September 10, 2010

Frankie Diary

After a week and a half of no blogging action, im back in action and kicking it off with some exciting news. Most of you know how much I love writing. I have a collection too big for me to know what to do with of journals, sticky notes, moleskines - you name it. One thing that I always find super hard to find though is a calendar diary - then my eyes were opened to the most magical diary ever. The lovely girls over at Frankie Magazine sent me over some special things to share with you about it!


Have you ever heard of Frankie before? They are a bi-monthly magazine based here in Australia specializing in all things wonderful. Inside their delectable and dreamy covers, they have pages filled with fashion, art, cupcake and dessert recipes, and witty stories of real life people. It is by far my favorite magazine and I promise you will love it just as much!


Take a peak at the new 2011 daily journal and head over to to pre-order a copy and check out their stuff!

This is a quick post but I promise I'll do an outfit post tomorrow! I have missed the blogging world - even after a week! Hope you're are well buttercups. x

PS : I changed my layout, do you digg it!? :)


  1. the layout is really cute, as is the journal! I love my planner and journal so much; writing things down is so necessary for me. I even get a little excited when I see a fresh pad of lined yellow paper.

  2. Missed you cutie pie!
    When I read "do you digg it?" I broke out in a smile. My absolute favoritest high school teacher/mentor used to say that all the time. Mr. Stephens.. best teacher, best mentor, great person. Oh, to be young again. Ha. :)

    Anyhow, hope you're having a great weekend so far.

    And I really do like the new layout!

  3. awesome both the layout and(specially) the diary:X....can't wait for the outfit really inspire me so much:X...xoxo sere

  4. Oh my goodness, you have no idea how much I adore Frankie. I have bought every issue since Jan 2008! I'm so excited for you.

    Ok, I think I need that diary! I'm rather OCD and need to know what I'm doing each day and make so many lists - this diary would keep me sane AND happy because of its cuteness.

    Can't wait to see your next outfit post!


  5. your new layout is rather sweet indeed! i highly enjoyed this issue of Frankie!!

    my CRYSTALISED GIVEAWAY is now open, if you happen to like raw crystals and unique charm bracelets, i think you may just it this one!

    come enter,

    x Your Only Blackswan

    ps. your and your bf are so cute below.

  6. I bought Frankie once and it was lovely. That diary is lovely too!!

  7. That looks like such a cute calendar diary, I've been looking for one myself, my etsy basket is currently full of ones that I'm not quite sure about. I like the sound of this magazine already, I'm definitely heading over to check it out now.

  8. I have never heard of Frankie but I think I have fallen in love! I always want to get a calendar diary but can never seem to find one that is just right, you know? And I def. need since I tend to forget things often haha.
    I've missed your lovely posts! :)

  9. i love the new layout..the header is adorable.
    that diary is AMAZING...checking out Frankie right now.

  10. wow these are SO cute! I love what you are wearing too :)

  11. How cute! That is such an adorable little journal and...glad you're back! Don't stay gone long!

  12. I was quite excited at the news of a Frankie Diary too! Can't wait to get my hands on one. Loving the new layout.

  13. That is such a cute diary.
    I use an online calendar to keep track of my appointments and to-do lists, but this diary is so sweet that I just may need to change my ways...

  14. I bought the new frankie diary and got it Friday. Not sure if I like it though :/ I imagined it differently so am a little sad about it not living up to my expectations.

  15. i love frankie <3
    great post bt


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