March 11, 2010



Hi guys! I wrote about this a couple posts back and thought I would write about it again.

I am doing a competition through my university back home in Canada. Basically, I had to make a facebook group - then get friends to join, and however many people are joined in my group and also the university page, it counts as a point to the contest.

If I win, I get a 10,000 dollar scholarship, which is absolutely amazing. School has been something I have been wanting to pursue full time for a while now - but I cant get there on my own. This contest would be an absolute blessing if I could win.

If you could, could you join my facebook group? All you need to do is go to this group!

Thankyou sooo much! <3


  1. you can count on my vote!
    hope you win! :D

    and oh, your necklaces on the previous post are gorgeous! send me some???hehe.

    vanilla ice cream ♥ 
    | for the love of accessories |

  2. Oh yes, you simply must try them! They are amazing.
    Love the bubbles, I want to try bubble photos now :)

  3. I would love to join if I had Facebook -- is there any other way I can contribute? I LOVE this picture of you, by the way. I'm saving it, actually! I makes me feel so happy!


  4. Its only on facebook but thanks anyways Julia! :) I love that you saved it. Its one of my favorite photos ever!

  5. such a cute photo! too bad I don't have a fb account I use anymore buuuut I'll see if my bf can join ;P

    anyway come check out my blog!

  6. These are great photos. I love your blog and good luck with the contest!


  7. I put a link to your blog, your facebook page and the schools facebook page!
    I'm cheering you on!! :D:D

    xx Sophie

  8. I love the bubbles very nice picture!!


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