February 1, 2011

happy birthday, dreamboat.




My Fondest Memories With Nath...

1. Sneaking out on new years eve 08 at 11:52 to go down to the park. We did kart wheels and somersaults all over the field, and completely missed 12:00...but quickly said happy new year at 12:25
2. First kiss when I felt like my cheeks were going to burn off, and you almost ran away from me from being so shy.
3. The night you asked me to slow dance with you in the middle of the street as you sang Coldplay.
4. Mcdonalds trips at 11 PM - when you only order a frozen coke, and I order a whole meal..but you never judged me once.
5. Everytime I got sick you would sneak into my room when I was sleeping and pick up all my tissues, buy me fresh orange juice, and make me soup.
6. First day meeting you when you looked like Bleeker from Juno and I gave you my digits right on the spot.
7. Staying up until 2 AM just so I could skype you when I was in Canada and you were in Australia, even if it was only for five minutes.
8. Writing love notes on napkins, and giving them to eachother months later.
9. December 9th 2010 - you have never annoyed me so much as you did that day, but I remembered why I love you after you wiped away my tears on the airplane, told me you loved me about every 2 minutes, and bought me a hungry jack burger.
10. October 7th, picnic in the park even though you had a fever you went with me and ate all your chicken just to be polite.
11. The first 'i love you', and how I woke up my not-very-impressed room mate at 2 AM from over excitement.
12. Watching the Notebook together the last night that we were together before being apart for 9 months - even though you dont even like that movie but you knew I loved it.
13. Sitting on top of the hill in Newcastle on our first hang out when you gave me a rock and told me to throw it into the water and make a wish. I wished for you, by the way.

thankyou for always making me believe my hair is better than yours even though yours will always be 10 x better than mine.
thankyou for never losing your temper and raising your voice. oh, and never cursing either.
thankyou for teaching me the correct way to stack a dishwasher, bake chocolate chip cookies, and use an e-brake.
thankyou for getting your tattoo & even though I am still not completely sold on it, you stuck to your guns and did something you are passionate about. thanks for being like that with everything.
thankyou for telling me you love me everyday.
thankyou for february 16th 2008 - today

to my best friend, partner in crime, dreamiest dream boat of them all
happy birthday nathan francis james, I love you!




  1. Awww so sweet!
    You guys remind me so much of me and my hunny!
    Tell him I wish him a very happy b-day =)

  2. Wow,I really enjoyee reading this post!

  3. You guys are so precious. His b-day is on my anniversary. I, too, am full of the love for my mister today. xo

  4. Awwww, now that just made me tear up. Too amazingly cute. You two dream on and on and on!

    xoxoxoxoxo times one million :)

  5. this is the cutest thing ever. and i mean it.

  6. Oh my goodness, you two dreamy dream dreamboats are the cutest things and reading this has made me so so happy. :)
    Happy Birthday to Mister Nathan.

  7. This is so adorable I don't even know what to say. You two are precious! xo

  8. Aww this is seriously the sweetest post ever! :) Happy Birthday to Nath!

  9. Aw, aw, aw, this is so sweet! I was almost tearing up:) It's the cutest most adorable list ever:) I'm sensing some valentine's day inspiration! Hehe.

  10. Ohhh this made me tear up a little bit (just like everyone else!) So sweet & genuine. :]]] I would say you two are very, very lucky to have each other. <3

    XO Michelle

  11. these photos are so adorable! and so special for the two of you. happy birthday to your dream boat :)

  12. Oh geez, all of your memories are just so sweet!

    Happy birthday to Nathan! I hope you both have a wonderful day xoxo

  13. This is the most adorable post! You two are the absolute cutest! So happy for both of you. Oh and a very happy birthday to Nathan! :)

  14. oh my goodness.
    what an absolutely lovely post.
    love is such a wonderful thing! <3
    you two are so so so cute.
    Happy Birthday Nathan!

  15. oh this is just so bloody adorable!!

    Charlotte xxx

  16. That's so sweet. My boyfriend and I have also had too many months of long distance and a few too many McDonald's dates!

  17. This is too precious. I love #3 <3, and I love that you call him dreamboat. Perfect!


  18. Aww this is so sweet! I remember when my bf first tried to hug me I almost ran away from being so shy :) haha Happy birthday Nathan!

  19. Eeeeep!!! This is the sweetest thing I have ever read! =)

  20. Ah this is sooo sweet. I'm so happy for you two (: Happy Birthday Nathan!!!

  21. awww this is such an adorable post. I had a smile on my face the entire time when I read it. Such sweet moments :)

  22. you two are the epitome of an adorable couple.

    i want what you guys have. <3

  23. I don't know which part I love the most, the photos or the beautiful texts! This is so beautifully written and heart warming!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  24. ahhh! cute as!!

    always wished you were hanging out with us when nathan was in newy!! still hoping we can all hang out some time!!

    loooove your blog ps!!

  25. This is the sweetest post! Happy Birthday Nath!

  26. Oh my gosh, I absolutely loved reading this. I just got the biggest smile on my face, heheh. You two are amazing.



    happy birthday to your "sweet love" - hope it was a fantastic day!


  28. This has got to be the sweetest post I've read so far!

  29. This makes me so happy. You guys are so adorable. You guys give me hope! So thank you for sharing your wonderful sentiments. Happy Birthday to Nathan! :)

  30. Aww! This is so sweet! I absolutely loved reading those post; you two are one of my favorite couples! xo

  31. Oh my gosh the mushiness is killing me because I love it so much! the first kiss story is so sweet. i almost fainted when I got my first kiss from my hubby. I love the love notes to give to each other later on. that is really sweet. seems like he treats you so well. awww. He really does have great hair. you two are adorable together.

  32. this was the cutest thing ever.
    yall are adorable.
    and I think you both have great hair. (;
    this is the first time i've looked at your blog!!
    I know, it amazes me too.
    so I'll be checking it out more often, cause I kinda really like it. c:
    i like all your outfits too, you're so cutte.



  33. That's so cute! You two sound cute together.


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