June 5, 2010

Polka Chip Mint

Ahoy! Ah, what a week. We are in Brisbane at the moment. I absolutely love this city. I went downtown last night with a few friends and just fell in love. I say this with no exaggeration. Brisbane is so beautiful! Especially at night. We saw the Ferris Wheel - which is what I was most excited about...I also did a lot of people watching and checking out shoes. Its a city of great shoes! Wish you all could be here.




I got so excited this week, because Nathans Dad delivered my package of tights from We Love Colors to the ship! It was like Christmas - as soon as I opened the parcel I fell in love. In these pictures I am wearing the mint green microfibre opaque tights. What I love the most about We Love Colors - is that they seriously love colors. I am a fan of color, and a lot of it...so the fact that they have over 50 colors of tights to choose from gets me a little bit excited! Mint green is one of my favorite colors too - so these may be my new favorite tights. You know what else I digg about them? They are the comfiest tights I have ever owned - seriously. When I put these tights on I just wanted to dance around because they are seriously SO comfy! I want to get these ones in every color. I have some more lovely tights to show you from We Love Colors aswell, so stay tuned. And remember all you Australians : Free Shipping on all orders over $30.00 started June 1st and will go till the end of August! So hop over to the website and pick out a few pairs..I promise you, you will not be dissapointed!

We leave tonight on yet another sail. This will be a two day sail, which makes me a little bit nervous, but I am excited none the less because this has been such a cool adventure. Sometimes I wake up and im like "Im actually living on a ship right now! Wow!" Its so so cool. I made a dear friend since being here, his name is Win. He is 70 years old and one of the coolest guys ever, but he left this past week, so I was a bit sad! "bit" is an understatement, I was very sad. Whats with old people being so cool? I love them!

Im sorry that I havent been able to post basically at all the past week. Im sure you all understand that its not the easiest thing...but I do hope that you are all having an amazing weekend - wish me luck as I keep sailing the ocean! Hugs and kisses. x




  1. i'm obsessed with we love colors - their tights are perfect! they are SO comfy, and don't you love how durable they are? sometimes i get so scared i'm going to get a run in my other tights, but these tights are so... strong? haha, i don't know, but i absolutely love them! i love the mint ones with your polka dot dress, so pretty! :)

  2. you seriously rule, blogging and looking adorable on a long ship adventure! Those tights are great, and I love the dress as well! I hope you've had a great weekend!

  3. The navy polka dots look great with those tights!! I'm so jealous you're living on a boat and get to just gypsy around. I hope I can do something as adventurous as that one day.


  4. I love your style and your photos are awesome cause they have such a vintage-y feel.
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  5. I verily agree with Out of Order, blogging from the seas is very awesome! Sorta like Sinbad and his many adventures, if he had a computer and decided to blog about it.

    I love We Love Colors, too! And mint green + polka dots is like a match made in heaven. :)

    Toast with Charmalade

  6. The photos are really pretty! The tights are amazing too :D
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend sailing!

  7. really cute tight, i love! u r pretty-


  8. Oh you look so beautiful! Mint green is one my absolute favorites too, along with mustard yellow. So glad you mentioned this company - it's so hard to find so many colors of tights at regular stores.

  9. Oh the polka dots are adorable!


  10. such a daring tights color, but you really look stylish in them! super cute outfit all around- dots are so great!

  11. wow! i think your dress is amazing..also because i super love polka. :D

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

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  13. You look so adorable! I love the polka dots!

    Enjoy your adventure. It looks amazing :)


  14. Doooood mint green opaque tights??? Sweeet! They're so fun! How do you send a parcel to a ship? I have no idea, but that's awesome! I'm glad you're having so much fun, I hope one day I can go on a cruise and travel! Hun, you have a great layout yourself, but if you ever need help, I'll try to see what I can do :) Have a great week!

  15. I've just discovered your blog and I'm impressed!
    You have new follower;D
    kisses from Poland:)

  16. Love your blog!

    Great outfit! =D

    Following you! ^^

    www.metamorphosesss.blogspot.com =D

  17. oh, oh, oh! you are utterly and completely amazing! i am sorry about your friend and i hope you got his address. perhaps you could become penpals? i know what you mean about old people. they are so easy to fall in love with.

  18. I love those tights on you! Glad you're having an amazing time... sorry to hear you've already had a friend leave. A cool 70 year old? Does have have facebook to keep in touch? :D

    Totally understand that you can't post all the time. Don't even worry about it. Take care lovely lady xoxo

  19. Thanks for visiting my blog! It was exciting :D I love coloured tights a lot so it's amazing to hear that there's free shipping!

    Your dress is so lovely (I love spots <3) and the backdrop is just perfect!

  20. You look amazing!!! I want your polka dot dress, it's perfect.

    Oh, I love that color chart of tights...all the possibilities.

    Lulu Letty

    P.S. Thank you so much for always leaving me such incredibly sweet comments. They mean so much!

  21. your dress is ADORABLE. i'm a fan of polka dots and i love how you matched the dress with mint tights.

    i have several tights from we love colors and i must say: they are the most comfy tights i've ever worn.


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