July 13, 2010

Four Letter Word

Im not a romantic person. I dont like long walks on the beach in sunset and romantic movies with cuddles on the couch. I am not into flowers, chocolate, and presents. Alright, alright, so I lied. I am actually in love with all of those things, infact, I am actually a huge sap. I have seen The Notebook too many times for my own good, I love romance novels, love songs, love letters, anything cute. I love hearing stories of people falling in love, seeing pictures of old people holding hands, and seeing couples in the grocery store arguing over whether they should get apples, or oranges. I just love 'love'. Its something I hardly ever talk about on this blog, and I dont know why. So today...I thought, "Why not write a post about love"



Isnt love such an amazing word? I never realized the weight of that word and how significant it actually is. Its tossed around all over the place these days that its hard to remember how huge of a word it is. "I love you" can be such a easy sentence to say, but in the same way, it can be horrifying! Anyone relating? I love many people in my life. I love my parents an incredible amount. I love how no matter what, even if everything else falls apart, those are two people who will never leave my side. I love my sister and how there is an unspoken loyalty - that even if I piss her off - which I do (alot) she still loves me and will do anything for me. I love my brother and how I can see through his "too cool to say I love you" demeanor and know with all my heart that he loves me just as much as I love him. I love my friends. I love how my best freind and I have been freinds from highschool and even though I live on the other side of the world, an email from her still brightens up my day more than anything. I love that mateship, of giving someone the shirt off my back if they need it, and laying down my life for a friend. I love God and how I learn more about His character daily and strive after it - and then ofcourse, theres a boy. His name is Nathan. I love how his hair is as long as mine and would make anyone swoon. I love how he leaves me random love notes everywhere and asks me to slow dance in the middle of a street at night while singing coldplay. (Cute, right?) I love 'love'. Dont you?


Thats enough sap talk from me, but I hope you have a 'lovely' evening. x



high waisted shorts:sports girl/shirt:forever 21/heart cardigan:whimsy(australian random boutique!)/tights:target


  1. I love love, too! It can be the best thing, and the worst thing. But it's always beautiful.

    I LOVED this post. If you and your boy are as perfect together in real life as you look on this blog, you must have a wonderful relationship :) And your outfit! Lovely.


  2. I love love, but love doesn't love me... love has rejected me, so I'm done with love for the moment. I love seeing other people in love. I love being romantic and maybe someday and I will someone who feels the same way. I love this post, it made me so happy and fuzzy inside. You and Nathan are adorable. That's so sweet that he leaves you random love notes, bless him :) Such a cute outfit as usual!

  3. oh avalonne. You will find love. :) Who wouldnt love you? You're amazing. <3

  4. When I first read you stating your disdain for love, I couldn't believe it. Good thing I read on-- you're totally a romantic, I knew it! :) I have friends like that. But I'm not, not really. I don't mean to say I don't like love. I love love, how different it can be to different people. But the kind of love that burns, smolders, lights someone, the kind that inspires movies and songs both good and bad? I have yet to experience that. I'm still pretty young, but seeing those around me, I sometimes have wondered if I'm "doing something wrong." Yet it makes me mad to think that I'd have to completely alter myself to make someone swoon over me. I like who I am. Is that too selfish to say? I do. I like myself. I've generally accepted that it's just not my time yet. And it's not like I'm not loved. I'm fortunate to be loved everyday, and I try to share happiness in return.

    Oh dear, I blabbed on a lot. I love that you opened up this topic, though. You and Nathan both are lovely together with your long hair. :)

    Toast with Charmalade

  5. I am a fan of that last photo.
    Christina and I would sneakily look at these while BOTH of us were in our separate classes... http://greenweddingshoes.com/ and http://100layercake.com/blog/

  6. Waaw, I love all your pictures :)

  7. you two look wonderful together... and great outfits!!

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  8. these pictures are sooo pretty! i am also in love with love and love love! you look such a cute couple- really, you do!! i love this post :D

  9. I fully agree! I love love!
    Wonderful pictures!

  10. you are too too cute and so is this happy post!

