April 28, 2011

lady lace



There are a few moments in my life that are more embarrassing than the rest. Like today, when walking to lunch with my Dad and having strangers stare at my legs. It look me a minute to clue in to what they were looking at. "Maybe they like my pants!" Oh no, friends. That wasn't what they were looking at. These pants make it look like I am not wearing anything else but sheer lace, with bare leg underneath. It made my cheeks cherry red for about 5.6 seconds then I got over it. Have you guys ever had something like that? Like a wrinkly shirt where you have to explain to people you aren't the grungiest girl on the face of the planet, that's just how the shirt was made! Or despite how much your dress blows in the wind, you are wearing biker shorts underneath! Or ripped jeans when you have to explain to elderly people 'I have enough money to buy new ones, I just like how these ones look...and I just bought them yesterday!' I have a lot of experience in this department. I suppose the best thing you can do is laugh it off.

On a completely different topic, are any of you planning to watch the Royal Wedding? I am quite excited about it to be honest. Quite the fan of Kate Middleton (she has a good name) and cannot wait to see her dress. Have a wonderful Thursday friends! x

Pants - Virani
Blazer - Gap
Clutch - Vintage
Earrings - Aldo




  1. Okay so I'm basically drooling over every part of this outfit. I don't even know where to begin!

  2. beautiful pants never seen like that before ;)

  3. I love how your pants seem completely transparent at first!

    Kind wishes,

  4. you're B-E-A-utiful as ever my darlin! and you have GREAT taste in earrings, i have the same ones! love em. i am obsessed with aldo accessories, so much so that the girls in there know me by name, ha ha!
    hope you're well!

  5. Those are some styly lace pants!! I love your clutch bag too, its a nice colour :) I'm keen to see Kates dress too!! Unfortunately I have to drive 5 hours to pick my bf up from an overseas trip, think I might record it tho - then I can always watch it on fast forward!!



  6. This outfit is so classy, girl! Sorry if you got a little embarrassed. I can't wait to watch the wedding... even if it means getting up early. I was a little back and forth about whether or not I wanted to watch but it's not something that comes around too often and I'm sure it's going to be spectacular! Have fun watching! Drink some tea and have a few biscuits for breakfast :)

  7. Your post made me smile I've had an incident like this too but for the record this outfit is fabulous and those trousers gorgeous ♥

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

    p.s very excited to see my country's future king and queeny get married tomorrow!

  8. What great pants! So elegant and sweet. I can see why people would question if they had anything underneath but how silly of them to stare! I have had run ins like that on many occasion. Usually when I wear tan tights people stare at my legs as if trying to figure out what color they actually are. Its quite strange. But overall beautiful outfit dear! I love its overall classy feel. (Oh and I am super excited about the wedding!!)I have always been obsessed with all things British.

  9. Such a gorgeous outfit, I love those pants on you - so classy/sexy!!


  10. I <3 these pants.
    And those people just don't understand fashion!!



  11. I am so watching the Roayl Wedding as well - the hard part is watching picking a channel to watch it on! Catherine Middleton, to be exact haha, does have a very English name indeed ;) She seems so poised and graceful as well, she'll def make a wonderful princess.

    As for your pants, I guess it does look like you're wearing nothing underneath but if you get a tan then the fleshy colour underneath will contrast your skin more :) Haha really useless advice, I know. But you're looking beautiful, as always!

    P.S. I like your new (?) heading. The watercolour is stunning.

  12. I just had a heart attack. Those pants are the coolest things of all time. Please revive me. You look so gorgeous! The first photo should be framed and hung up on every wall of your house. Seriously haha. I also think that clutch is the cutest thing.

  13. I totally wondered for a second what I was looking at. Haha. This happened to me last week. I wore a nude tank under a cream cardigan and people thought I was a little exposed. Haha

  14. those pants are so cute! I get what you mean with the sheerness of them, but you just have to work those, girl. They are fabulous. Love the jacket, too.

    I'm so excited to see what Kate Middleton will be wearing for the weddings as well as the slew of all the other fabulous guests!

    i wander, i wonder

  15. You are so lucky your dad didn't make a huge deal about the pants. I know my dad would. Anyways, they are super cute:) And I must say you are having a fabulous hair day!

  16. that is so funny about your pants - they are so cute though! happy weekend, friend!

  17. So scandalous! :) hehe. I have a couple skirts I definitely need to wear shorts underneath. But it's so funny, because sometimes, I'd rather my skirt blew up in the wind a little, just to assure people that I AM wearing something under it since it is so short.

    Love the clutch as a pop of color :)

  18. I could totally see why those people were staring :x I concentrated for a minute on them lol but whatevz! they're AWESOME! I would wear them out too and blush and get over it. just last week, the older ladies at my job were saying how they bet I paid too much for a bunch of holes on my jeans. oh dear, I just smiled.

    you look lovely though! your blog is full of wonderful outfits!


  19. Those pants are so fun. Who cares that it looks like you might only be wearing lace and nothing underneath! lol. I get the ripped jeans comments a lot on casual fridays at work, "didn't we get paid this week?? can't you afford new jeans?" :)

  20. You look darling in those pants!
    Who cares if everyone stares! They just wish they had them! haha



  21. You look so glamorous and chic, Kate! I love this. Those pants are fabulous, don't worry about the stares!

    Hehe, I'm gearing up for the Royal Wedding right now. My Mum and I are eating yummy desserts and drinking sparkling grape juice in front of the telly :)

  22. Absolutely amazing!!! I love the risk you take with your bolder pieces. You always turn out looking gorgeous. Those pants are stunning!! Haha...gotta love the stares:)

    I have the live feed of the royal wedding up now as I peruse my favorite blogs:) Happy Friday darling!

  23. I love these pants! They're bold and make a statement and, if they make people take a second look, more power to them! I think you wear them really well and encourage you to continue to do so!

  24. Those lace trousers are amazing! Love them they suit you so well :D x

  25. Love yr clutch! Yr blog is great! Follow each??

    Btw, I have my 1st giveaway in my blog, hope you are interested to join XD


  26. love the pants!!! very much so. i had something happen to me yesterday that involved a chest pocket on a tank, and someone thinking it was a wet spot over my boob. yay. awkward


  28. Hello!
    This outfit is really beautiful ♥
    The trousers is amazing !!
    See U, leeloo

  29. going to be honest - i really couldn't tell at first.. i thought those were your bare legs with just lace over them. then, i thought - kate would never! love you.

  30. LOVE the lace pants so much! I get a fair amount of weird comments on what I wear but it's kind of funny imagining how people were looking at your seemingly scandalous panties ;)

  31. Lovely!



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