send you one, but I don't know if you can ship such things? haha ^.~

  20. twenty dollars for a PUMPKIN?! that's just sinful!

  21. cute cute! I love the glasses, too.
    I can't remember my favorite childhood outfit, but I loved wearing my mom's shoes! I think my second word was shoes. or ball.

  22. Gorgeous dress! What a sweet story :) I had a pair of jeans with some sewn on patches that I just loved to death. They somehow got lost when we moved across town when I was in 5th grade. I like to think that one of the movers stole them to give to his own daughter...ha!

    Sorry about the pumpkin! I wish I could send you one...they are all over the place here.

  23. I'm half sad that your missing out on the fall colours! Only half because its going to be freezing here soon and you'll be in wonderful weather and I will be jealous! ;)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  24. This dress is too adorable! I love how girlie it is and very nostalgic of little girl dresses. I loved everything I wore as a kid. My mom dressed me well, so I can't pick one. I would totally wear those clothes again if they were in my current size! Seriously. I adore this so much!

  25. I can't believe pumpkins are so much! Try a farmers market.

    The dress looks lovely on you!

  26. peter pan collar :)
    love love love, why are you so cute?!

  27. $20 for a pumpkin?! oh my goodness, that's ridiculous! i wish teleporting existed... i would teleport a giant $5 pumpkin to you right now! ;)

    you look so darling. i still remember my favourite childhood dress, too! i called it my "twirl" dress because it was perfect for dancing and twirling. i have never found a dress that has twirled as perfectly as that one, to this day! ;)

  28. Woah! Pumpkins are definitely not 20 dollars where I am in the midwest-that would be crazy!!!
    I love your sunnies-you are too cute!

  29. My favorite piece of clothing when I was younger was also a dress. It was light blue with little bows all over the top, capped sleeves, and a skirt that poofed out. I was in love with that dress and felt fabulous in it every time I wore it, even though I was only five years old. haha. I have no idea what my mom did with it, but thankfully I wore it in one of our family photos.

  30. That dress is the cutest! Loving the collar. I had so many favourite dresses as a kid. One in particular, a sailor inspired stripey dress, I wore to death. Sometimes I wish I had adult versions of all these awesome outfits I used to wear, haha.

  31. Oh my goodness, I adore that dress! It looks so good on you and I just love the colour. Nice find miss!

  32. such a cute dress you found ! love the story about your beloved dress, all i remember wearing were awesome patterned tights in the early 90's hehe :)

    jess x

  33. Adorable dress! And I have those shoes. I love reading your blog... it's so cool that you live in Australia. I was born there but grew up in the USA. I miss it!

  34. i wish australia was more into halloween - we have "halloween pumpkins" for sale in the supermarkets but that is basically it. We fail! I want to be in America or Canada for Halloween and go trick or treating!

    I really like this dress you're wearing, so cute :)

  35. That dress is so cute! I didn't have very awesome clothes when I was little, mostly disney princess shirts haha :P

    $20?! Holy moly D:

  36. I remember this ugly Angelica sweater (from the kid show Rugrats) that I ADORED and wore all the time. Ughh.

    Love your dress!

  37. Dear Kate, that dress is darling you look such a doll :) It's amazing to treasure those things that reminds us of our childhood, I love to look at old pictures and remember...and most of that pictures I'm dressed with the same little pink dress and purse with a doll. My mom used to have to hide it or I would cry and beg her to wear the same dress and purse everyday ahah!
    <3, Jo

  38. i live in brisbane, and you can have our pumpkins from the back yard, but only in winter xD They would have to come from pretty far away since they're not in season... hence the price tag! maybe we should have our own winter pumkin carving day, at the right time of year.. it sounds fun!

  39. well hiya kate, (: you're looking precious as usual. i love that little sundress, the weather is getting too cold to wear them anymore here, unless i dawn some wool tights with them. haha
    i miss you!

    love, sarah
    bad penny.


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