  11. This post is so touching and inspiring, there is so much love around everyone and its great to see that people do acknowledge it all. Simple caring things are what make life so special :)
    Love your outfit of course!

  12. wonderful pictures. as always.
    "there is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved." -george sand


  13. I am such a sap, as well. In love with others, God, someone...

    I just need to love myself more, I think.

  14. d'aww. I love love too, even though it can be terrifying sometimes. It really is a reason to keep on going everyday - no matter what faith you are.

    I don't know what love is, but it is definitely a special thing that we are capable of feeling so deeply for something or someone else.

    p.s. CUTE sweater, I love it's little hearts. So appropriate!
    xx Robyn


  15. such a cute post! ^.^

  16. Aw what a cute post! I "loved" (hehe im a dork) reading everything! I can relate to you in so many ways. I have watched the notebook so many times as well just because I enjoy seeing their freaking love story lol! And the whole God and brother thing ha,ha. I won't go on, but you get the point. Love is seriously a powerful word! Btw, your sweater is so adorable!

  17. I am absolutely in love with this post. The outfit, the sweater!, the lighting, the hair, the kisses, the perfectly cute couple you make and last but most certainly not least, the fact that you love love.
    I love love. In fact, I say that all the time. "I love love." And people look at me like I'm nuts. :P
    I'm a hopeless romantic. And I love it.
    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face!

  18. speaking of love, i love your heart sweater--a perfect piece for this post!

  19. What an adorable post! The heart cardigan matches it perfectly. ;D

  20. ahhhh <3 <3 I love love too. J'aime l'amour. I did a post for my sweetie last Valentine's Day. He's shy and doesn't like being on the blog, but I could talk about him all day long! So talented and handsome to boot!

    It was nice to meet your sweetie. :)
    Thanks for sharing with us, lady!


  21. Aaaah, I love your style mhm! <3

  22. you and nathan are cute. hehe :) thanks for sharing with us.
    i don't know if i'd ever be comfortable doing that! though i just wanted to tell you that my boyfriend's name is nathan as well. i know it's a common name, but i still thought it was cool! :)

  23. i "love" this post! it's so nice to see some pics of you and your boy, they always make me smile. jimmy says he's quite a swell guy :) if there comes a time when the four of us are all in the same country, a double date would be fantastic!!

  24. You're so cute. I feel bad sometimes because I throw around the 'I love you's a lot, but whenever I say it, in that moment, I mean it. And I mean that I throw it around as in that I tell the clerk at the grocery store that I love them, not like... I'm an 'I love you' relationship slut. haha :/

  25. These are all such great photos (:


  26. You are amazing and I LOVE all of the things you write about! I love love too and I'm a major sap. You look gorgeous in these photos lady :]

  27. um, SUCH a good four-letter word. and speaking of four letter words... LOVE that last photo of you and your honey. xx

  28. Adorable outfit and photos! I'm loving your blog!

    (Just added you to my Bloglovin account)

    Embracing Style

  29. Awww I am such a sap too! Seriously I can cry at the drop of the hat over something really sweet. I also have seen The Notebook way too many times. It's such a wonderful thing though isn't it?! I 'love' (: how you wore a cute little heart cardigan to go with this post. You are toooo cute! XO

  30. Aww, I love this post! Everything from the amazing photos - to everything you said because I'm totally the same. I'm such a sap! We need to be BFF's - move to Michigan, please! ;)

  31. great pics...!! (:



  32. I love (hehe) this post! Just wonderful. I love love. I'm not so sure that love loves me, but I have hope. :)

  33. just stumbled upon your blog. you're too cute!
    p.s. I'm a hopeless romantic too.
    read my post called "my somebody"

  34. Eee, totally feel the same way. I was always so against saying, "I love you," to a significant other at a young age. And then I dated Jackson, who felt the exact same way. And we always used to talk about how stupid it was that people said it without really knowing what they where saying. And then we went and go all stupid in love with each other and I've only ever said it to him and he's only ever said it to me. He has been the best boyfriend, and I've loved all two years of our relationship. It's magic.


  35. love this post. and dancing in the middle of the street singing coldplay sounds just perfect to me. so happy for you. :)


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