November 18, 2012


IMG_7550.jpg_effected IMG_7569.JPG_effected

I could get a gold medal in 'forgetting' about homework, eating food that is horrendous for me and convincing myself it is actually healthy (you guys, cheeseburgers HAVE lettuce), starting Jane Austen novels and never finishing them, spending more money on clothes than on food, and neglecting this blog. Life's been can relate right? I've been super distracted by New Girl episodes,dancing in the streets and not winning, attempting to get into shape & cooking (who am I kidding here?) and okay, yeah, I met a boy. BUT after a good Sunday morning chat with a friend who doesn't mind telling me 'get off your ass and do a blog post'...I decided it was time. Here I am, three weeks too late but still here! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend AND November. xx

Jumper - Forever 21
Jeans - Zara
Booties - Aldo

IMG_7557.JPG_effected IMG_7545.jpg_effected


  1. Who is this friend so I can thank her dearly? Heh, just kidding. NEW BOY? Yayayay so very excited. Those boots kill me. Too perfect.

  2. I saw this sweater at f21 and I thought it was so darling! I'm glad to see you posting again occasionally... :) A lot of the time blogging just requires us to get up off our butts and not be lazy! haha

    Also, I'm excited to hear about this boy....!!

  3. YAY! I'm so glad you posted :) I never told you, but your blog has inspired me SO MUCH. It was one of the first blogs I started reading a year and a half ago. And your style is always fabulous!

    xoxo Azu

  4. Love your hair and your sweater lady!


  5. I love this super colorful sweater! AND those boots!!! :D
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  6. Love the outfit skwo especially the shoes. I like the location



  7. great outfit! i love that sweater, and this last picture is awesome!!


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