October 26, 2010

West End Cemetery



Halloween has always been one of my favorite days. I used to love getting ready, putting on layers upon layers because it was always freezing outside, getting a pillow case and setting foot on the funnest night ever! I went trick or treating all the way up until I left for Australia when I was 18. My best friend Danielle and I would absolutely love going out and getting candy. What honestly could be better than free candy? Needless to say..we would get some strange looks from people at the door. They probably wondered "how old are you girls?!" - Owell..its all in good fun. When it came to costumes, I was inspired by male characters. I have gone as a girl in a costume once, and that was a witch, and even then - I would like to pretend that it was a male witch. I just find boy characters so much more intriguing at Halloween then girls - especially since most girls I see are hardly wearing any clothing. Three of my all time favorite costumes have been Uncle Pennybags - also known as the infamous Mr Monopoly, Edward Scissor Hands and Barack Obama. Since Australia is lacking in the Halloween department and they dont celebrate it, I thought I would do a spooky-esque post today!

I hate graveyards. I think it all started with the movie "Now and Then". I have always loved the movie Now and Then, but when the graveyard scene comes on I have to shut it off! I cannot handle it..so today was a bit of a stretch, but luckily I went in the middle of the day, with my wonderful boyfriend as my shield. It was hard to not look a bit morbid and weird standing in the middle of a graveyard taking photographs, but I like the way they turned out. I thought it was a perfect time to introduce you to my new thrifted purple blouse, and bring back these studded boots that are one of my favorites that havent been on the blog for a while!

What are you being for halloween this year?! I want to hear! Have a great week lovelies. x

skirt: urban outfitters
boots: forever 21
blouse: thrifted






  1. That's totally what I read on another person's blog! how she was more inspired by male characters than females. The sobering fact is that while there's a plethora of multifaceted male figures out there, but not so much to said for females. I won't really get into the whole schpiel, especially when I'm already exasperated at all the "sexy ____" costumes out there. I mean, sexy skunk? Really?? :O

    Not to say that sexy is bad. I just don't prefer slutty. I hope to be a super-villianess-thing-I-don't-know this year, but we'll see. :) Great Halloweeeeen theme, you're very brave to go take photos there for the sake of this wondrous holiday! You should totally dress up, I'm sure we'd all love to see!

    Toast with Charmalade

  2. I love the film Now and Then - but I haven't watched it in so long, I can't recall the graveyard scene! Going to this graveyard was so worth it, this post is amazing Kate. I adore your outfit and these photos are beautiful!!


  3. Oh I love Now and Then, been meaning to watch it as not seen it in aaaages! These pics are wonderful too, you look amazing.

    Sally x

    Louder Than Silence

  4. Ahh such a great movie. The cemetery scene never got me, it was the going down in a sewer scene...ahhh! I don't walk past sewers, I run. Creepy!

    Anyway, great blouse! You always find the best thrifted treasures! And I'm so proud of you facing your fears and getting cemetery pictures to complete a great post :)

    Oh and I'm being an entirely uncreative doll for Halloween. I have to dress up for work and it has to be appropriate for a kindergarten class, so I'm just digging around my closet and voila...we have a porcelain doll! lol

  5. I love it! The outfit, I mean. But also the setting. I'm seeing lots of graveyard photos on blogs these days. I think they're great. I love old cemeteries because I think it's fun to imagine what all the people buried in them who lived centuries ago were like. :)


  6. these photos are so lovely! i was just walking by a cemetary the other day and thinking itd be a good spot for a photoshoot!

    ps: you can have my hair, if i can have your skills with the camera <3

  7. Love this post! Those boots are rockin'. I actually love graveyards- I know that might be weird, but I do. I also love Halloween! I'm dressing up as Wendy this year. My sister's gonna be Peter Pan, and I think I'm gonna make my pug be Tinkerbell. hehe Some of my favorite costumes ever were Pippi Longstocking, an 80's chick, and "Tangled Up In Blue" (although no one got it). xx

  8. Oooh, I love creepy cemetery posts! These photos turned out so amazing!

  9. Love this post. I just spent an equally spooky time at the Lafayette Cemetery in New Orleans, and it really got me in the Halloween mood. Those boots are adorable, and I adore the mood of these photos!

  10. aahh, i love this post! i love cemeteries, so peaceful yet so eerie at the same time.

  11. These pictures are so spooky & charming :)

  12. Firstly I love your boots and I'm a bit sad that I haven't been able to keep up with your blog. Then again, I haven't been able to keep up with anything. My final year of high school is CONSUMING MY LIFE. It's like SAT, ACT, COLLEGE ESSAY, AP CLASSES, REPEAT. Shoot me please. I just want to go to college already. One of my dearest friends Katy is going to Australia for her senior trip. I thought of you when she told me the news! Ah, I'm rambling. Okay secondly, for Halloween I'm being Peter Pan. That may or may not be an excuse to dress up in tights, pixie boots and a green tunic. Weee. (:


  13. Also, do you find it strange that you and my best friend share the name Katy? The stars are aligning!


  14. Those boots are super! :) I think graveyard shoots would creep me out a bit too but I love those old graves, and wondering about the people who died so long ago... I am thinking of going as a Rocky Horror Show character, we'll see! xx

  15. I love this post! It is so creepy looking! In an awesome way of course! The studs on your boots are so cool looking. Are you going to be anything for Halloween even though Australia doesn't celebrate it? I am going as Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, but I am trying to make people guess on my blog, so I guess I shouldn't be spreading it over the internets, haha!

  16. I loooove the movie Now and Then. And I love that I am mentioned in both this blog and the key lime pie blog :) :)
    I had a Halloween party last night and told everyone about how you and I used to go trick or treating in high school, right up until graduation.
    I have never actually made a key lime pie but your blog entry inspired me to try making one (not today... but hopefully this week!)

    <3<3 Love Danielle

  17. Your photos are always so dreamy, I could stare at them forever :)


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