January 26, 2011

best of both worlds




Happy Wednesday! I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far. I have been so lazy today...this is no understatement - but we all deserve a lazy day right? ;) Nathan made me breakfast this morning and came to bring it to me and I only got as far as the orange juice and fell right back asleep (while sitting up) and the orange juice went all over my bed, all over the fruit salad, and thankfully woke me up! Im definately in a sleepy mood today..but ofcourse I got ready for the day and got out the door for some fresh air (thank goodness!) and thought 'what a perfect time to show them my new shorts!'

I got these beauty shorts sent to me from the lovelies at Threadsence and fell in love as soon as I saw them in the package. Suede and leather? Could there be anything better? It truly is the best of both worlds...aaaand thats not all! I won this bag (can you spot the bikini bottom print on it?!) from 'HerCatwalk' and was very excited about it - thankyou HerCatwalk! Love you girls.

Have a great rest of your Wednesday! Who is watching American Idol tonight? Eeep. I get so embarrassed for some of the people on there, but im such a sucker for it aswell! xo

Knit Cardigan - Urban Outfitters
Top - Cotton On
Shorts - c/o Threadsence
Tights - American Apparel
Socks - American Apparel
Bag - Urban Outfitters c/o HerCatwalk
Shoes - Thrifted





  1. Love love love.
    You look beautiful :)

  2. This whole outfit is incredible!! I love that cardigan and I'm obsessed with those shorts now, ah! Your hair is looking amazing, too.


  3. Those are perfect! I love Top Model, such a guilty pleasure.


  4. You look so amazingly cool. I love the very minimalistic monochromatic style!

    Lulu Letty

  5. These photos are stunning. The color palette is so simple and perfect- the pieces work together beautifuly.


  6. Love your shorts and cardy!! And your socks :) awesome outfit. :)



  7. those shorts are so freaking cool. love love love.

  8. Hello !

    Thanks a lot !

    I love your bag, it looks a little like one from the new collection by C Sevigny for OC !

    See U !

  9. yay for new shorts! im loving the grey/black combo of your outfit! it suits you soo well :)


  10. I love your socks! Eh, I just love everything.
    Black has been one of my fave colors lately and this is all good in my book.
    I haven't watched American Idol for a really long time now, but I did like the audition part of it. Some people are just pure jokes! hahah!

  11. i love this dark outfit.
    so perfect. love the tights with the socks. i will never get tired of that trend..makes your legs nice and warm too..which is a plus!
    you are beautiful Kate dear! <3

  12. i really love those shorts - i've been looking for a leather pair but wasn't sure if i could pull off full-blown leather. these would be just perfect.

  13. love the cozy sweater, so cute!

  14. Oh my, you look SOO darling! The shorts look so great on you, and I'm obsessed with the tights plus socks combo!

    Hope you had a great day doll!

  15. I am in love with this outfit and those shorts! I love that you paired flats with knee high socks.

  16. thanks for your sweet words, my love! and isn't that couch a DREAM?! believe it or not, i walked out my front door one day, and noticed it was sitting on my neighbors curb on garbage-pick up day with all of her garbage bins... yep, she was going to trash it! i literally screamed! my brother helped me drag it across the street to safety. ;) it needs some restoring, but it'll be good as new in no time!

  17. Cute outfit! Really love your cardigan x

  18. thanks so much kate for your comment :) your style is an inspiration as is your blog. I stalk it daily to check for updates :) xx

  19. The shorts are really cool, love the muted towns of the outfit, kind of goes well with the moody background. The cardigan looks super cosy as well xx

  20. Hello lovely,
    Happy Thursday to you, those shorts are just darling aren't they and you look fabulous ♥
    American Idol airs on a Thursday night in the UK so I will indeed be watching it this evening, love the panel of judges this year. Simon Cowell isn't doing it this year as he's going to be on the panel of his own show the X Factor which is airing in the US this year ...more talent show on the television ♥

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥

  21. This outfit is definite Winter inspiration for me! I love the cardigan. It looks so comfy. I don't think I would have thought of styling it the way you did, so thanks for the inspiration.

    Embracing Style

  22. I love how your outfits may be a neutral color palette but they're always so interesting because of all the different textures you use. I mean, suede, leather, cable knit... this is just awesome!!

    I must admit I'm a little bit jealous of your lazy day... I haven't slept in for who knows how long & I really want a day to just lounge about the house!


    PS I found out that your comment form works for me if I use the DSL connection @ work so now i just have to read your blog all sneaky like. heheh

  23. hey i just had a look at your blog! so many cute outfit! im following you now. i would appreciate if you followed me back :)

    xx jackie


  24. These photos are beautiful and I LOVE your outfit, so lovely :) xx

  25. Those shorts are AWESOME. This whole outfits is great :]

  26. I feel like i'm in a 'sleepy' mood everyday, haha. How sweet of your hunny to bring you breakfast in bed. I really like your chunky cardigan, and those shorts are super cool!

    xoxo mama wolf.

  27. Those shorts are fantastic! Really loving them, especially paired with the over the knee socks! Great layering & texture here!

  28. I love the grey colors! Grey is one of my favorites right now, but that's probably because it's not all dreary here and I'm not sick of it. Anyways, love the shorts and hope your sleepy day got better!


  29. I really love these photos!


  30. this outfit is perfection from head to toe! i am really loving your blog!! i am definitely following :) xo

    visit/follow me


  31. How awesome do you look?? Your outfit and the location go sooo well together! Where abouts in BC do you live? I'm moving to Vancouver (eeep... BIG change from humble little prairie town!). Thanks for your sweet wishes, I really really hope it all goes well. Possible BC blogger meet-up?! :)

  32. Wow, love this outfit and , all ur style and this site sooo now im a follower ;)

    Pls visit me and let me know what u think!

    Kisses from mexico!!

  33. you look great! And I love the picture too

  34. This is such a perfect outfit! I LOVE those shorts, and that cardigan looks super cute and cozy. Sorry you were having a sleepy day, I hope it gets better soon :)

  35. great outfit, love those shorts! x

    p.s. I'm having a valentine's giveaway on my blog if you'd like to check it out. xx

  36. Wow, great outfit! :)
    xoxo from Hannie

  37. i've really been loving all of your cold weather canada outfits lately. that sweater is amazing. and i like the details on the shorts!

    i hope your life is going wonderfully, kate! i love reading your blog. have a beautiful weekend! <3

  38. I love your pictures, and I think this is a great January look, especially the wooly sweater and knee high socks. I need some of those... ; )

  39. i've just found your blog and i love it - definitely a new follower! i especially love the pannelling on those shorts, and you shoot great outfit posts.

    ♥ elle

    elle & the fashion folk

  40. Great shorts and cardigan, love that you blend in with your environment!


  41. I love the deep monochromatic color palette here. Very cool. Your layering is perfection. You look absolutely gorgeous:) xx Marisa

  42. Love this outfit. You look amazing! Those shorts are awesome, suede & leather is a perfect combination.

    Kirstin Marie


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