January 7, 2010


good morning!
last night was so lovely. it was pouring down rain here.
i love falling asleep when its raining outside. i love the smell, the sound, and being all curled up in a giant ball.
my wake up was even better though - my room mate was playing pride and prejudice soundtrack and i just layed in bed listening to it for a few minutes, pretending i was elizabeth. so so so enchanting.


this owl necklace was my favorite thing ever about 4 years ago. I remember I bought it on summer vacation at urban outfitters when my family went to San Francisco..and I came back to school wearing it and got torn apart by pretty much every girl in my grade. I guess owls werent too 'hip' back then...


I love Fridays. My work week is over - I get to have a weekend and sleep in and not feel horrible about it!
Alright folks, its my goal to start Violin this weekend..I am going to be deliberate about learning this lovely instrument..it just has to happen.

have a fantastic rest of your day! x


  1. what a cute necklace and great tights (jeans?) haha.
    i'm a new blogger too and i just wanted to say thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. i'm sure your blog will prosper because you are too cute :)
    i really commend you for moving to australia to start something different. i'm canadian also but i can't see myself moving away because i don't think i'm that brave.
    i'll aid you on your way to blog stardom :P and follow your blog!
    i also want to suggest that you should consider joining chictopia.com (great fashion blogging site) because your outfits are simple but really cute and chic. i'm a chictopian also :D
    anyways, i'd love to hear more about your work in australia!


  2. Anna :
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment! Its great to hear from you. It means alot that you took the time to write that.
    I actually signed up for Chictopia but I havent posted any pictures yet. Maybe I should get on that!..thanks for the reminder!
    Where in Canada are you from?...Moving was so hard but it was so worth it aswell.

    I would love to share more with you..maybe I will write more about what I do here on my blog sometime soon. Till then, take care Anna, thanks a heap. x

  3. heeey new blogger, thanks for your comments!! may i just say that your outfit posts are killer and that they make it seem like you've had a fash blog for years.

    and yes definitely write more about your work!


  4. p.s. love your 'about me' description, but don't worry because on your blog it totally is... i am truly taken aback by my own vanity on my blog, but hey at least it's here and not there.

  5. I'm from the capital :) Where are you from?
    No problem at all! I always love to hear about people which is the main reason why I follow blogs. It's really interesting to see how similar and different people are out there from you and I have to say that reading others' blogs have really opened my mind and heart to so many things.
    You should absolutely post about your life in Australia. Many of us would probably love to hear about it.
    And get on posting some stuff on Chictopia! haha :)
    You'll serve as a great inspiration not only in fashion but also in the work you do.


  6. Oooh I like the outfit! And I can see why the necklace was your fave. :)

  7. I am in love with your leggings!



  8. this is such an adorable look. and you were way ahead of your classmates with that owl necklace. :)
    i adore falling asleep to the sound of the rain as well. it's the most relaxing lullaby out there.

  9. Cute leggings and necklace. Love it! ;))

  10. I just love your tights !!! It is soo vintage and liberty !!!
    You necklace is lovely !!!

  11. I like how the tights pop out against the black. Gorgeous!
    And that necklace is gorgeous.

  12. those floral leggings are just about the most perfect thing i've ever seen on legs! where can i get some?

  13. Kennedy! Great to hear from you :)

    They are from Australia :( Im sorry. BUT....maybe I could go check to see if there are any left!

  14. hi there, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. i really appreciate it. anyway, i love your outfit. you look outstandingly simple, with that simple black dress and that eye catching leggings.
    i'll comment later. keep blogging and keep inspiring.
    let's keep in touch..:DD


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