September 25, 2010

Comes and Goes In Waves

Okay, so Im the worst. I left this blog high and dry - for the 2nd week in a row. Its no excuse to say that I was busy (but I promise you - I truly was!) and I wont bore you with words of my long and crazy week, but I will share with you some exciting things that have happened!



1. The magazine that I was featured in came out last week - I was very excited about that, and I promise to show pictures soon!

2. Nathan got given his Nan's old car - so now I can drive to cool places to take photoshoots. Yay!

3. I dyed my hair (well, Nathan dyed it!) What do you think!? I was wanting a bit of a change and really felt like going deep reddish/purple. It turned out quite well and I really do love it - except I am missing my brunette hair because of the clothes that I feel like I can pull off more with brown hair. Does anyone else feel restricted with the color of your hair and what you wear? Am I crazy?




This past week has been quite long, sad, happy, challenging, rewarding and fun. Thankyou all so much for your emails to see if I was okay! I love that you guys care about how I am going outside of this blog - that seriously means the world!

Im looking forward to this weekend/week. Nathan left today for a week to a youth camp - and that means girl time, movies, books, journalling, baking and lots of fun girly things. Hope that you all are having an amazing weekend and stay tuned for more posts soon, some new things to show you! Muah! x



dress:allyx/shoes:cotton on


  1. Ah, you look amazing! I LOVE the hair!
    And could that dress be any cuter? The lace back is soo pretty.

    Can't wait to see the magazine!


  2. I don't know that I ever noticed your eyes are green. They are so beautiful! I'm glad you're well, and I hope you have a fun week to yourself -- girl time is great, right? I want more close ups of your beautiful face sometime soon, too! xoxo

  3. this dress is beautiful! I love the under lining and the lace on the back! gorgeous.

    I think your hair looks awesome! beautiful in the sunlight

  4. what an extraordinary dress you have on:) love the floral print

    xoxo sere

  5. Awwwww I remember when you and I decided to dye your hair burgundy/red in your bathtub... and it looked like it was turning bright purple. And we were so worried about what your dad would say lol.
    Your hair looks very nice <3 Nathan did a much better job than you and I.

    xxx Miss you

  6. Beautiful, miss Kate Maggie.
    I just love your site, you know. Always interesting thoughts, interesting clothes- something to look at and something to mull over. I like that!

  7. I love your outfit! You're really pretty!

  8. You have been missed ! i love the new hair color , if i have a choice , i would love to change mine into ginger lol

    glad to see you're back , hope everything is turning well on your side

    and hey hey , again wonderful dress with the new hair color , thumbs up

  9. Love the dress and shoes!
    And your hair looks really nice that colour :)

  10. ahh ! u r backk :))
    lovelyy dress :)


  11. amazing dress darling!
    have a look at

  12. Don't let your hair color stop you from wearing anything. I always think that girls with totally wild hair, and a girly well put together outfit always look really cool. They have a wilder side to them or something. Looks good on you! Hooray for places to do photoshoots, where ever you are in these pics looks very serene! Excellent dress.

  13. Hair color is huge! I usually don't mess with mine (natural brunette), but in January, I got highlights and... I was addicted. They made everything look more chic and polished. Hmm. Also, I had just gotten a haircut, I think that has something to do with it.

    I like the color. I think you can work it. Plus, we all need a change for a while, and its fun to experiment! Glad you're back - remember, taking time for yourself (even in blogosphere) is perfectly acceptable!


  14. i love the hair color change.
    i really want to change mine..but i have almost black hair so i can never do anything that would be noticeable. so sad.
    you look beautiful and i love those shoes. they look so comfy.

  15. i feel that way alllll of the time. bright cartoon red can only match so much! but yours looks FABULOUS! i loveeeee that deeeep red purple! it's beautiful!

  16. I've been searching everywhere for the perfect pair of brown oxfords!

    The lace detail on your dress is so pretty:)

    I LOVE your hair color! I think it looks fabulous and it's so unique.

  17. I love the hair! It looks really cool. I am loving the dress and shoes too.

  18. That dress looks gorgeous on you, and your new hair color is so pretty! I love changing my hair up every now and then, it makes me feel refreshed and renewed. You are beautiful! :) It sounds like you've had a bit of a rough week, I do hope things look up for you ASAP & that this week brings lots of joy and happiness :) Baking and journaling seem to be the cure for lots of things so that should help! - In fact, I just made some chocolate chip cookies last night & if you were here I would give you the whole plate to cheer you up! :D

  19. I love the new hair color! I think it looks swell on you.

  20. that dress is adorable. I love the lace detailing. I love inspiration. I just did a post on my fav fashion icons and inspiration.

    Also, Yay for fun girly things. Seriously baking and reading and journaling I could do day in and day out and never get bored.

    -Morgan (Blackbird Fly)
    Blackbird Fly

  21. So I am absolutely IN LOVE with this dress! And your hair looks amazing, he did a great job! :)

  22. Very jealous of your shoes, I'm a sucker for oxfords!

  23. you are as cute as can be - i love your hair and your oxfords a lot! and congratulations on the magazine feature, sweets - i can't wait to see photos! :)

    enjoy your week of all things girly. <3 xo

  24. You are such a stunner! Seriously, so gorgeous and I love your hair color. I think that having a different hair color that you feel isn't as easy to match makes it more fun to experiment with! I am glad you are back, and I bet with a vengeance hehe, but def. glad to hear things are better for you
    And congratulations on the magazine feature! :)

  25. That dress is so cute! I love the lace! Your hair looks great :)

  26. Oh that dress looks just perfect on you! <3

  27. I definitely get you about the hair thing, being bright red drove me crazy as I felt that all I could wear was black! But yours isn't too bright do I think you could still get away with all colours.

    Cute outfit! And hooray for all the good news! :)

  28. I love your hair and shoes!!


  29. Your hair looks absolutely stunning!

  30. Oh you look sooo beautiful,love it!

  31. your hair looks fabulous! i have been dreaming of dying my hair red for a year now and i still haven't done it, mostly because i'm afraid of change :) i've never dyed my hair before and basically i'm just chicken. brunettes have it so easy -- we can wear pretty much any color!

  32. I love your new hair! I never noticed the color of your eyes until now, maybe its the new hair thatmakes them stand out.

    Have a nice week!

  33. I love the hair color - gorgeous tone on you. I am a brunette too and have not had my red highlights for a while. This is making me really want them again. The cut of that dress looks perfect on you:)

  34. how exciting!
    first, i can't wait to see your feature :)
    but your hair looks great! it's not a HUUUGE difference - maybe its just the pictures? but anyways, i'm sure you can make it work with your outfits :)

  35. oh my what a gorgeous dress. and congrats on the feature! :) can't wait for you to reveal it!

  36. thanks for the sweet comment! you're lovely and so is this blog! :)

    this is such an endearing outfit. i love it!
    have fun with your girly weekend!

    xx elanor

  37. Cute dress! And yay for all the exciting things that have happened. Your hair is looking great - especially in the sunlight.

  38. Well, it's good to see you're still alive and well! :P Congrats on being featured in the magazine and on the car! I love this dress and your hair. :)


  39. Oh I love love this outfit!
    That floral dress is gorgeous :)

  40. That is such a pretty dress! I really like your photography as well!

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