April 4, 2012

wind me up, buttercup.



Its an awkward moment when crossing the street with a coffee in one hand, lunch in the other while wearing a dress & heels, and having a gust of wind sweep up on you like a nightmare. Suddenly, your faced with a decision. Do you walk as fast as you can to get across this cross walk when you fully know you will flash someone on the way, or do you walk sideways, cross legged, jagged, looking like a full blown (literally) idiot (but staying modest!) and getting stares from old women, who wish this generation would just learn how to be a lady already. I wish I could say I only face this problem once in a lifetime, but no friends, this happens to me about 3 times a week. This is what you get for wearing dresses 98% of the time. Today was no exception. Thank goodness for this asymmetrical dress which became my new best friend. So forgive the messy hair, frazzled look, and down right whacky photo's of today. I tried, but weather trumps Kate every time, and Mother Nature loves to embarrass me. Hope you're having a gooooood week! :)

Dress & Jacket - Zara
Booties - Aldo
My friend Sally snuck in for a photo and shes wearing all AA!




  1. My goodness, I LOVE that dress! I'm a big fan of simple with little quirky details. Good luck fighting the wind! Love my bike shorts :)

  2. That blazer is quite a beauty! The wind sure can be finicky!


  3. Love this look. The jacket compliments your dress perfectly. Wind is my worst enemy. When I lived in Lethbridge it was windy (like tornado windy) about 98% of the time so I gave up on dresses for two years :(

  4. love that poncho! and the polka dot tights, super cute

  5. This also happens to me constantly. I can tell you I was once in a VERY public place, wearing a very floaty skirt, and had neglected to wear underwear for like the only time in my life. A big gust of wind came, and blew up my skirt, and I flashed full-frontal and rear to a lot of people. This sort of thing has also happened to me, although thankfully while wearing underwear, in front of crowds of really skeevy gross men. Story of my life.

    You look adorable though, and I love your friend!

  6. it's a legitimate fear of mine, that i was casually flash everyone in the surrounding area...egads!!

    i'm eager to get my hands on an asymmetrical dress! theyre so cute.

  7. Love that dress! And don't worry - that scenario happens to us all, I think :)


  8. you look ah-mazing! Love the asymmetrical hem <3


  9. haha I usually pretend not to care.. but it is difficult :P I love this outfit! Cute photos too :)

  10. So cute the second last photo! :)

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  12. Love your outfit, simply chic. Got my eye on that boots.

    Jeane M.

  13. LOVE your jacket!!! Perfect for fall and chic!!!!

    Gorgeous blog!

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