January 25, 2011

Australia Day





There is one place other than Canada that I would never hesitate to call 'Home'. Three years ago I embarked on a journey that has shaped, molded, and transformed my life forever. I remember sitting in the airport after saying my first tearful goodbye to my parents. I had never been farther than Florida without them, and even then, it was only for two weeks. Saying goodbye for 6 months felt like an eternity, but I did it, and I had no idea while I was travelling 12464 km in the sky that when I reached the other side, I would immediately fall in love. I got off a plane, hopped into a bus and travelled down the highway for three hours until I reached my new home for the next 6 months. I remember putting my ipod on, looking out the window at the amazing hills, sun, sand, palm trees, boys and girls everywhere holding popsicles and wearing flip flops. I knew I wasnt in Kansas anymore. Australia had always been a place I wanted to visit (and never come back). In Highschool my best friend Danielle and I made a plan in my bedroom one time about going to University in Australia, and buying a house, we even looked at real estate for Sydney! (We were 16..and dreamers) But as I am with most things, if I want it..I will go for it, and in this case, im so happy I did.

As you know I have a dreamy Australian living under my roof and I thought it would only be appropiate to celebrate Australia day - even with snow all over the ground. I went and picked up a cake, some meat pies for Nathan, and made a couple cups of milo and for 10 minutes felt like I was back in the land down under.

To the land of mateship, loyalty, freedom, kangaroos, good coffee, worlds best mcdonalds (maybe im biased), footy, oi oi oi's, she'll be right mentalities, beaches beaches beaches, dream boats and bombshells,the wonderful mulligans, sharks, snakes, spiders & everything else terrifying...I raise my cup to you. Thanks for stealing my heart, I never want it back...(you're worth keeping it) and for letting me meet your cutest male. Happy Australia day! I am, you are, we are Australian.






  1. i love you the way you talk about Australia :) i live here and absolutely love this country with all my heart x

  2. This is how I feel about America.
    I came over here with no expectations and now it is my home completely. Don't get me wrong, I love England, but I feel at home here so much.
    I love Minnesota so much. I feel like I belong here.
    I never want to lose the American part of me that has lived here. I miss it so much when I'm back home. I'm lucky to have met an amazing guy over here too so I'm hoping America will always be a part of me.
    I love your blog. It's so amazing to have someone who has had such similar experiences living abroad.

    Charlotte xxx

  3. wonderful post.
    i love this so much.
    that is so sweet of you to do that for your other half..
    oh, i so hope that i can visit beautiful Australia one day! <3

    you look beautiful as always darling Kate!
    (the tights are perfect..)

  4. This is so great. Seriously this made my eyes well up. I'm so happy that you were able to travel to Australia and live there for six months! You followed your dream! You are so inspiring to me, as I apply for schools in London, because if you can follow your heart so can I. You are amazing.

    p.s. Your outfit is beautiful and I want your HAIR! <3

  5. Wahoo! Such a sweet post! Have a great day getting your Auzzie on!


  6. For some reason I always thought, as a Canadian, that Australia was a lot like Canada's fraternal twin sister. She's pretty opposite from Canada in a lot of ways but I also feel like there are a lot of similarities (mainly to do with the kinds of people there). I've never been there though so I could just be making all of this up in my mixed up head.

    In any case, Happy Australia Day hehe!

    xo Robyn

  7. Kate, you are as adorable as they come! You and Nate are such a cute pair and I'm so happy you landed a dreamy boy from the land down under! Jeff and I are going there for our honeymoon, I will force him to pick up the accent! ;)

  8. This post seriously put a huge grin on my face! You are one of the people I treasure the most that I met in the land down under! Love you sister and happy Australia Day :)

  9. P.S. LOVE the tights and dress!!!

  10. Aww nice post! :) hope you had fun celebrating :)



  11. thats a very touching text, australia seems like such a paradise,great that you felt like you belonged! lovely photos, xxx

  12. Oh geez, what a sweet post! You are such a great girlfriend!

    LOVE your outfit by the way!

    Hope you're doing well! Happy Australia day!

  13. Is that a cake right there? Mmmm it looks delicious! :)
    you two are having too much fun in these pics I can tell :D

  14. I love your pics and what you wrote really makes me want to visit Australia more. Lots of people from my country immigrate to Australia because they find it similar. I'm interested in seeing how similar it really is and I so much want to see the Sydney Opera House!

    Embracing Style

  15. I love those tights! They are perfect!

  16. Awh, I loved this post :) I absolutely love Australia! And you are both sooo adorable.

  17. This is a great post :) love the way you write. I am holding an Australia night for our brownies where i volunteer today :) x

  18. Aww what a cute post, it's great that you felt so at home in Australia and even bagged yourself a cute keepsake! And of course your shoes and dress are delightful xx

  19. i'm seriously gonna steal your tights :X...and how about a piece of that yummy cake:X

    xoxo sere

  20. 'I am Australian' is actually one of my favourite songs, it makes me feel overwhelmed with patrioticism. Heh. I didn't get around to celebrating today, I had to spend the public holiday at uni finishing a way too important to skip on paper :(

  21. How sweet that you still celebrate Australia day even when you're home in Canada, this photoset is gorgeous as well. The flag looks amazing against all the white snow!

  22. You are so cute, and I'm so excited for you with your vintage shop! :)

  23. Oh wow, this post almost brought tears to my eyes as I can relate so much to how you feel about Australia. I feel the same way about my country.

  24. You are so adorable Kate! I just love your blog <3

  25. that is so sweet !!! love the way you celebrated australia day in canada!


  26. I am Australian and I have to say you summed up the way I feel about this amazing country perfectly.

  27. wow you've lived in a LOT of places. I feel extremely boring since I have only lived in NJ, in only 3 locations within a 10 minute radius. haha. You've given a lovely description of everything!!

  28. Big love! Thankyou for giving us over here a seriously good look K! Australia loved having you, and we are seriously missing you and that infectious laugh. As an Aussie I welcome you back any time!


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