January 28, 2010


I hope you are all doing great today. I need your help with something. I was sitting in my office this morning and got this idea to start/make a line of tshirts to sell. I need some cool ideas though. Im thinking of buying a bunch of american apparel tshirts in bulk then just getting someone to screen print something on them. What are some cool ideas? What would be something you would look for in a tshirt?

Let me know! x


  1. ooh good luck! i don't really know but maybe like an awesome design that looked like a kid drew it, you know what i mean? haha hope this helped, but then again its pretty vague.

  2. Simple designs and not too much on the front or back. And quality fabric as that will make for a better feel when wearing. A soft t shirt will be more appealing to me then a low quality fabric.

    Create, design, be daring and I'll be the photographer.

  3. Hi!
    First of all: don't make the T-shirts too.. er.. T-shirtey.. ^^
    Like, really tight around the neck. :D

    Next thing is a cool print. And that could be almost anything^^

    xx Sophie


  4. something artistic. I'm sick to death of shirts that try to be witty and but end up coming off as obnoxious.

    good luck!

  5. oh wow thats a really cool idea
    i think slogan tee will be a cool idea
    haha i am thinking to make a "Born To Win" t shirt for myself
    but i am not sure how to make it
    can you teach me btw? ^O^



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