December 26, 2009

A girl named Kate...

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I thought I would share with you a little bit more about me :)

My name is Katy...but I go by Kate. I am 21 years old - I am from Canada, British Columbia, but I now live in Australia and have lived here for the past few years.


After high school I enrolled in University, not really knowing what I fully wanted to do with my life and still feeling like I was too young to need to know, so I dropped out of university, and flew to Australia. When I first left to Australia it was the first time I had left my family for more than 2 weeks...and I was gone for 7 months. During this time I did a Bible School, where I did school for 5 months - then I went to Singapore for a month and China for a month. This was an incredible experience. After being in Australia for this amount of time I knew it was going to become home for me. After leaving China and coming home to Canada for 3 months - I moved back to Australia to work full time in a non-profit missionary organization, called Youth with a Mission. This is where I became alive, I learnt new things about myself, hidden talents, and fell in love with the most wonderful boy (and he has an accent!) I have now lived in Australia for 2 and a half years - and it has been an amazing journey.


I am a pretty laid back girl with a positive outlook on life. I love to have fun - I love to smile, and I love to be inspired.
I love photography, writing, art, music, words, tea, food in general, people, and ofcourse fashion. Ofcourse being a volunteer, I dont have the luxury of going out and buying new clothes often, but its a blessing just to be here and be able to help people, and also to read all of your blogs and be inspired of what is going on in your lives and hear more about the world around me - and get inspired by all of your


I hope you enjoy reading my blog and please feel free to email me at ANY time!




  1. You look so darling in the big glasses photo! Thanks for sharing all that -- I just adore your positive outlook and greatly look forward to your posts. You have a fan!


  2. the photo with the big green glasses is my Favorite! ^_^

  3. you are just the cutest thing ever and with such great style!
    i wanted to join YWAM when i was younger but never did...
    good for you for doing it!
    thanks for commenting on my blog and for your prayers!

  4. hey katy! this is such a lovely blog! love the tones of ur pix! and that obama tee is just cute!!
    btw to answer ur question, the lace boots r from a little shop in hk causeway bay called zeemo. the brand of the boots is pippies but i can't find any info of it online ><


  5. that's so cool your worked with Youth with a Mission! my brother is on staff with campus crusade

  6. you sound like an awesome lady, and you have great style. I would love to travel but sadly i'm stuck here for the moment :)

  7. I love everything about your story

  8. Pretty impressive story. I think there should be more people doing the thing you do. :-)

  9. Very cute story, love your style! :)

    xo MOUKvintage


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