March 30, 2010

Blogger Of The Month


I decided that I wanted to start doing a "Blogger of the month" and who better then to start with my absolute favorite blogger - Tieka of Selective Potential. Since the beginning I have always loved this girls blog. Her motivation and endurance has been something that has inspired me beyond imagine, and I always find myself overly delighted every time I see a new blog post. I remember daily I had to go online to check to see if Tieka posted a new outfit. Not only did I love how she styled everything, I loved hearing about her life and being inspired by the life she lives. With hair that would make anyone swoon, and a smile and attitude that could light up any room, this lake michigan beauty has alot more to her than pretty blog pictures. Go check her out here!

What made you want to start a fashion blog Tieka?

Last summer, when I had lost over 30 pounds, I basically needed a new wardrobe! And it was the greatest feeling in the world to actually like what I saw in the dressing room mirrors! So I became obsessed, basically and just fell in love with what you could do with clothing and how you could feel by being unique and different. It wasn't until September that I discovered fashion blogs - thank you to Who What Wear - and decided to start one myself! It was an intimidating process - but it's been an amazing ride so far!


How you would you describe your personal style, and what is your main inspiration?

My personal style is very season-defined. Living in Michigan makes for many challenges in planning outfits, but I love reflecting the present - it defines who you were in that specific time in your life. I'm always coming up with new ideas for places to take photos - and when I come up with the perfect place, I usually have the perfect outfit planned in my mind, so I'd say my surroundings are the contributing factor to my personal style! My main inspiration comes from girls - just like me - who run fashion blogs. They have real lives, real budgets - and I take so much inspiration from what they put together because it's something I can accomplish - whereas I can't usually recreate photoshoots in fashion magazines!


I see you have quite the dream boat of a husband. You two are incredibly cute! Tell us a bit more about Brett

Hehe! Brett is such a darling husband. We met when we were teenagers - he played drums in a punk rock band, and I of course, was the friendly stalker who went to all of his shows. I was nineteen when we started dating in June and we fell in love almost immediately and decided we'd get married, were engaged in November and married the following August! The thing I love most about Brett is that he's so much fun - we're still little kids together. We love playgrounds, carnivals, movie nights, squirt gun fights inside the house and jumping on hotel beds together. He's my favorite person in the world!


What has been the greatest thing about growing up in Michigan?

Lake Michigan! Anyone that grew up in west Michigan will say - living on the beach is a dream. Summers consist of beach days, huge waves, bonfires in the dunes - I really can't imagine my life not living on the lake! But other than that - I truly love Michigan. Grand Rapids is such a lovely city - and we have some crazy fun tourist activities here that Brett and I try to explore every month. It's a really great place to live - and I can't wait to someday see my children grow up here!

And you go to school there, yes? What are you studying?

Yes! I go to a small art college in downtown Grand Rapids. I'm a senior right now - about to graduate in May! I'll be receiving my bachelor's degree in fine art in digital media - with a focus in interactive design. That basically means - I design for the web and for interactive art! I, obviously, love blog design - and web design. I'm also in love with print design - and would love to work somewhere in an in-house graphic design team. Like - for a magazine - or a cute clothing company - doing their web-based designs.


If you could steal anyones entire wardrobe for a day, who would it be and why?

I'm in love with Miss Pandora's wardrobe - I'm not sure if it's just because she's gorgeous and takes the most wonderful photos ever - but I just love everything she wears! It's modern, yet vintage - and she has such perfect colors in her style - romantic yet sometimes edgy. I'm not sure if I could always pull off her look but I get so much inspiration from her style! She always has such lovely photo locations too - I honestly think location is so important when it comes to personal style

Where is your favorite place to shop?

Modcloth! It's crazy too because I used to never online shop because I always like to try things on before I purchase them - but everything from their site has fit perfectly and looks darling. If I had to shop only place and it would fit my style dead-on, it would be then. I'm also in love with Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 - and my local Goodwill. ;)

What is something that you dont mind splurging on?

The most expensive thing I've purchased this past year has been my Jeffrey Campbell boots - and those weren't even that much when I compare myself to other blogger splurges! They came to $106 with tax and I nearly toppled over - thinking I could have 4 dresses with that purchase, but they were so worth it. I love them! So - for splurges, I'd say I don't mind when it comes to something I'll wear for a long time - like boots, or jackets. For dresses or other items, under $50 is my motto.


