March 30, 2010


Today I felt like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Or a school girl, or alice in wonderland, or something along those lines. Last night I had to go to yet another goodbye party for a few friends that are leaving. I feel like I have said too many goodbyes and not enough "hello's" lately. Something needs to change!


Tonight we have the neighborhood BBQ - then I will probably do some grocery shopping or journalling or something else that can keep me busy. I need an idea for a cute date night to go on with Nathan - so send me any of your suggestions. What has been your favorite date ever?



Well, its time for me to get back to work. I hope you all have an amazing week! x



  1. Ooh, I did a post with the same title not too long ago! I love that skirt and your outfit as always Kate Maggie! (:


  2. Awe, I love this look! Your little bare feet, especially. Although the lovely pleated skirt sure does compete for attention!


  3. I think the best dates are the simplest ones! Go for a walk and then have a picnic! Or buy a couple cheap kites and take them flying somewhere. Go to a park and take goofy pictures :) Those are always my favorite dates.

  4. i like this look. :) And the photos have a vintage feel that i adore too!

  5. You are so cute, Kate! You're looking so fresh yourself. I love pleated skirts!!! Yeah, let's hang out! Visit me here in San Francisco or someday I'll visit Australia again! I usually go to New Zealand every winter to ski, that's close enough? Eeeh.

  6. Cute outfit!
    The Alice and Wonderland theme is goin strong, so its ok :)

  7. ah! i love your blog and you're style is A+, here's to there being more hello's in your life very soon!

    Mamushka Marie

  8. you look so, so adorable!
    that color blue is fantastic on you. :)

  9. Such a cute outfit. I love the pleats on the skirt!

  10. Love your pics very nice and your outfit is great!

  11. I love your blog & your look!
    cute outfit!

  12. i'm a big fan of dog walking! if you don't have a dog, "rent" one from the local humane society!

    i love your blue skirt ... and the theme of your blog in general! vintage post cards are so romantic.

  13. Dates, dates, dates...Are you guys more of the silly, just-have-fun type, or are you more of the romantic, sweet type?
    Simple things are usually the best, but...jeez, Kate, I don't have that many good ideas. Thomas and I have done the "date" things like movies and concerts (which is a little "ehh" because you don't really talk a lot), and then going to the zoo or to a park somewhere...
    Do you cook at all? Maybe you could cook something delicious together, or you could make up some dinner that sounds fun?

    Whatever you do, have a ton of fun and just enjoy each other. And maybe take pictures so we can see? (Ha ha)

    Have a great Wednesday, girl!

  14. Oh, dating! As a single lady, I probably have a very different perspective on this topic than you, but I'm always down for daytime adventure dates -- packing a picnic lunch, lounging at a park, maybe fly a kite, take some photos and then see where the night takes you.

    You look adorable! Love your blouse. xo.

  15. so cute! Love the pleats on that skirt, I gotta make one!

  16. lovely blouse, such pretty details. i really love your photos, they look sort of holga/lomo-ish...don't know if i've got that right, i'm no photography expert! :)

  17. Cuuuute blue skirt! I like that you're barefoot. :) I am unfortunately not such an expert on cute dates- but the idea of making something together, like a meal, is always appealing to me. Eh, not so original I suppose!

  18. Love these photos, you look so cute!
    Love your outfit and by the way your hair is amazing :)
    You are inspiring me to keep mine curly and to stop straightening it!

    Hmmm... ice skating?
    You get to hold hands and help each other out which is always cute, right?


  19. love your skirt, and i adore the style of the photograph, very vintage looking!



  20. Thanks for the sweet message! You look absolutely gorgeous in that dreamy ensemble! The pleated skirt is to die for!!! And my god, I love your long wavy hair... I'm so envious! :P


  21. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments

  22. Perfect pleats once again!!!

    A neighborhood BBQ sounds like such a great evening, I hope you had fun!

  23. gorgeous outfit! you look perfectly lovely and ready for some "hello's"!

  24. Say "Hello" to me aha you live in Australia right? I want to live there!

    As for dates, my favorite nights are when Roger and I make food together at home and turn all the lights off and burn candles. It's simple, but makes it that much more special.

  25. cute :) i stumbled across yr blog via Songs of the Exile and i'm hooked!

    Date nights are always fun! Whether it be sitting around watching a movie and eating dinner or just simply enjoying each others company. BUT those unexpected adventures are the riding to go get milkshakes, rock climbing at the beach, live music, parking lot dance parties, renegade fruit picking...

    whatever you do, have fun!!

  26. Just tried to leave you a comment, but I'm not sure it went through...
    Anyway- I said: Thank you for your nice comment! Your blog is great too and Julia was right to say your hair is GORGEOUS! Nice to be featured alongside you.

  27. Julia was right, your blog is so light and uplifting. My favorite date nights with my fiance are spent in used bookstores- the older and more cluttered, the better.


  28. I just had the best date night ever! we went to the batting cages and arcade. It was cheap and goofy and fun! (I blogged about it too, so check it out!)

  29. your blog is absolutely refreshing. your style inspires me to fix myself up a bit.


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