January 31, 2011

be my valentine






Betty's Gifts
sewing machine - Urban Outfitters
YSL arty ring - Saks Fifth Ave
Christian Dior Fashion - Modcloth
Pride & Prejudice - Modcloth
Measuring cup hearts - Modcloth
Vintage watch - Asos
Vogue subscription - Vogue
Holga camera - Urban Outfitters
Chanel Perfume - Perfume
Cupcakes - Your local bakery! :)

Johnny's Gifts
Hamburger dates - Mcdonalds <3 Cameras - Urban Outfitters
Darth Vader AC - Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Vintage record player - Etsy
Ipod ap magnets - Urban Outfitters
Comic books - Comic book shop!
Threadless GC - Threadless
The Beatles - Urban Outfitters
Bow tie - Etsy
Humor books - Urban Outfitters
Mac shortcut print - Etsy
Longboard - Urban Outfitters


  1. ahhh so cute!! i've only been with my boyfriend for a few weeks so I have no idea what to get him!!

    Charlotte xxx

  2. I loveee this post! You put it together so beautifully. Can have everything on Betty's list, please? Sigh. (Morne and I are going Valentine's Day shopping together tomorrow, I can't wait!)


  3. Cute ideas! I have those little heart shaped measuring spoons - I got them for christmas they are so cool! :)
    Me and bf don't really do valenties - a card, movie and a big bag of m & m's is usually the standard :) last year we went to a friends wedding on valentines day!

  4. This is so sweet!
    I've just got together with someone, like Charlotte it's only been a few weeks so no idea - but I'm thinking I might attempt to make him one of his favourite cakes... way to a man's heart through his stomach and all that! :)

  5. love these finds! come enter our giveaway!

  6. Oh goodness, this is such a sweet post! I kind of want everything on both of these lists for myself. Is that bad?

  7. I LOVE this list! Thank you for the V-Day inspiration!

    Ps I miss you friend! Your comment on my blog about missing me even though we've never met really warmed my heart. I am so happy to have a friend like you<3

  8. This is good inspiration!
    I love holidays, it is always a good way to get gifts from the bf haha. That vintage watch is really cute!


  9. AH! Thank you thank you thank you:):):) I am seriously so stumped about valentines day:) Hahahahaa. This is adorable!

  10. your list is almost exactly the same as mine! -- add some litas and they're identical.. i crave those arty ysl rings so very very much!

  11. I'm asking for a YSL arty ring too! Yeah right.
    I'm actually in love with your blog, Im glad I just stumbled across it. I will follow you and put you in my links of favourite blogs!

    have a look at mine, I'm new.


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