January 7, 2010


hi there!
happy thursday - from Australia :) sometimes I still think its weird that I am a day ahead.
Today was a lovely day. I did one of my favorite things ever. Grocery shopping.
I know, I know..what a weird favorite thing. But I seriously love it.
Theres something exciting about going through each aisle. I love looking for the 'just reduced' stickers for quick sales, and spotting new food/drinks/candy that comes to the stores.
its just all so much fun.

this boy happens to be the love of my life nathan mulligan. we met in the hallway of a school i went to. i was just going to the dorm bathroom to brush my teeth and i saw him and asked him what his name was (have never done that before..but with hair like that, I couldnt resist meeting this boy!) - after a bit of chit-chat and toothpaste running down my cheek (so humiliating!) we parted our ways..only to fall in love shortly after and confess it to one another!
we just celebrated our one year


tonight i hope to get into my pajamas and indulge in a good book/movie. a relax session is definately due. most likely i will sit in my room, blast the aircon till it gets so cold that i have to drink tea and wear a sweater to warm up, then pretend i am in canada, and put on tights and boots...but seriously..I am so jealous of all of you that are in the cold weather right now! please think of me next time you get to wear your dresses with tights and boots. how i miss thee.


and i leave you with this : my absolute favorite smoothie recipe!

'very berry'

cup of raspberries/blueberries (you decide!) or both..this is my favorite.
half a cup of frozen strawberries
cranberry juice (put in as much/little as you like!)
yogurt (plain!) ..or without is great too.

it will change your life.....i promise. have a great day!

x kate

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for the lovely comment! You and your boyfriend look adorable, and I really may have to try this smoothie recipe, I love smoothies! I put in raspberries and blueberries though :)


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