August 28, 2010

Blogger Of the Month - Jen Hammer

I would like to introduce you to this months blogger of the month - the stunning Jennifer Hammer. There is a funny story between this girl and I. Do you remember when myspace was really cool? Yeah. Way back then. Well, Jennifer had an account, that somehow my friend found her - and showed me her pictures. Everyone would always tell me "You look like her!" and people would randomly send me her photographs and say "its your twin!" - I didnt think Jen and I looked very much alike, but shes absolutely gorgeous so I took it as a compliment. Last year, I found out that a friend of mine from Australia has a younger brother who actually married Jen! What a small world! Needless to say, after years of seeing her pictures and being told that we look alike, Jen and I finally became internet friends, and hopefully someday in real life too. This california babe has alot more to her than amazing hair and high socks.Have fun looking through her amazing photo's and reading her interview, and noticing that she rocks converses like no other! x


Tell us a bit about yourself, Jen : I'm quiet but friendly, rather short (so small in fact, that most people refer to me as "little jen"), and I enjoy riding my bike and longboard around, hanging out with my husband Jimmy, writing, and sitting down with a good book.


What is the first item on your fashion "wish list" for this year?
This is probably boring but, cardigans! I have a few but realized that I want more in different colors, especially with the cooler weather that will be coming soon. And at the moment I'm curious about "jeggings". A girl that I work with was wearing them and they looked so cute on her!

What would you say are some of your biggest fashion influences? Street style blogs, movie characters, and my friends.


You're married to quite the peach, tell us a bit about Jimmy:
He IS quite the peach! He's probably one of the kindest people I know, and he has an enormous heart. Like me, he's a little on the reserved side. We have quite a bit in common and bring out the best in each other. He's quirky, random, silly and a huge nerd that loves to be on his computer, hah. I firmly believe that I've met my perfect match. I'm crazy about him!


When did you first become interested in fashion?
Probably some time during high school. Of course I didn't actually dress well in high school, but thats when I actually started caring about the clothes I wore.


What is one item that you will always splurge on? Shoes. Definitely shoes!

What is your go-to outfit?
Some type of denim/floral cut off shorts, tights (if the weather permits), my high top chucks or lace up black ankle boots, and a plain tee, or striped tee with a cardigan.


What do you like the most about blogging? The freedom to post whatever I want and design it however I want. It's like a canvas!

What are some of your favorite blogs to read?
Ashley's, Mari's, Ivy's, and Annabel. Not only do they have amazing fashion sense, they're all so sweet!


What is one fashion peice that you have been dying to wear but are too scared to take the plunge?
Crop-tops. I have a love-hate relationship with them.

What is the best thing about living in California?
The beautiful weather, great food and awesome amusement parks!


Is In-N-Out really as good as everyone says that it is? YES. And that's saying a lot for me because I don't even like burgers that much.

If you were to live in one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? This would probably be the same as my go-to outfit answer, except maybe instead switch shorts for skinny jeans and flats. I'm boring.


If your life was a movie, what actress would you want to play you? Emma Watson or Rachel Bilson.


You have the most gorgeous skin and hair, tell us about your daily routine for getting ready: I don't do much to my hair or put many products in it, really. I shower at night and let it air dry, then straighten and/or curl some parts to get the kinks out when I wake up. For my skin, I don't use face wash or anything special, (although I do take my makeup off with wipes before i go to sleep!) for makeup, I use mineral powder for my skin, blush (either liquid or powder) and some mascara.

What life motto do you live by?
Do to others as you would have them do to you. -Luke 6:31


Make sure to check out Jens blog


  1. She has such a cute style, and I can kind of see a little bit of similarities between you. Thanks for sharing that story about your connections with her -- it truly is such a small world!

  2. Nice interview! I gotta check her blog right now. Thank you for posting

  3. Eek! A lovely girl & blog I hadn't visited yet! Thanks for sharing :)

    P.S. She does resemble you in some photos ;)

  4. She is absolutely lovely! I can't wait to see her blog. :)

  5. yay! i fell in love with her! thanks for an awesome post of Blogger of the Month! now I have a new blog to read <

  6. I've loved her for a couple years now! crazy how much of a small world it is!

  7. She's adorable! And amaaazing style; thanks for alerting me to the existence of Jen!

  8. ummm this 'little' jen is one big sweetie xXx

  9. Aw, she is adorable in photos, and I like her in the interview. Definitely checking out the blog. Thanks so much for the feature, Kate. These are always so fun!

  10. She seems like such a fantastic girl, with a fab sense of style. I must check out her blog!

    And you guys do look alike!


  11. she's such a sweetie! thanks for introducing her to us :)

  12. Ohh! Thank you for featuring her! I stumbled across her blog a while ago & didn't save it & forgot about it till now! She is so lovely!

  13. Love this feature. She is absolutely beautiful!

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  15. I absolutely adore this beautiful lady! I remember Jen from the good ol' days of LiveJournal, and I've been missing her posts like no other. I'm delighted to see that she has also made the switch over to Blogger. Needless to say, I will be following her.


  16. you're awesome, kate. one day you, me, jimmy, and nathan will hang out and we will go to disneyland and have an in-n-out burger!

  17. really enjoyed this interview! jen is a gorgeous gil & i love the snippets of her style you've shown us here...what a beautiful green coat! i'll be dropping by her blog very soon :)

  18. She seems so sweet!! I love her clothes!

  19. She DOES look like you! and that's so great you guys have a connection :)

    She seems so sweet and I loved learning more about her.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  20. LOVE her. She has such great style, and seems so natural.

  21. Great interview! She's so cute and seems really sweet. And her style is amazing. :)


  22. Lovely outfit posts, and great interview. :)
    I agree, her blog is beautiful. <333

  23. jen is the cuuuuutttest! lovely interview!

  24. i seriously think there's someone out there in the world who looks just like us but not related! jen is lovely, i love her vintage style! thank you for sharing, will be checking out her blog!

    My CRYSTALISED GIVEAWAY is now open!! come have a look, i think you may just like it indeed!

    x Your Only Blackswan


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