February 15, 2010

help me :)

Hello! I know I have wrote anything in a while. I wanted to say a quick hi and ask you guys if you could help me by joining this group on facebook. My university back home in Canada is doing a competition and giving one lucky person a $9500 scholarship for school! This would be the most amazing thing ever!

To go to the facebook page :


Thankyou so much guys! x

A new post will be coming soon..I promise!!



  1. ahh good luck! i'm crossing my fingers for you! and that picture is so silly, i love it. :)

  2. I definitely voted for you Kate dear! Mainly because I want to see your face asap! So I have to admitt it was a selfish vote. But Im sure you dont mind :)

  3. love the pic! amd your blog is so fresh and great!


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