April 18, 2010

kindergarten creations

This weekend was glorious. Im growing super fond of 'soffe' shorts, and lounging around in big tshirts. These are my weekend essentials. I love them! I didnt get around to making the dress this weekend by a series of events (the main one being I was just too lazy!) BUT I did make the key-lime pie, and I have to say it was the best pie I have ever made. It was perfect. I doubled the amount of lime it called for, because I love sour things, and it was just amazing. I have to admit that between nathan and I, we ate the whole pie last night, and I even wanted to make another this morning..I need to learn more self control!



So on Saturday at the Youth Festival, I spent most of my time in the "Art Space" painting with kids and such. I have never been an art type of person. The best I can draw is stick people, and even those are horrible. I like to paint more with my fingers than I do with brushes, and I never want anything to make sense...and voila, this is what I produce!



I have some exciting news to share with you guys hopefully sometime this week...so stay tuned! <3 Have a great rest of your weekend and a great week too! x



  1. i know that you work for non profitable organisations and was wondering if you knew of any short summer programmes? I really would love to do some travelling this summer and have abit of adventure :D but dont have alot of money :L
    btw, im an 18 year old student living in england (UK) :)

  2. your blog is so cute! love it

  3. the braid..

    how is it so perfectly tousled and weaved together?

  4. Hi Kat! Im not too sure about summer programs, I have never done a summer program before...I would just do as much research as you can online. There is probably a short terms trip that you could go on for fairly cheap! Let me know if you find anything :)

  5. None of the kindy kids I've taught have ever created art quite like yours. I love it, especially the quotes. So lovely.... *sigh*

    p.s for Kat - try the following
    Australian Voluenteers International
    The Australian Council for International Development

  6. i love that art :) gorgeous!!! fab outfit too XX

  7. Very comfy-looking outfit-- it's a whole lot more stylish than the pj's I basically wore all weekend!

    And I left you a blog award in my latest post-- check it out if you so wish! :)

    Toast with Charmalade

  8. ah! you hair is so pretty! i love the side braid. i wish i could do that with mine but it's just not long enough yet. and i love your striped skirt. so cute!

  9. Gorgeous outfit and that is some cool art.
    Totally know what you mean about preferring 'abstract' sorta art. I can't draw or paint things, but I love mixed media and splashing around paint to create something beautiful :)

  10. Aw, I like the art! Do you really work with Kindergarteners? That is such a fun age, I love it!

  11. oh those artworks are so cool. I love thing that incorporate words (english major = word freak, or, major english word freak)
    I especially love the first one; when I discovered that quote almost a year ago I was and still am very moved by it.

    the pie sounds amazing, it would totally make a good breakfast!

    can't wait to hear your news! I hope you're having a marvelous monday <3

  12. love the skirt...
    stripes are my fav..

  13. Love the top!
    And the art is really good <3


  14. You're art is super lovely!I love all the words on them too, really inspiring.

    Man, I meant to finish a dress this weekend too, and I should have since all I had to do was a zipper and the hem. But I avoided it since they are my two least favorite things! Ah, laziness at it's best I guess :]

  15. You pull off casual chic SO well. Love the side braid.

    Enter to win a vintage button-down shirt!
    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  16. Mmmmm, I absolutely LOVE key lime pie! It's one of my favorites, especially when it's tangy and a little more bitter than usual. Sounds delicious. And your paintings are wonderful...I love the "I want to live" one, but they are all so cute! Who knew finger painting could result in such masterpieces? :p

  17. i want some pie but i've never tried key lime pie. i like your paintings, they remind me of clouds in the sky, almost dreamlike.

  18. I love your blog, I think you're beautiful! I'm not an art person either, but I think you've inspired me-your art is lovely!

  19. i'm loving your eclectic style! glad i stumbled upon your blog!

  20. i lovelove the artwork, absolutely awesome!

  21. I always love reading your posts! Is there a better way to spend time than painting with kids and eating a whole sour pie? nope! and you look lovely on top of it all!


  22. Mmmm, key lime pie is my favorite! (:


  23. Such an adorable outfit! I wish we could've seen the pie! You'll have to share next time ;)


  24. It's so funny whenever Brett and I make something - especially confetti cake - we can't just eat a slice, we have to finish it off within a day! Hehe! :)

  25. Very, very cool art. I love painting w/my fingers, too!!

    ♥ Erika


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