August 1, 2010


I have been MIA these past two weeks, but for good reason, I promise. Two of my favorite people ever have arrived on Australian soil for the first time - my parents! I finished up the ship tour a week ago, packed my bags and was ready for a much needed holiday. They got to meet Nathan (He passed with flying colors, they loved him - I knew they would!), see what I do here and where I live, and meet some of my friends. The past few days we have just been travelling the three of us. We rented a car from Cairns to Sydney, and if any of you know Australian geography at all, thats a bit of road to cover..we have a long way to go until we reach Sydney, but we are having so much fun along the way. The past few days we have been hitting up hidden beach towns. We were lucky enough to experience the Great Barrier Reef. I have never seen anything like it! My Dad and I went snorkelling and it was just amazing. Everyone, you need to do it - sometime in your life! Its unreal.



Yesterday we arrived in my little slice of heaven, the city of Noosa. This place is just absolutely beautiful. We rented a beach house right across the street from the Beach, and right next door to a smoothie shop! Could we get any luckier? The streets are covered with amazing boutiques with everything you would ever want. I have already made a wish list, I need to be careful, I could spend all of my coins here! I secretly wish I could bring all of you to Australia to experience shopping here. So much fun! Today I pulled a classic Kate - got up, perused the streets for a bit, layed on the beach for an hour then came home and vegged on the couch the rest of the day. I am allowed, right? Its vacation, baby!




I was so flattered to be asked by Amanda of The Upside of Wonder to be her blogger of the month - what a privledge. Head over to her blog to check out my interview! Thanks so much Amanda.

After all of my travelling and non stop driving, I am excited to be sitting infront of a computer and able to relax for a few days. So I will be catching up on blogs and hopefully doing some posts on a regular basis. Forgive me if I fall off the face of the planet again..but I will try to not let that happen. Until next time, hope you're all having a fabulous week. From Noosa with love. x


dress : valley girl


  1. Gorgeous dress!
    You completely deserve that holiday, beautiful girl!
    I am so jealous - I love Australia. Next time we go my boyfriend and I are going to go further than Sydney, even though I love it there. Noosa sounds amazing!


  2. Thanks so much Eleanor. You're a peach! Yes, you need to come. Go to Noosa, I promise you and your boyfriend will NOT be dissapointed! <3

  3. You're welcome! I'll tell him that :)

    And in response to your comment: oh, please do. Seriously, come to New Zealand! Haha. That would be too fun.


  4. i wanna go to nz and australia! i've missed your posts and think the dress is so pretty (:

  5. Wow, so jealous of your little trip but happy that you're having fun with your parents! Must be great to see them and show them your world. I love that dress too, I really must get back to Australia, I have family in Brisbane but have only been once.

  6. Noosa is the bomb-diggety :) I'm a very lucky girl - I live about 20 minutes away!! The whole Sunshine Coast is beautiful... I don't think I will ever leave here for very long!

  7. oh I love Noosa, but haven't been for several years! I could so go with a Qld beach holiday right about now :/

  8. thats a very pretty lace dress

    Valley Girl is from Australia right? i never really been to the shop but i had a friend who studied there bought me few dresses from Valley Girl

    =) i like your blog alot

    i am following :)

    will be back for more

    with love


  9. Hi Jasmine! Yes, Valley Girl is in Australia :) Thanks so much for the comment. x

  10. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog! Don't be daft (I love that word :P) you won't look at all silly in those boots, I'm actually kind of excited that you are getting them heehee. They are super comfy as well!

  11. Kate I'm so sad I'm not there to finally meet them. I bet you are so excited. It looks so awesome and you deserved the vacation.

    I really like that dress and miss you.

  12. I have always wanted to visit Australia, and hopefully I will get to before I die. I will make it happen. I love the dress!
    Thanks for the sweet comment.

  13. your dress is amazing! and the pictures are so lovely! one of my lifelong dreams is to visit Australia!! Hope it will happen for me one day soon!


  14. i would like to visit australia as well...
    adobrable laced dress -so girlish and romantic!

  15. yaaay i'm glad you're back- i sooo miss reading your blog. :) Glad you're having a great time with your parents. Sounds amazing!

  16. aww, so glad to see you back, cute kate maggie!
    it looks like such a fun time you've been having!
    and...I'm definitely heading to check out your interview right now!


  17. Oh my gosh, what an amazing trip it looks like you guys are having. I'm so jealous that you live in Australia in general, bc my god, it looks so fun. That picture of you and your father is absolutely heartwarming -- you both look so happy! And how lovely that they loved you dreamboat. But we all knew they would :)

    Congrats on the blogger of the month feature, you deserve it!


  18. So I adore the dress! I'm in love with all things lace right now! It sounds like you are having a BLAST with your parents. Snorkeling? Oh my gosh, sounds so fun, especially at the Great Barrier Reef!

    Eep, glad Nathan passed "the test". Hopefully he wasn't too nervous to meet the parents!

  19. I love your lace dress.

    Gorgeous blog, following you ;)

  20. I love your dress. Lace+white+dress= summer love.
    that's amazing that your parents are finally experiencing Australia. It sounds amazing!
    I have been snorkling in Hawaii and it was astounding. Unfortunately I also got the worst sun burn of my life that day. I guess SPF 15 just doesn't cut it for hours in the water under a tropical sun.

    I love the last picture. Super cute!
    Christy of Dress Rehearsal

  21. Oh lady you are so beautiful. I adore you in that pretty lacy dress! Sounds like your having a wonderful time, it's so nice you get to see your parents and spend time with them! I hope you enjoy it lots and lots. <33

  22. Your trip sounds like so much fun! You look beautiful with that lace dress and you also look like your daddy a little bit =). Glad to finally see you spend some time with your parents. Enjoy!


  23. I love these photos! And I totally agree that homecooked meals are the best best best!

  24. Aww, I love that image of you and your dad!! So cute! I'm so glad you're enjoying your time with them!!

  25. Great photos as always! And I'm so excited to be a new follower! :)

    Erin :)

  26. The lace on your dress is delicate and cute!


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