September 12, 2010

Dreaming of Central Park

Have you ever had weeks where you just lose all motivation? I had one of those this past week. I took blog photos, I deleted them, I wrote blog posts, I did a lot of backspacing, I came to my computer in hopes on inspiration, and got off 10 minutes later. I just wasnt feeling it. Can anyone else relate? Luckily I am back in the groove and excited for a new week. Its always fun to leave the last week behind and focus on something new. Fresh starts..they are always good. Did you lovelies have a good weekend? I sure hope so!



When I was taking these photos..I tried to pretend like I was in central park (trust me, living in tropical Queensland Australia this wasnt the easiest of tasks) but I did it anyway. I am overly jealous of all of you bloggers that have been so lucky to be in New York for the Fashion Week this past week. Ah...I would of loved to have gone, next year I hope! Fingers crossed :)



This week is going to be a busy one, but I am excited to do post's because I have some new items to show you! Hint : Wedge, Floral, Big Bad Wolf!



Hope you have an incredible week. Hugs from down under! x

Clogs:Jimi loves Mimi/Thigh Highs:We Love Colors/Dress:Allyx/Hat:Sports Girl


  1. Your outfit is gorgeous - every part of it! Beautiful photos:)

  2. Love your outfit, especially the clogs x

  3. The photos are really really cute!!

  4. I love the new layout!

    The boater hat is sooo cute on you. And I'm looking forward to London Fashion Week next week!


  5. i know how that felt like ,i lost motivation whenever i realize that some bloggers just drop by leave a comment , saying great stuff about my blog which i believe is true ( so naive )

    then POOF they disappeared despite having their names in the follower list

    Sometimes i cant be sure who is really there to read and who is there just to gain more followers but never really bother to read the actual post


    by the way i love the dress and hat you're wearing and i don't think i'll ever have the chance to attend NYC Fashion Week unless money starts to fall from the sky lol

    Have a Good Sunday

    with Love


  6. well 1st where ever you are it is beautiful. it could pass for central park in my books.
    & 2nd i love your blog and i love following your are always very inspiring. <3

  7. I really love love love your knee high socks and hat :) cuteeee!

    I am dying to go to NYFW too next year! I'm hoping I get to go!! Maybe we'll see each other there:)

    Oh and I totally have blog funks...I'm getting myself out of one currently, in fact.

  8. cute cute cute, love the socks and shoes!
    I'm jealous of all the bloggers in NYC, and have been fighting boredom, too! I just learned to thread crochet though, so I've been making tons of stuff :)

    Happy Week!

  9. These photos are so gorgeous, as are you! I love your socks and that hat is too cute.

    I know exactly how you feel, girly. I've been feeling down all week because I've been slaving away at work and uni, thinking about everything happening in New York! Agh. One day though :)


  10. First, I love your new layout. It is so cute!
    Second, I love these pictures and the outfit.

  11. What a cute new layout!! I adore it! And I'm so glad you are feeling better, I hate getting in ruts where nothing seems to turn out right (photos & blog posts included!) Your photos are so pretty, you look gorgeous. I love your hat :) and look at you, totally ROCKING those clogs! Ah they are perfect on you, so glad you got them. I can't wait to see your new items! & I hope you have a fabulous week ahead of you :)

  12. oh, i love everything about this outfit! and i would have loved to have been in central park too :( shame we weren't there, eh? but there'll be an opportunity in the future, i'm sure (:

  13. i really like your dress so sweet haha lovely outfit. I almost got to go but life like always got in the way. but i'm thinking about going in winter 2011 February but i hope to meet you! oh i miss your sweet comments hahaha

  14. I love your knee highs with this dress. And your photo colouring is gorgeous! I have been daring to wear some knee highs for awhile too now....guess I should try it out since it looks so super on you :)

  15. Eeeh, I was feeling very uninspired for the longest time and then July came and now I'm nonstop with ideas and things to write about! Enjoying it while it lasts (and about to put it to good use on my college entrance essays..yikes!). Don't chya worry, you'll get out of the rut soon! (:

    Also, I've had several epiphanies while reading this blog post:

    I need over the knee socks.
    I need clogs.
    I need to move to Australia.

    And I wish I were as lovely as you, Kate Maggie! (:


  16. I love your dress, you look so serene in the park.

  17. I love your blog! I am so in love with a lot of you amazing bloggers :) *sigh* :)

  18. Thanks for checking out my blog - I've just looked through 3 pages of posts and I looove your blog! your pictures are amazing and so is your style! It's also cool how I'm Aussie living in Canada and you're Canadian living in Australia! go us! ;) I want to follow but it says 'error'. I'll try again tomorrow!

  19. You're rocking the knee-highs! I love this look to death. You look so pretty in that dress. Yay.

  20. I can definetely relate! But this photos are amazing, so looks like your inspiration is back!:-)

  21. i have lazy times all the time. when nothing is inspiring and my whole life seems dull and worthless. but as you said you get through it. i love your clogs! and yes maybe us antipodeans should all get together and go to NYFW next year!

  22. Dear, your pics are lovely ! Are you on HYPEED ? I'd love to publish your pics in our fashion magazine !
    Check our open themes here :

    Hope you'll join us :)


  23. So gorgeous. I love these photos. Your shoes are amazing. :)

  24. aw this is so pretty! love the hue in these photos :D

    {no, it's not about birds}

  25. Oh my goodness! This whole look is just perfect. Absolutely perfect :)

  26. You look gorgeous! And those clogs are so great. I've really missed reading your blog!

  27. Love everything about this outfit! x Sushi

  28. girl you look so presh with the boater! i wish my head wasn't so oddly shaped and huge! i love love it!


  29. aaaahh! i love ur dresss dearr :)) sweet !


  30. I so wish I was in New Your too. It's sooo beautiful there.


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