February 12, 2011

a new beginning




For every ending, there is a new beginning. I started this weekend out on a low note. One of my most prized posessions, my absolute favorite peice of technology, and trusty friend vanished before my eyes. I would be lying if I said I wasnt prepared. I knew she was getting old. Her buttons wouldnt click, her flash wouldnt work, and she was getting tired of me pushing her so hard when she knew she had no more to give. I sat on the end of my bed and thought about our times together. Oh, the memories. Like that time I accidently dropped her from the top of a bunk bed and crossed my fingers and said a quick prayer in the middle of the night that she wouldnt be broken. Or the time when I wanted a blurry photograph so I rolled her down my street on a skateboard while I ran beside them. Or my favorite - how she went with me to every country I visited, every big event, every laughing moment and every crying moment and never let me down. I will miss you dear camera, it was a good five years. But just like my highschool yearbook quote states, when one chapter ends another begins. You could say I did a bit of rebound dating and found a new love pretty quickly (less than 24 hours! yikes!) but its till 'Death do us part' right? Heres to five years of new memories, with my new love!

How poetic did I sound just then? Maybe I take these things a bit too seriously? ;) On happier notes my friends, im here to introduce you to the newest member of my shoe collection. I call her 'Blink 18shoe" to take me back to my punk days of studs and galore. They were sent to me by the lovely Monica at Spotted Moth and I instantly fell in love. You know how I am with studs, so it didnt take me long to hop into these bad boys. I thought I would glam them up with a pretty dress and my favorite jumper. Not too shabby! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Kisses from Canada. x

Jumper - American Apparel
Dress - c/o Kind of Wonderful
Belt - Vintage
Tights - American Apparel
Boots - c/o Spotted Moth





  1. Hehehe I love how you described your relationship with your camera. It was indeed poetic and romantic :) May your camera RIP! Your rose jumper is to die for Kate! It goes so well over that flowy dress too!

  2. You look absolutely fabulous. Those shoes are amazing!!
    I'm so sorry about your camera :[[ I hope your new one brings just as many amazing memories!!

    Charlotte xxx

  3. Hehehe I love how you described your relationship with your camera. It was indeed poetic and romantic :) May your camera RIP! Your rose jumper is to die for Kate! It goes so well over that flowy dress too!

  4. hahahaha!!! love it! i went though lots of cameras when i started blogging. i'd always break them. but this new one is here for a while. i totally get how the love affair can get serious pretty quickly :) and i love your sweater!!! the color and texture are so amazing with the black and the white of the snow.

  5. You look so pretty especially in the black & pink. Those shoes are totally killer!

  6. You look DARLING, Kate!

    I'm sorry to hear about your camera though, but happy you got it replaced!


  7. Hahaha, aww! May your longtime photo taking bff RIP.

    This outfit is so amazing, Kate. Can I just have that jumper? Please? Sigh. I love your boots too! Spotted Moth is the best!

  8. Very jealous!! ;) Awesome shoes wouldn't mind some of them in my wardrobe! And that top is pretty cool too...



  9. oooh that sweater is so pretty, I love the boots, you look great!
    and everybody's getting bangs (it seems like) and I'm having a hard time resisting. My scissors are burning a hole in my bathroom drawer!

  10. Wow, the way you described your camera was adorable!

  11. Hellow :D
    Your outfit is STUNING !
    I especially like your punky shoes ^^
    And I think it goes well with the rest of your outfit :P


  12. ooh I love your outfit!! Your jumper is beautiful!

  13. :( Sad you had to part with your camera! But alas, the time came... I'm sure your camera's soul appreciates this post - well, except for the part about rebound dating ahaha

  14. Oh wow! I just found your wonderful blog. It is so lovely! Beautiful outfit :) Sorry about your camera, by the way. I need to upgrade mine majorly. Definitely a new follower :) xxx

  15. the texture of that top is stunning and so unique


  16. This is quite poetic ans lovely ! And the jumper is a masterpiece

    See U !

  17. Stunning photos Kate, you look amazing as always. I loved that little piece you wrote for your old camera, awww, so cute. I laughed when you said you rolled it down on a skateboard haha xxx (P.s I want your jumper!!)

  18. This outfit is so pretty, I seriously want it all!

    I just found your blog and was looking through your old posts, so lovely :)

  19. Me and my camera will soon be parting ways too I fear.. ;) Love the outfit, that AA top is beautiful and the shoes are pretty cool! xx

  20. So sad about your old camera but heres to many more adventures with your new one! I love your outfit today too dear, fantastic american apparel jumper (is it still in the shops?) & lovely boots too. The snowy landscape behind you is beautiful! :)

  21. My condolences. I am currently mourning my pushbike. To happy times with the next generation of bike & camera! :D

  22. great!!!!!!!!*_*


  23. I love those boots! I'm pretty sure I need them in my life!

  24. aww i think I would cry if my camera died.

    btw, every time you wear this sweater I think it's the best thing ever cuz it's the best thing ever.

  25. yes, here is to 5 years of memories to you.
    i think this outfit is quite lovely!!!

  26. Oh my goshhhh, I stared at that top in AA for forever!! I absolutely love it!! Swaptime?! :)


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