January 20, 2011

lady in lace



Ive been elusive for the past week - hiding out from the blogging world and working on some different things, but its good to be back and doing a post! This is going to be a quick one but I wanted to update you on a few things!

1. Etsy Shop - I have finally opened up the etsy shop, but I have only listed a few things so far. (this is much harder work than I had anticipated) dont worry your pretty little heads though, because more is coming - very soon!! Check out the shop here

2. Hair Cut - Thanks for all your advice on Twitter about what I should do to my hair. I trusted my brothers instincts and my own and went with the zooey d messy bangs look. More pics soon!

3. Green Tea Frappes - Is there anything else better in this world? I got some Matcha Green Tea powder this week and have been making frappes non stop. My family thinks its bonkers and they all get semi-sick when they see me blending up a substance that is similiar to slime. What do they know? Its the best drink ever.

1 TSP Matcha Powder
1 cup (or more..whatever you diggs) ice
Sugar (this sweetens the powder) again..as much as you would like
6 oz milk
1 Teaspoon (or table spoon, or two, or three, or four (okay, just kidding)) of vanilla icecream!
& VOILA....the drink of a lifetime

Have a great rest of your week pretty ones!! x
Have a great week peaches!! x

Blouse - Thrifted
Skirt - American Apparel
Tights - American Apparel
Shoes - Aldo




  1. Kate, you look AMAZING! I love the bangs on you, your inner Zooey is really shining! Hehe. So excited about your shop, you are going to do great! Best wishes m'dear!

  2. loooove the new hair!!!
    you look BEAUTFUL!!!!!
    i want to try that drink..but then you said slime..so i do not know..hahha..
    && you thrifted that blouse..Kate, you are amazing! <3

  3. OMG the bangs! Finally, photographic evidence! I LOVE them on you, Kate. They totally suit you. You look so chic, your hair's all straightened! And those shoes are the coolest. They're like a maryjane and a gladiator sandal mated. Your outfits are always so sweet. <3

  4. Your hair looks AMAZING!! I loveee everything about this post - that shirt, your shoes, the whole outfit! Ahh!!


  5. The hair is so cute!! It looks amazing! Good choice with the bangs :) And yes, starting an Etsy shop is kind of hard... I'm sure you'll do fine though! It's just getting all the stuff listed. Then you get to hang out! I wore the blue dress today... post coming later tonight!

  6. You look so lovely in these pictures!! Your outfit is gorgey too :) I'm a big matcha fan, so yummy and healthy xx

  7. I love your shoes!! :) they are so cool with their little buckles :)



  8. Your hair looks adorable!!!
    And that blouse is so girly and pretty. I saw your shop and it looks great!
    Good luck with everything and I cannot wait to see what else you're gonna list =)


  9. EEEK SO PRETTY, KATE! I love the bangs! Your hair looks so sleek & shiny straightened- like a shampoo commercial. ^_^ Your outfit is the perfect mix of edgy & feminine too. I love the color of the top & i've never seen shoes like that before- hot. Love it all lady! xo

  10. oh i love your hair!!! i have been thinking about getting bangs and seeing yours really makes me want to :). Also your lace top is gorgeous!!

  11. congrats on opening an etsy shop...that's not an easy thing to begin. also, you are a lovely lady in lace!

  12. haircut looks great!
    I love those shoes :)

  13. Great outfit and your haircut looks great! I'm totally in love with your shoes too!


  14. Gorgeous blouse. The colour's lovely x

  15. Wow, the hair looks amazing on you! Definitely a good decision, I hate the deciding before a hair cut where you don't know whether it will look as good as you hope. I love the outfit too, simple but chic and the colour of the top is such a lovely one!

  16. Green Tea fraps?? Eeeep. I have never heard of that! your hair looks amazing and I adore those shoes. The buckles are so cute!

  17. The hair looks awesome, and this outfit is also great (I'm kind of in love with American Apparel at the moment... I go through phases but it's sooo expensive in the UK).

    Also, where's this etsy shop, then? I'm loving the sneak peak below, especially that polka dot dress...

  18. I love your shoes! and your Etsy shop is great, and your haircut looks wonderful on you! :)

  19. your hair looks so great <3

  20. Love this very sleek look! and the hair is looking great.

  21. oh wow your hair looks so so so amazing. Love it very much. You are gorgeous as can be.

  22. I love the lace <3 You look beautiful! I'm really enjoying your blog


  23. I love the bangs! Those shoes are amazing.

  24. That's such a pretty color for that shirt!


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