What is your next must have purchase?

I've been saving up for two things - an Alexandra Grecco pickford onepiece in blue. I can't even imagine how gorgeous it'll look against the cherry blossoms in May - and I've never spent that much on something, but she is such a wonderful designer and deserves it - and if I promise myself I'll actually save for something - then I'll be rewarded in getting it. The other thing is - a bathing suit. I'm thinking vintage inspired - something that covers my belly button and most of my body, without being a one piece. This one from Modcloth has been on my wishlist for quite some time.

Where will you be, and what will you be doing in 2015?

2015! Whoa! Okay, I'll be.. 28 years old. Brett and I will be living in our darling home that was built in 1916 and is located in Grand Haven's historic district, five minutes from downtown and Lake Michigan's shoreline. Our newfoundland, Diggy, will trot around our back yard with his red bandanna tied around his neck as a drool rag and whenever we take him to the beach, he will bolt immediately and dive into the water. We'll definitely have our first born by then, if not a second child already and thinking about adopting our third in the next few years. I will be working full-time (this part is hazy) but I will still be Selective Potential and hopefully by then - people will still come to read about my simple little life here in Michigan. Brett and I will cook dinner each night with kids and Diggy and Sarge and Meg all running around the house screaming and barking and we'll enjoy square pizzas and movie nights all on our huge oversized Pottery Barn sofa in the living room (all 7-8 of us) And we'll wake up in the morning, eat pancakes (made by Brett) and take adventure trips every month. (Brett complains I'm an idealist.. I kinda see where he's coming from now, haha!)

What is the first thing you notice about someones outfit?

Ooh, tough one! I guess the first thing I would notice is - is it fashionable? If so, I review every aspect. Usually if it doesn't make me notice right away, I never notice what people are wearing. Like the people I work with - every single day - no idea what they wear. But there are a few girls at school that are so darling - and I always remember what they wear! The last thing I usually notice on girls is their shoes - but for guys - I would never date a guy that I didn't like his shoes. It was a huge determining factor - thank goodness Brett always wore Van's Authentics! ;)


Whats beating on your ipod lately?

Well my favorite band of all time is Minus the Bear, old stuff. Their new stuff makes me sad. But their old stuff is so me. I can listen to it on repeat for forever - especially Highly Refined Pirates and They Make Beer Commercials Like This. But lately? Phoenix, Marching Band, Two Door Cinema Club, Tegan and Sara.. love!

Favorite quote?

It's not really a quote - but more of a daily motto. It especially helped when I was dieting and insanely busy with school - I wrote it everywhere, in my planner, put it on a sticky note on my computer, at home, everywhere. It said, "Every day counts." Some days when you feel like doing nothing, bingeing on that carton of ice-cream in the freezer and yelling at your husband, just remember every day counts. I'd feel like total crap some days - and I'd remember that - and I'd get up and work out, I'd not grab food from the cupboards.. and I'd really truly believe that every day did really count. Once you make every day count, then the weeks, months, years ad up and you'll have done something insanely amazing - whatever that something may be. For me - it was losing weight, being an amazing student and now it's being a blogger. And today - I've lost 35 pounds, was just awarded the studio excellence award for my major and Selective Potential is the cherry on top (and has made life so much fun this past year!)


You have come a long way with your blog in the past year, what is one thing that you would suggest to someone who is just starting out in the blogging world?

Put yourself out there. Find what is unique about you - and blog about it, and work hard at it. I get so many emails from girls, who have had a blog for a week with a blank layout, no images and one post saying, "This is my first post." asking me how they get followers. I'm like really? When I started Selective Potential - I honestly sat for 6 hours straight coming up with a blog name alone. 6 hours STRAIGHT! I blogged through September, October, November (some of my favorite fashion months) with only 2-3 comments per post! And I never gave up! I networked with other bloggers, I worked hard at my posts. I did it for myself and the readers came eventually and only made the process that much more fun. I'd say - don't give up, be your unique self and blog for you - not for money, not for readers - for you.



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