May 9, 2010

Home Body

Despite my complete adoration for the infamous brick wall you see in all of my photos, I decided to change it up today - and take some pictures inside of my lovely abode. I love my home. I am so very grateful that I have a roof over my head. These things are so easy to take for granted. This weekend was a sad weekend for me. My beautiful room-mate and I said goodbye, as I helped her put her bags in the car trunk at 4 AM...she is heading back to Canada to get married. These things are always so hard for me. I hate goodbyes. I never thought that I could cry at 4 in the morning...I looked like I was dead to the world, but you know the feeling when your cheeks get hot and you know its coming? I hated it - and to make matters worse all my house mates were gone so I have been home alone all weekend. I listened to happy music till 5 in the morning while trying to fall back to sleep. Oh heather, I miss you!


On happier notes, today is Mothers day in North America! I havent been home for Mothers day for the past 3 years, but today I took some time to reflect on just what I love most about my mom. I imagine a lot of you did the same thing today. Its so hard being so far away from my parents. I will admit that I am a bit of a baby when it comes to being so far away from them, I call my parents every day...and if I miss a day, I will always email. Silly, I know. Today I am thankful for my moms love, strength, and outstretched arm to help me with everything I have ever wanted to do. She has always been someone who has told me I can anything if I put my mind to it. She has never doubted me. I love you mommy!


Tonight I am making my boyfriends parents salmon for dinner. A bit of a Kate Morrison specialty! I have fell in love with cooking recently...all I ever want to do is sit and read cook books. They are enchanting to me!


How has your guy's Mothers Day/weekend been? hope you're well.




  1. Cute florals :)
    And that's not silly at all! I love my parents so much I wouldn't ever hesitate to email or call if I ever felt like I missed them.

  2. aww saying goddbye is the worst i had to say goodbye to my housemate of 5 years last year and it was so devistating!!! love your skirt its adorable!!

  3. aw I'm sorry you had a parting this weekend. It's lovely how you took the moments to honor your mother, and I bet your bf's parents are going to love the salmon!

    You look so cute, I have a striped top and similar white skirt I might have to copy you! I love the photos of your room, too :]

    Happy Monday!

  4. I'm sorry you had to say goodbye to your roommate :( But congratulations to her getting married. Sometimes we have to say goodbye to people, but you'll see her soon! My best friends all study in England and I'm here in San Francisco, but when we see each other 3 times a year, it's like we haven't spent any time apart! Thanks for your concern and friendship, you're so kind and lovely! Hope you had a good weekend, my dear! xoxo

  5. Aw, what a sweet post. It's so hard to let people go, I know. But you are so warm and open, I'm sure you're always making new friends! And you'll be going on your own voyage soon, right?

    I love cooking too! It's incredibly relaxing!

    And thank you so much for your sweet words about my post! It makes me smile, because I'm far too old to be a model! And probably much too shy. I just like modeling for Kenny! But anyway, your words really brightened my day, Kate!


  6. you are so beautiful! i love that skirt.
    and i looove that top picture

  7. i hate goodbyes. that was one of the worst things about college, saying goodbye for the summer, and especially saying goodbye at graduation, knowing that i might not see some of these people for years... aahhh, it's so heartbreaking. i got all teary eyed just thinking about it. i'm so sorry you had to say goodbye to someone special, dear! but know you are always in her heart.

    on a happier note - i l-o-v-e stripes mixed with florals, such a fantastic combo, you look darling. :)


  8. no, it's never silly to love and miss your parents..i adore mine and love them so. they're my bestest friends...

    i have decided that i'll try the stripes + floral this inspired by all of you wearing this.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  9. Aw, I'm away from my mama today, too, for the second Mother's day in a row. She always gets two Mother's Days, the US one, and the Mexico one (always on May 10th). Where are your parents?

    Your home looks lovely and peaceful! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Kateee what a lovely room:) I love it so much, and the outfit too.

    We celebrated mother's day on 8th of march but happy mother's day for all of you there:)

    I love cooking too, especially vegan food

  11. i'm sad that you have to be away from your mom on mother's day, but i think it's great that you will get to spend it with your boyfriend's mom. i'm sure that's special to her. and i hope that you have a nice relaxing day.

  12. love your skirt..
    so cute cute cute...

  13. Cute outfit! Hope your mom has a nice Mother's Day :]

    By the way, your photos are so pretty, what setting/program do you use to edit them to get that vintage feel?

    -Juliette WhereForArtThouRomeo

  14. saying goodbye sucks but at least you're not saying goodbye forever. it was a laid back mother's day this year. my older sister came by with her kids and we spent the day eating and watching movies and what not.
    you look lovely and i hope your dinner was nice!

  15. to part from a friend, especially one that you live with, is defiantly tough indeed, but you will find new friends (I'm sure of it) that were just as good if not better :] I love yoru outfit, and I love your room, the light is so enchanting.

  16. love the skirt, i adore floral pieces!

    and don't worry, i'm pretty sure you'll meet your friend again... and when you do, it will be a blast!

    hope your day went well, and the dinner as well :)

  17. Hey darling, enter my giveaway :))

  18. beautiful photos.. and beautiful post :)

  19. Oh I'm so sorry :(
    Goodbyes are tough.

    You're so sweet, though, with your parents and all.
    Love the outfit too :)

  20. thank you for your lovely comment :) you look great in this outfit & i love the mix of prints it works really well! sorry to hear about your room-mate moving out, its so sad when that happens but i'm sure you'll see each other again & i bet you have some great memories :)

  21. I am sorry your roommate left! But that is so exciting for her!

    On another note, your photography is looking absolutely outstanding! And I adore how you put this outfit together.. you've mastered casual chic! I've missed your blog so much but school is over & I'm back in action for the summer!

  22. adoreable outfit, kate! and i quite like the inside of your abode! goodbyes are the worst and i hope you find something to cheer you up.
    also, thank you for the kind words you left me. perhaps, one day, i shall write a book just for you.

  23. You look so lovely! It always makes me happy to see how grateful and gracious you are. It's like a breath of fresh air :]

  24. for mothers day...we went to a beach :)

  25. This is lovely, I love the print mixing.


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